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posted by Sasunaru120
Ты never know what Ты have until Ты lose it, and once Ты lose it, Ты can never get it back.

My сердце was taken by you... broken by you... and now it is in pieces because of you.

Love is like falling down... in the end you're left hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever.

You're the one who broke my heart, you're the reason my world fell apart, you're the one who made me cry, yet I'm still in Любовь with Ты and I don't know why.

A million words would not bring Ты back, I know because I've tried, neither would a million tears, I know I've cried.

Wanting him is hard to forget, loving him...
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How beautiful the Sun is when newly risen
He hurls his morning greetings like an explosion!
— Fortunate the one who can lovingly salute
His setting, еще glorious than a dream!

I remember!... I have seen all, flower, stream, furrow,
Swoon under his gaze like a palpitating heart...
— Let us run to the horizon, it's late,
Let us run fast, to catch at least a slanting ray!

But I pursue in vain the sinking god;
Irresistible Night, black, damp, deadly,
Full of shudders, establishes his reign;

The odor of the tomb swims in the shadows
And at the marsh's edge my timid foot
Treads upon slimy snails and unexpected...
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posted by amoremusic
Dig Deeper

Look deeper and Ты will see her soul,
Observing the outside without entering the door,
Was never enough for her сердце to enfold,
Look into her eyes and dig deeper, explore.
You were (for some time) satisfied with the curve of her waist,With the shape of her ass, the makeup on her face,
But if only Ты had tried, for once, to enter from a different side,
Perhaps her satisfaction in you, would have been in full body and mind.
Won't Ты try and find the key. wont Ты try?
Only she knows that the one who unlocks the door will find,
The curves of her nature, the shape of her desire, the makeup...
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posted by elizasmomma
My strenghthen will be for-
ever transparent into the
elegant ambitions that isn't
pretending to describe.

But i live inside a deeper
atmosphere that gives
me the patience that i need
to be this person that the world
wants me to be,

My transparent experience
will soon release the chaos
that seems to be standing
right in front of me as we

I've tried to acknowledge
every-captured moment
that makes my trans-
parent experince what it
is today.

Please let this claiming
innocence be the thing
that will guide me away
from every-thing that
isn't what it needs to

Please let me face my
chronicles of hope with
the admiration to let my
transparent experiences
die away from me and
who i want to be for Ты
and for every-one who is
around Ты now.

erie morgan
posted by saracomet
My senses all are backwards
and it really makes me wonder
if on the день that I was born
somebody made a blunder.

For, strange but true, my senses
all got totally reversed.
Now everything I like the best
is what you'd call the worst.

I only like the smell of things
that frighten other noses.
I Любовь the odor of a skunk.
I hate the smell of roses.

I only like the taste of foods
that cause most folks to shiver.
I hate the taste of chocolate.
I'm crazy over liver.

I'm not too fond of music
but there's simply no denying
I like the sound of honking horns
and little Дети crying.

I hate the feel of silky, velvet
softness on my skin.
I much prefer the way it feels
when sitting on a pin.

I hate the look of anything
that's really cute and snuggly.
The things I think are pretty
are what most consider ugly.

So let me tell Ты one еще thing
before I have to go:
I think Ты are the most attractive
person that I know.
The Grave сказал(-а) to the Rose,
"What of the dews of dawn,
Love's flower, what end is theirs ?"
"And what of spirits flown,
The souls whereon doth close
The tomb's mouth unawares ?"
The Rose сказал(-а) to the Grave.

The Rose said, "In the shade
From the dawn's tears is made
A perfume faint and strange,
Amber and honey sweet."
"And all the spirits fleet
Do suffer a sky-change,
еще strangely than the dew,
To God's own Ангелы new,"
The Grave сказал(-а) to the Rose.



La tombe dit à la rose :
"Des pleurs dont l'aube t'arrose
Que fais-tu, fleur des amours ?"
La rose dit à la tombe :
"Que fais-tu de ce qui tombe
Dans ton gouffre ouvert toujours ?"

La rose dit : "Tombeau sombre,
De ces pleurs je fais dans l'ombre
Un parfum d'ambre et de miel."
La tombe dit : " Fleur plaintive,
De chaque âme qui m'arrive
Je fais un ange du ciel !"
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posted by sawfan13
How everyone loves you
How everyone thinks you're queen
Do but they really know the true you?
Plastic little insignificance
One день Ты will fall
Realizing that no one loves Ты after all
Always a smile on your face
Paparazzi cameras all on you
I know how Ты really are
And sweetheart, you're no star.
Little naive girls want to be you
A really bad influence covered in five день old alcohol
Oh why do Ты think you're the best of the best
You were once a little girl
So real and true
But fame has made Ты forget
What you've really been through.
You're еще of a pest really
A disgrace to women everywhere
You're innocence...
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