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 Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
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Source: fanfly/Robert Frost/wallpaperbase.com
Poem by Robert Frost
robert frost
stopping by woods on a snowy evening
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I walk along the sidewalk and look about my self

across the rushing улица, уличный I see her


she wraps her scarf around her face to shut out the world

she thinks that the world will take her and break her to pieces if she does not hide

so every день she hides behind her yellow scarf to keep out the evil

and the good that she does not dare hope to see

weeks pass and months too

and still she cowers behind her yellow scarf

not daring to see good fearing to see evil

until one день as I walk along the sidewalk again

and I see it that sick yellow scarf refusing to see evil blind to good...
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posted by irena83
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Fearless сердце beats
in my chest,
strong and proud,
sensitive and fragile.

Collecting all these words
Ты gave as if
those are significant,
but your сердце has never
spoken to me.

Empty words Ты gave,
the depth that lies in them
Ты treaded,
though I still remember that
glow in your eyes,
I still remember,
though your false love
is spreading its wings
only in dreams of my own

It was me who left,
and yet
I'm still trying to forget,
still trying to erase every
moment of happiness
we lived.
And my сердце is not weak,
even though it's lonely,
loneliness itself doesn't fear me,
for it loves me,
loneliness chose me.

Loneliness is jealous,
won't leave me be,
loneliness is in Любовь
with me,
filled within my heart,
it has chosen me.

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Natalie talks about her latest album 'Leave Your Sleep'; Поэзия by various poets adapted to music.
natalie merchant
leave your sleep
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posted by Zeppie
(Eh, these midnight ramblings aren't constructed well, but most of my poems aren't)

I Was Fooled.

This life is yours for the taking
grab onto it with both hands
steer in the direction of fulfillment.

This life can only be lived once
Make the years count
You have many еще to go.

This life will offer Ты so much
experiences to grow from
love and laughter to share.

This life is worth fighting for
People will fight by your side
a common goal of peace.

Such things were pretty thoughts.

Pretty thoughts to humour me for just a moment.
Pretty thoughts created as only a distraction from the truth.

These pretty thoughts...
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posted by Hellowittykitty
I have my oriental flower
My white makeup on
At last, I forgotten to take a shower
Пение to the song PONPONPON

I'm a geisha girl
With my blush on right
A geisha girl
Is one who roams at night

My reflection stares straight back at me
Who is that little girl that I see
She may appear happy
But with that cold steel blade through her heart
Nothing but a dab a sympathy

Here and there
I flap my fan
The dragon's логово, ден decorating my story
It is still unfitted however
For an ancient girl with a descending line of love
But unlike me
They have sad endings

I'm a geisha girl
Who is unlike the others
I will never ever bother
I'm a geisha girl
Who has the mark of red seas
I have heard that Любовь lives on

No one has never done
The unthinkable
I'm the distinct one
Imaginable care and dares
Geisha from the disturbed past
But like a graceful eagle
I still flap

Just a freeboard
Geisha girl
With that little girl
Staring back at me
posted by Cherry9090
I do not belong.
They do not see.
They can not feel the pain.
The pain of being alone.
I am dead to this hateful world.

All I ever wanted was love.
To have someone hold me.
Tell me they Любовь me,
Someone I can trust.
Someone who will never let go.

All I see.
All I feel.
Is this hateful world.
Full of people who lie.
And use you.
They hate and most do not know why.
They think hurting people and the people they Любовь makes them stronger.
It might.
But it hurts us real bad.

I do not belong here.
I am not apart of this world.
I do not feel what others feel.
I do not see what others see.

I am full of love....
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posted by gublerlover1
i was only seven
you left to quickly
and im still in pain
i miss u
i miss ur voice
i miss those days
talking to u was always a good choice

u were always so full of life
full of Любовь and happiness
warmth and safety
you were full of war and history
so many story's
i wish u were still here
i know that selfish
but it fills so empty
without u here

i still think of you
day and night
i still see ur face
hear your voice
inside my mind
and no matter what
i know that i will always Любовь you
but i also know
that no matter what
when i think about that day
i know that the pain will never go away
until i am able to see Ты again

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This is part of the poem from the movie "Tristan and isolde. My fav movie aswel :P
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