Пираты Карибского моря Favourite moments from the films.

HeatherWind22 posted on Mar 28, 2010 at 01:32PM
What favourite hilarious part from all three pirates films? Do you like the most.

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Больше года whitelion said…
my favorite moment/scene from all three movies is when jack and elizabeth are stranded on the island in the curse of the black pearl.
 my Избранное moment/scene from all three Фильмы is when jack and elizabeth are stranded on the island
Больше года Caromy said…
Больше года warcraftjunckie said…
i have a few fave moments! From the first movie its when Jack escaped from the Navy in the beginning of the film, and the fight between Will and Jack, the first sword fight of the series! I also like it when Jack and Elizabeth were stranded on that deserted island, I swear when Elizabeth lit that signal fire and Jack pulled out his pistol he was thinking "I should shoot her right now!"
From the second movie my favorite part was when they were trying to escape from that island with all those cannibals and Jack was doing his famous "Lizard Run" down the beach, I was ROFLMAO for hours! And then there was the part at the very end when Barbosa walked down the stairs in Tia Dalma's place, my mouth was hanging open by then. I have alot of favorite parts in the series, but the best POTC part of ALL TIME is the infamous Sparrabeth kiss. I mean, how AWSOME was that kiss between Elizabeth and Jack!? I thought I was going to fall off my theater seat!!!