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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 12: Sweet Love

(At the woods where we find our сердце broken Ash sitting and frowning. Serena and Пикачу meets up to him and sits Далее him. She pats his shoulder.)
Pikachu: Pika Pi.
Serena: It's gonna be okay.
Ash: I know it's just that that man treated Nikki like his drunken punching bags. I was afraid to tell Ты about the pregnancy call even though it was Georgia because I was afraid of hurting Ты and our future baby.
Serena: (she hugs him) Ash when Ты took care of Nikki, Ты never physically beaten her. Instead Ты loved her, played with her, and actually loved her like a father.
Ash: Yeah. I wished I could've done something. (He lays his head on Serena's shoulder)
Serena: Ты did. Ты beat the crap out of her asshole father to defend Nikki. I think she'll never stop loving Ты for that. (Smiles cocky) Ты know, I thought watching Ты beat up her pop was hot! (Winks)
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Ash: (Smirks) Really? Ты got turned on by that?
Serena: Yeah. (She gets closer to him.) I feel that danger is very sexy! (She kisses him hard) I want some danger myself, too! (Winks)
Ash: (he kisses her neck really hard while carrying her bridal style.) Ты want to do this again?
Serena: Yes! Take me away!
Ash: (Runs to the лодка house) I'm gonna grab some Afternoon…. Delight. (He is Поцелуи her hard and kicks the door shut while Пикачу stands here blushing.)
Pikachu: Pikachu...
Serena: (From the лодка house in the distance) MMMMM OH ASH!
Ash: (From the лодка house in the distance) YEAH!
(In the hills, we see Drew hugging May.)
Drew: (Sighs in happiness) Listen to that babe, that was like us when we were in Pokemon contests.
May: Oh I know, but the lovable girl is now gone with her caring mother!
(They start walking with each other.)
Drew: Well look at the bright side of it May, at least they have each other's …. (He was interrupted by a guy kicking him in the nuts who is wearing big sunglasses, n оранжевый afro wig, and a blue jumpsuit. He bends over and screams in pain.) AAAAHHHHHHHH OOWWWWWWWW!
The guy: (Laughing and pointing at him)
May: (upset) Oh my god! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!? STOP IT!
Drew: (Still bends over in pain.) WHAT THE HELL MAN?!
The Guy: (Pats his back and Laughs) Hurts doesn't it?
The Guy: (leans toward him) My friend….My friend.
Drew: WHAT!?
The Guy: (Points at the camera in front of them) You've been kicked in the nuts!
Drew: (Eyes widen and sounds shocked) NO WAY! GET OUTTA HERE!
May: (Laughs in relief) Wow I Любовь that show!
The guy: Yeah you're gonna be on TV! You're on it!
Drew: (Shakes the guys hands.) Oh man! This is sooo awesome! (Waves to the camera) Hey, Hi!

And that's it!!!

The End!!!
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