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 Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
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Source: fanfly/Robert Frost/wallpaperbase.com
Poem by Robert Frost
robert frost
stopping by woods on a snowy evening
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I want to name for you, indolent sorceress !
The divers marks of beauty which adorn your youth,
I want to describe your beauty,
In which are blended childhood and maturity.

When Ты go sweeping by in your full, flowing skirts,
You resemble a trim ship as it puts to sea
Under full sail and goes rolling
Lazily, to a slow and easy rhythm.

On your large, round neck, on your plump shoulders,
Your head moves proudly and with a strange grace,
With a placid, triumphant air
You go your way, majestic child.

I want to name for you, indolent sorceress !
The divers marks of beauty which adorn your youth,
I want to describe...
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we tie time
in knots and try
to connect the dots,
but time was meant
to measure between
things and all
we’re measuring
is the difference
between his time
and my time
или between this time
and last time.
30 секунды in the microwave
means nothing
until those 30 seconds
could have been spent
eating the food,
talking to a sister,
или practicing that new
dance Переместить which is only
new because it is newer
than those other moves
because its distance
is shorter to the present
than the other dance class
and not because
it is the Далее big thing,
although that makes a different
Переместить new.
what i mean to say
is that time is overused,
overemphasized. we give
time the throne
and it rules and makes rules.
we follow them
because we like to think
that time is important
and we are important
and our time is gold,
but even gold
would have no value
if there were an endless supply,
and time is endless, but
not for us, but
time is endless nevertheless.
posted by emilloman
Diamond studded tears and broken cries
сердце full of troubles, head of lies
One passing moment and everyone dies
Scared as Ты look out and Ты watch the skies
Don't be afraid, it's just a game
One Ты don't play to take the blame
Without Ты here, nothing's the same
So we set огонь and watched the flame
Because of you, I let it die
All our hope put in a lie
Dry your tears and hold your cry
We keep Ты safe, so hard we try
The bombs are gone, it's all been done
Then we hear them say we've won
Come out now and see the sun
Trust me, no еще bombs, there's none
In this place you'll feel безопасно, сейф here
When the war of the worlds dropped its final tear
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He saved me
He saved me from the lion.
He swept me off of my feet
While swinging on vines and climbing trees.
He talks to animals
Wrestles lions, leopards, and other wild animals
So strong, muscular, and sweet.
I stare into his beautiful dark eyes
I'm a little frightened
But he doesn't seem he wants to hurt me.
He looks at me as if he has never seen another human before.
He doesn't know how to react to a woman.
The thought of anyone finding me just slips my mind.
I just only think of him.
It starts to rain, as we're in a huge tall tree.
The leaves slightly protect us from the rain drops.
My mind starts to...
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Ты said...

Ты said
Ты would
try to make
this up.

Ты said
Ты wanted
me by your side.

Ты said
I would be happy,
I would be
happy this time.

Ты said.

Ты said
Ты wanted
the fresh start
for us,
Ты said
Ты wanted us
Ты wanted
me back.

Ты promised.

Ты said
Ты would
Ты said
that things
would be better
this time,
Ты said
I would feel
from now.

Ты said.

No еще tears,
Ты said,
no more
empty words,

Ты said.

Ты said
Ты wanted
a fresh start
for us.
Ты said,
no еще pain,
Ты said,
no more.

And no еще lies
now I say,
sell them
some where else.
Broken promises,
that's all
Ты gave,
no еще pain,
that's what
Ты said.
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My steps crunch on the gravel track
Why did Ты leave me? why did Ты go?
A sudden sadness begins to attack
All I want is an answer all I want is to know.

I begin to Поиск the fog and dark trees
For the spot I'm longing for
As soon as I find it I fall to my knees
And I don't care whose watching me anymore.

I stare at the gray slab of stone
That is all I have left of you
I begin to sob felling so alone
It doesn't seem fair it just can't be true

I can't bring myself to leave this place
And soon all that's left is the winter winds cry
I run away at a ghostly pace
posted by CMJCMJLG
I feel lost,
I feel so different,
I know everyone around me,
but I don't seem to know any of the faces I see,
I don't know if it's just my hallucinations или my daydreaming,
I just don't know and yet kind of don't care,
I'm different from everyone and they judge me,
I know I'm weird, strange, and crazy,
But that's one of the great things about me,
I'm different and I'll deal with that my own self,
I'm not a typical Популярное girl,
but I'm not a backstabber either,
I'm a special different than they say,
I'm my own self and I Любовь to be different,
Make fun of me cause know I don't care
I'm different and I Любовь that because I don't
wanna be the same, I don't want to go with the flow,
I'm not like that. It's okay to different and I am.
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posted by SarahCorine
Satin Sheets
Soft blankets
Warm night
Sleep tight

Though Ты lie awake
In your dark room
You will soon be asleep
For eternity perhaps
There is someone
He is coming for you
He sees Ты
He watches now

Close your eyes
And see what he says
No escape
No release
Tied down with nothing holding you
Against your will, Ты are trapped
You never think to call for help
You never think of salvation

You struggle
Though he said, "No escape"
You fight
Though he said, "No release"

What do Ты fear
You are not alone
Others share this fate
Look and Ты will see

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Your head, your bearing, your gestures
Are fair as a fair countryside;
Laughter plays on your face
Like a cool wind in a clear sky.

The gloomy passer-by Ты meet
Is dazzled by the glow of health
Which radiates resplendently
From your arms and shoulders.

The touches of sonorous color
That Ты scatter on your dresses
Cast into the minds of poets
The image of a цветок dance.

Those crazy frocks are the emblem
Of your multi-colored nature;
Mad woman whom I'm mad about,
I hate and Любовь Ты equally!

At times in a lovely garden
Where I dragged my atony,
I have felt the sun tear my breast,
As though it were in mockery;...
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Peter passed a note today.
He gave the note to Anna.
She opened it and read it,
then she passed it on to Hannah.

The note made Hannah giggle
so she handed it to Cody,
who read it with a smile before
he slid the note to Brody.

Then Brody read the contents
and he gave it to Luann,
who opened it and chuckled
and directed it to Dan.

He read it with a snicker,
then he tossed the note to Jon
who couldn't help but chortle
as he passed it on to Sean.

The teacher heard us laughing
and she saw what Sean was holding.
She walked across the room
and took the note he was unfolding.

We thought we'd get in trouble,
but she gave it back to Sean
and smiled because it read,
"The teacher's awesome. Pass it on."
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One would say that your gaze was veiled with mist;
Your mysterious eyes (are they blue, gray или green?)
Alternately tender, dreamy, cruel,
Reflect the indolence and pallor of the sky.

You call to mind those days, white, soft, and mild,
That make Зачарованная hearts burst into tears,
When, shaken by a mysterious, wracking pain,
The nerves, too wide-awake, jeer at the sleeping mind.

You resemble at times those gorgeous horizons
That the sun sets ablaze in the seasons of mist...
How resplendent Ты are, landscape drenched with rain,
Aflame with rays that fall from a cloudy sky!

O dangerous woman, O alluring...
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