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 One of my Избранное teams that I used.
One of my favorite teams that I used.
One of the key elements of the Pokemon franchise is capturing powerful monsters that Ты can befriend and make them a part of your team who will assist Ты on your journey. Each an every Pokemon feel unique and different, and whatever team Ты make depends on your taste. Ты can a team made up of 6 different Dragon-Types. Maybe Ты only need 4 Pokemon on your team. или maybe Ты want a team comprised of Shiny Pokemon that Ты either bred или Shiny-Hunted. Ты choose what team Ты want to make, making your adventure feel еще personal. Not to mention, their with Ты on your journey, making Ты feel like you're not a alone.
Pokemon Team have fascinated me ever since I started playing Pokemon in February of 2014. About which Pokemon will be useful for my adventure, which one is the coolest and best to have on any team, and which one will become a Избранное of mine.
When I first started playing Pokemon, these were Вопросы that I went through my head, but on my adventures, I just used the ones that I captured and stuck with me the most. Later, I became much еще organized and even set up rules. I started planning ahead on which Pokemon I want on a team for that specific game.
I have two rules:
1. I never reuse Pokemon on my team that I already used on another team before. if I'm playing a new Pokemon game, I want my team to feel completely new and distinct from a team I used in the past. Especially if there's a new region with new Pokemon to use, and it would be boring to use the same ones over and over again. There are exceptions of course: if you're playing in the same region, offered a Starter yo already used before, или is a remake.
2. I usually have one Fire-type, Water-type, Grass-Type and Electric-Type, a Powerhouse Pokemon that's usually taken up by the Pseudo-legendary, and one team member with a Болталка type. I want to have a diverse team with Pokemon that look and feel different form one-another, can fill-in one role and counter a team member's weaknesses. Not all of my teams follow this rule, but the majority of my teams do.

I take the whole "team" thing seriously, and because of that I sometimes replay Pokemon games I already played if I wasn't satisfied with my team. No joking that I replayed Pokemon Platinum twice just because I wasn't satisfied with one team member. Same goes for сердце Золото and Emerald.

With that out of the way, let's talk about my Избранное Pokemon teams that I used over the years.


Now, I'm not a big Фан of the Gen 1 games because of how outdated they are. Because of that, I only played one of them and that was Yellow. I played it in later Summer of 2016 so I can test out how it works on my new laptop. The reason why I played yellow only because Red and Blue are riddled with glitches and just don't work.
Now, despite being a Gen 1 game, I had a lot of fun with it, especially because of my team. One thing I'll give Yellow is that it's the only game in the series that let's Ты have all three of its region's Starters. That alone made me Любовь this team.

As Ты can see, I tried to recreate Red's team from the final battle Ты have with him at the end of every Johto game. The only reason why I have a Hypno instead of an Espeon или Lapras is for many reasons: 1.Espeon didn't exist before Gold/Silver; 2.Having two Water-types would've made things a lot harder and it would've been redundant; 3.Psychic-types were the best type in Gen 1 and it comes in handy against opponents. I didn't mind this too much, because my Hypno helped me easily defeat two of the Elite 4 members: Bruno and Agatha.

For those of Ты wondering why I didn't evolve my Пикачу into Raichu, that's because Ты can't evolve Пикачу in Yellow. Only if Ты transfer to another game, then transfer it back. I wasn't able to do that because I played it on an Emulator, but I honestly prefer having Пикачу instead of Raichu in this case. Like I said, I wanted to recreate Red's team, and that included keeping Пикачу unevolved.

All three of the Starters kicked жопа, попка of course and it was fantastic having all three of them. And my Snorlax was amazing! Mostly because of two moves: Hyper Beam and Amnesia. Ты see, Gen 1 games had broken rules. For instance, the Переместить "Hyper Beam" wouldn't need recharging if Ты knocked out a Pokemon with it. And the Переместить "Amnesia", instead of raising your Special Defense by two stages, it raised both your Special Attack and Special Defense, since in gen 1 they were one stat. By increasing Snorlax's Special stat with "Amnesia" it also increased the power of its "Hyper Beam", meaning that Ты could 1-Hit K.O. your opponent wit it and won't need to wait a turn to recharge. using this trick, I was able to easily defeat Lance's Драконы and my rival's, Blue's teams.


