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 The Half & Half Pizza!
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пицца made for sharing =)
быстрое питание, фаст-фуд
утиль, барахло, мусор Еда
half and half
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This пицца фото might contain пицца, колбаса для пиццы, колбаса пицца, пицца колбасные, and пицца пепперони.

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пицца certainly arrives quickly and conveniently, but the crux of the matter is how good it is for you. Did Ты know that пицца is a full meal? And not just one with fancy toppings; any пицца has all the major Еда groups. The dough is filling carbohydrates. The sauce offers protein, surprisingly enough, and a host of other features. The cheese offers dairy, bringing calcium and Vitamin D. A slice is only 300 calories. Josephine's пицца also offers whole-wheat pies with vegetable toppings. This is probably one of the healthiest things Ты can put in your body! Weightlifters especially can benefit from the nutrients in pizza.

биг мак vs Pizza? One is far less expensive, far less calories, and еще filling. Pizza, of course! It's a great treat that won't break your diet.

This and еще like it at link
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The art of taste involves a subtle mixing of flavors. Is there a better Еда for this than pizza?

I daresay the most common пицца topping in America (besides sauce and cheese) is pepperoni. All pepperoni is not made the same, of course. Pepperoni can be soft and full of their succulent, spicy flavor. They can be crisp and lifting at the edges, tempting Ты to pick them off and pop their crispy goodness in your mouth. Some people don't mind eating half of the pepperoni's well known circles in a bite; others must eat a круг at a time.

These choices exist for a single topping, and hundreds exist....
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Source: Статья by Desi Jedeikin on пицца box drawings
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Source: My фото and pizza.
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Okay, this is a song my friend and I made together and I was the real creator! If Ты want, Фан her @DexterBrawnian!

Talking this time:
Do Ты like pizza?
I like pizza.
Do Ты like pepperoni?
Can Ты pee on pizza?
Can Ты have French toast?
Let's put this in a 50 секунда song! (Maybe)

-singing now!-

Do Ты like pizza?
(I like pizza!)
Then just be a diva!
(Be a diva!)
Max out the roni!
(Out the roni)
But don't tell Tony!

Come on ever boy and girl
Let's go to the joyous parlor
Let's вверх off the spices and dices
Put on some еще pepperoni!
Cause we all like pizza!