This poem is written by me

My eyes are heavy
Can't hold load of tears
Plants look so blank
And autumn winds can be hear.

The Цветы will no еще bloom
I'll keep myself locked in room
They just Любовь theirselves
Knows my story each book of my shelf.

Why every time spring ends,autumn starts
I wish I could buy happiness from some marts
Smell the same those Цветы beside the stream that flow
I wonder how every time they grow .

These hard winds of sorrows make me shatter
Every time Цветы and petals scatter
But I know I'll find the plants the same
I'll make them Показать the me and my fame.

I know someday the Цветы will bloom again
It's a круг attached by a chain
Someday the spring will come back at my door
I will then say my worries are no more.

Autumn leaves scar but spring recovers each flower
Leaves will sure be green,flowers will bloom
Hopes will find their ways
Spring will come again someday.....