Just like the Gen 1 games, I'm also not a Фан of the Gen 2 games because they're very outdated. However, I was interested in playing Crystal because it's the best one.
I originally played it back in April of 2014 on GameOldies.com. Because at the time, I didn't know Emulations existed, this was the best way I could experience Johto. I was able to get three badges in one day, 4 in the Далее one, the last one in the following день and even made to the Pokemon League, and the other день i struggled with them so I went back to Victory Road to grind for levels. GameOldies doesn't save games, so when I accidentally left the page, all my hard work went down the drain. Because I knew that this would happen, I was very careful with it. Even to the point of not using my laptop for reasons other than playing Pokemon Crystal.

However, in last Summer, I replayed Pokemon Crystal properly and it was great! My original team for Crystal was kind of crappy, so I went with a completely different team.
I of course chose Cyndaquil because Fire-Starters are my favorites. When it evolved into Typhlosion he was an awesome team member. Pidgeot served it's purpose well as the team's flyer and even helped me out a lot, especially against Bugsy and his Scyther, или Bruno with his Fighting-types.
This is where it gets interesting. One of Gen 2's problems s that awful placement of the Pokemon Ты could catch. For instance, Ты can't even get a Houndour или Larvitar until Ты got all 16 badges, which is completely unfair. Plus, because of my rule, I wanted to have Pokemon on y team that I never used before. So I decided to cheat and get myself a Slowking as early as the Slopoke Well. If you're wondering why I have two Water-types, that's because My Lanturn used most of the Water-type HM's like "Surf" and "Waterfall" while also using Electric-type moves. While Slowking was used еще as my team's Psychic-Type. And I know what you're asking: But if Ты wanted a Psychic-Type, why not catch and evolve a Slowpoke into Slowbro, since Ты don't need to trade it? That's because I wanted to have a team that consisted of mostly Johto Pokemon. He also knew "Ice Beam", which was very useful against Dragon and Grass-Types.

I cheated again and got myself a Larvitar at National Park and when it evolved into Tyranitar, it was an amazing team member. He was my team's powerhouse and it absolutely wrecked house. It helped me out a lot against the Gym leaders in Kanto like Flint and Blue, and Red's team. Tyranitar has always been one of my Избранное Pseudo-Legendaries, and I really wanted to have one of my teams.

This time I didn't cheat, because I caught a Chinchou and evolved it into Lanturn. I used it as my team's Water/Electric-type and it helped me out a lot against Red's Blastoise, Bruno's Onix and Lance's Gyarados. It also demolished Misty and Flint.

My last cheated team member was Machamp, but that's because I needed strong Fighting-type Pokemon, and I wanted to make my team have a Johto/Kanto feel to it.

Ruby/Omega Ruby:

For those of who who are wondering, both of my teams for Ruby and Omega Ruby are exactly the same, even to the point of how I got them. That's because it's a remake of a game I already played, so why change the team for this version if it worked?
I played Ruby many times on GameOldies.com because it was one of the еще Последнее Pokemon games on that site. I loved playing through Ruby, but something would always happen and I'd have to start from scratch. However, there was one time when I actually managed to beat the game on that site, though my team was rather disappointing. I had a Blaziken, Aggron and Manectric, but my other team members were just randomly picked: Azumarill; as well as a Medicham and a Golbat that I found in Victory Road. I was so disappointed with this team that I replayed Ruby in October of 2015. Though, I still have fond memories of it: evolving my Combusken into Blaziken with a Rare Конфеты after earning my 7th badge; evolving my Lairon into Aggron in Victory Road; defeating Wallace's Milotic by freezing it with Azumarill's Blizzard; trying desperately to evolve my Golbat into Crobat, etc.
In October of my 9th grade, I replayed Ruby properly on an Emulator and I finished it within a week. I added a Breloom because I thought it looked badass and it would be a great Grass-Type to have. It easily defeated Rozanne's Rock-types and was useful agaisnt Walla'ce Water-types. A Wailord because it's a very decent Water-Type that I taught all 3 water HM's and Ice Beam for Grass/Dragon-types. Plus, it made catching the Legendary Golems a lot easier. And a Salamence because it's my Избранное Hoenn pseudo-legendary. Funny story, I had a Flygon instead of a Salamence, but after I earned my 8th badge, I changed my mind and went straight to Meteor Falls to catch one. And because I didn't want to grand that much, I cheated and force-fed it Rare Candies. It worked out though, because he was amazing against Drake's Драконы and used it against Steven's Skarmory by spamming Flamethrower.

