A girl from nowhere I met,
She looked a real friend,
That is why our friendship will never end,
She bought lots of Цвета and laugh,
With me she was never tough,
She bought lots of Цветы with scents,
Which are priceless that Золото cents,
As long as we are friends,
We don't need enemies, no lovers,
This beautiful relation that God created,
She has got beauty and grace,
And a very successful place,
She understands me fully,
I trust her truly,
Because she she is not a bully,
She makes my dreams look real,
And feel every emotion I feel,
We have a great bound,
Like we are tied together,
We never fought and that's true,
She came as a луч, рэй of light,
And made my days and nights very bright,
That's why we will never ever fight,
Cause God is holding us tight,
She is a true friend,
That is the reason why this relation will never end......