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lhime_micro51 posted on Jan 27, 2009 at 06:57AM
I' doing a rebranding of a certain place, a ficitional one from the movie POTC,and it's for my research project. I chose Pelegosto the cannibalistic island where Calypsso is one of the notable inhabitants of the island..now i'm asking your ideas into how i could turn out the place into a theme park(well i'm talking hypothetically). I'm really am now desperate to know your suggestions or maybe disapprovals..

So that's it..and now i'm having a dilemma on what's special on that place..huhu

What could be the certain x-factor that it have, it's unique selling proposition???Whatever it is i hope you guys could help me...THAnks☺

Savvy? share your ideas..☻
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Больше года lhime_micro51 said…
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Can anyone be grateful to leave a comment to this..please i'm desperate for your replies..GOODAH!!
Больше года Andolion said…
I don't get it?
Больше года warcraftjunkie1 said…
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Well maybe you could do a kind of 'Jurassic Park' theme where people walk threw like a jungle or something. And one of the rides could be remaking those weird cages that the crew were trapped in and had to swing to the side of the canyon to escape. Well thats all I got for ya.