I reused the same team in Hoenn, though getting an Aggron was much harder, because this time I had to go to Mauville city and get a bike first before I could get one. But aside from that, this team wrecked house! Especially since 4 out 6 of them could Mega Evolve, which made things easier.

огонь Red:

Like I said, I don't intend on plain Red/Blue in the future, so I played their remakes instead that are far superior.
On GameOldies, I played огонь Red several times, and even on an Emulator, but something always came in to make it crash and reset. I remember back in late May of 2016 when I played огонь Red and I could've beaten it, had it not been for one of my keyboard's arrows being busted.
I chose Charmander, because огонь Starters are my избранное and because Charizard is on the cover. It was an amazing team member. I remember when I first beat огонь Red, it was in early August of 2014 and i beat the main game in just 4 days. I managed to beat Blue's Blastoise with my Cahrizard by weakening it, and then spamming Dragon Claw and Blast Burn to knock it out. Plus, it knew Fly and made it easier to travel around Kanto.
I had a Raichu because it's the evolved form of the mascot and I think it would be appropriate to have one. It was my team's Electric-type and it filled-in that role perfectly.
I also had a Nidoking. I caught a male Nidoran and then evolved it into Nidorino. Funny story is that it evolved at Mountain Moon, and because Ты can get a Moon Stone there, I used it on Nidorino and evolved it into Nidoking. meaning that I had a fully-evolved Pokemon before I even earned my third badge. Speaking of, it did great against Lt.Surge and his Electric-types.
When I arrived at Celadon city, I received an Eevee that I used a Water Stone on and evolved into Vaporeon. I already had a strong Fire-type and Electric-type, so there was no reason to evolve it into it's other eeveelutions. It did great against Team Rocket's Pokemon and Giovanni, and even held its own against Lance's Dragonite.
I had a Vileplume, but before that I had a Parasect because it was part Bug-type and bugs are good against Psychic-types, which are common in Kanto. I soon realized how weak it was and replaced it with a Vileplume, which served the role of the Grass-type much better.
And I had an Alakazam. Another funny story, I used this team in my playthrough of огонь Red back in Summer of 2016 on my tablet. Because it was on a tablet, I was able to trade on it with myself. So I traded a Kadabra to a ROM of Leaf Green, and then it evolved into Alakazam. I then traded it back and it was an amazing team member. It completely obliterated Bruno's and Agatha's teams, as well as Team Rocket's Pokemon.

While I played through Yellow with all 3 Starters, if I had to pick a definitive Kanto team, it would be this one.


This team changed around quite a bit over the years.
I first played Platinum in late July of 2014, and now I'm replaying it again 4 years later, which gives a strong feeling of nostalgia, since my 2014 Summer Vacation was my Избранное one.
I had an Infernape because the огонь Starters are my favorites. A Roserade and a Luxray because Ты can get them very early on and they're very powerful and useful team members. A Garchomp because it's an amazing power-house Pokemon to have; a Weavile that was strong enough to one-hit K.O. Cynthia's Garchomp; and a Steelix that I caught on Iron Island. I actually had a strong connection to this team, even imagining of traveling with them whenever I went walking.
In December of 2015, I replayed Platinum because I thought a Water-type would be еще of use, so I replaced Steelix with a Whiscash. But I didn't like Whiscash either, so I'm currently replaying Platinum with a Floatzel. I loved Ash's Buizel in the anime, so I wanted to have its evolved from because it looked really cool and is a good Water-type to have. Both it and Whiscash were great against Bertha and Flint of the Elite Four.
I remember how in my battle with Cynthia, I started with Garchomp and I defeated her Spiritomb by spamming Dragon Rush. I also remember defeating her Lucario with by having my Infernape use Focus Blast, then knocked out her Roserade with Overheat. I also remember easily knocking out Barry's Empoleon by simply using a Fighting-type move. или when I one-hit K.O.-ed Candice's Abomasnow with Flame Wheel, of all moves.
My Luxray was also useful in capturing Legendaries, since it paralyzed them and made them easier to capture.

Though I'm not a Фан of the Sinnoh games, I personally really enjoyed Platinum and I have a lot of dear memories with this team.

сердце Gold:

This one is very similar to my other teams, because I changed this team quite a lot over the years. When I discovered the magic of emulations and ROMs, the first game I played was Pokemon сердце Золото because of how critically lauded it was. Problem was that сердце Золото wasn't a good first choice, due to the fact that the level scaling was terrible, making everything harder and еще unfair. My Pokemon were very underleveled, while my opponent's Pokemon were super-high level. I'm not lying when I say that when I got all 16 badges, my Pokemon were between levels 50 and 60 while Red's were in their 80's! There was no way in Hell I would grind like that, so I quite playing it.
My original team was...well...crap. I had a Typhlosion and an Ampharos, but also a Ho-oh. I know what some of Ты might be asking: "How can it be crap if Ты had Ho-oh?" well, Ты see I wasn't a very experienced player at the time, so I just put whatever Болталка Pokemon that stuck, on my team. Plus, because my Pokemon we underleveled, I forcefully put a Legendary on my team. I also had a Quagsire who was an okay Water-type. A Graveler, because I couldn't trade and I didn't know anything about cheat codes, I was stuck with a weak Graveler. And a Snorlax, I caught in Kanto because it knew Block and I needed it to catch Roaming legendaries, but it failed.

I decided to replay it near the end of my Summer Vacation of 2015, but something always came in to reset it. I changed my team to Pokemon that are actually useful. I kept Typlosion and Ampharos, but my team was completely different. A Crobat that knew Mean Look to make catching Roaming Legendaries much easier, as well as Fly to transport myself. A Heracross because it's dual typing of Bug/Fighting was very useful against the common Dark-types and as a great team member in general. This one is tricky, because I had a Golem that I got by cheating, but I didn't like Golem all that much so I decided to replay сердце Золото in the future and replace it with a much stronger Tyranitar. And the Red Gyarados because it's an awesome Pokemon. It knocked out all of Lance's Pokemon by spamming Dragon Dance, which increased its Attack and Speed, then used super effective moves against them and won easily.

Like my огонь Red team, I had other teams for Johto, but this one is my favorite.


This one is actually my all-time Избранное Pokemon team. Mostly because of the nostalgia. Back in my Summer Vacation of 2014, after I quite сердце Gold, I decided to play Black, and it was a much better experience. Not only because Gen 5 was my favorite, but it didn't have the unfair level-scaling that made me want to quite сердце Gold.
I never saw people play Black with a Tepig, so I considered myself a unique exception. Tepig and its final evolution Emboar was an amazing team member and definitely the best starter to pick for Black/White.
I had a Leavanny because it was a a great Grass-Type and its other typing of Bug was useful for both the Elite Four, Team Plasma and my rivals.
I had a Haxorus because it's an absolutely bad-ass Pokemon and was a great power-house. Plus, I always wanted to have one.
This one is tricky, because back in 2014, I had a Metagross instead of a Jellicent, but I figured that a Water-type would be еще useful and I wanted to have a pure Unova Pokemon team. I figured Jellicent would be a great replacement, and it truly was. It even defeated Ghetsis' Hydreigon by spamming Ice Beam.
Hydreigon, because I also really loved this Pokemon and wanted to have one. I caught a Deino on Victory Road, and it stuck with me, so I decided to level it up and evolve it into a Hydreigon. Which I didn't regret because it was an amazing team member.
And finally, a Volcarona that I caught at Relic Castle. Allow me to explain: when I first caught Volcarona, it was on the last день of school, but it demolished most of my team, so I decided to use it against Cynthia at Undella Bay, but it payed off because it won the battle for me. So, I kept it.

What's interesting about this team is that it has Pokemon that share levels with each other, and while usually I'm not a Фан of that, this team was full of awesome and bad-ass Pokemon, so I didn't give a crap. Plus, because of my nostalgia, this team is my favorite.

Black 2:

Unlike my Black/White teams which have Unova Pokemon only, Black2/White2 gave me the chance to change it up. Three Pokemon from Unova and three Pokemon from different regions. I kept the starters I chose in Black/White, but the other Pokemon are ones I hadn't used, yet.
I kept my Emboar because it was an amazing starter and a power-house.
I had Whimsicott because it's a good Grass-type, and there's a good moveset to use with it. Whisicott has the ability "Prankster" which allows Status moves to go first. It knew moves such as: Stun Spore and Sleep Powder to weaken my opponent. Substitute which creates a doll to take damage. And Giga Drain to drain the opponent of its health. I tried it out, and I freaking loved it!
I had a Flygon to rectify for not using one in Ruby, plus I never used it before and wanted to try it out.
I had a Zoroark, which I received it as a Zorua in Driftveil city from a former Team Plasma sage. It originally belonged to N, and because N is my Избранное character in Pokemon, it was an honor to have one. Zoroark is also a badass Pokemon that I wanted to use for years.
I had an Electivire that I got by cheating. I wanted to have a good Electric-type and it played that role perfectly.
And finally, a Lapras that I got at Village Bridge. It's a great Water-type and did great against Iris' Dragon-types. I didn't use one when I played огонь Red, and it would be a great opportunity to have one.

I remember how I was struggling for days in the Black City Tower, with this team. By defeating every trainer in that tower, Ты got a free Shiny Dragon-type, depending on which version you're playing. (Gible for Black 2; Dratiny for White 2.) Problem was that I couldn't access my bag and use healing items, which made things harder. I decided it wasn't worth it, so I quit and continued my adventure. Though, it was a shame I couldn't get it. Still, I had fun with this team, especially since Black 2/ White 2 are my Избранное games in the franchise.


Before I got and played X and Y, I planned ahead on what my teams are supposed to be, but when I got the, I changed them. After I finished Ultra Moon in May of this year, I played X and I finished it in two weeks. This isn't the only team where I didn't pick the огонь Starter, but it is my Избранное one that I used.
I had a Greninja because it's the most Популярное choice, but it's for a good reason. It's actually a genuinely awesome Pokemon. And Ash's Greninja in the anime, Ash Greninja made Greninja even еще awesome.
A Charizard I could Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X, but I always preferred its Mega Charizard Y form a lot more, but I never had the chance to have one. I already had a Delphox in Y, and it would be a dumb idea to have two огонь Starters on the same team. Still, Mega X was an awesome team member and it's easily my best member.
I had a Gogoat because Ты can get a Skiddo early on, and it's a solid Grass-type. It did great against the Elite Four member Siebold.
I had an Aegisash because I always wanted to have one and this would a great opportunity to have one. However, I couldn't fully-evolve it until I defeated Team flare and captured Xerneas. Since the only place Ты can get a Dusk Stone is in Terminus Cave, and the Dusk Stone is on a level that's unavailable until I defeated Team Flare. But still, Aegislash did awesome as usual.
I had a Sylveon, since it was the first Fairy-type ever introduced to us, and thought it would be appropriate to use one. Not to mention, it's a very powerful Pokemon that's still used in competitive play. However, it was a сука to get one, since Eevee's have a very low chance of being female, so I searched endlessly for a female one. Why? Because Sylveon has a a very feminine design, and I would've felt uncomfortable having a male Sylveon on my team.
And finally Rotom (Frost). Again, I never used a Rotom, and it was a great opportunity to finally have one. I chose its Frost form because I already had Pokemon of the other types. It was a great Electric-type, (Particularly because it's ability Levitate.) and it's other typing allowed it to learn Blizzard, which came in handy against Dragon and Ground-types.

While I prefer my Y team, this is still a genuinely awesome and useful team that I think can even be used competitively, with some minor alterations.


Like I said, before I even played X and Y, I was confused on which Pokemon to have on my team. When I played Ultra Sun, I did some careful planning ahead and soon realized what Pokemon I wanted.
A lot of people hate Delphox, which I don't understand. I genuinely really like Delphox, and it's actually a very useful Pokemon to use in Kalos. When I first played Y and had to choose a starter, I always soft reset until I got a female Fennekin, because like Sylveon, Delphox has a very feminine Дизайн and I can't look at it as a male. Because of the Exp.Share, my Braxien evolved into Delphox before I even earned my third badge and it absolutely obliterated Korrina's team. As well as Wulfric's ,Ramos', and Wikstrom.
I also had a Florges, because Ты can get a Flabebe very early on, and because I saw Видео of people using it, I decided to put it on my team. It was a great Fairy-type Pokemon, and because of its ability, it helped out my other team member: Venusaur. Speaking of...
I chose Venusaur as my Kanto Starter to counter my Delphox's weaknesses. It was a female one, but it didn't bother me that much. Being part Poison-type, she laid waste to Fairies, and the other types she was super effective against.
I had a Helioptile as my team's Electric-type. It was a decent Pokemon, with my Избранное thing about it being its Дизайн and that it can learn Surf. Combined with a great Special Attack Stat, and it stood up against Ground-types.
I had a Lucario which can Mega Evolve that I got from Korrina after I beat her. I had one because I never used one and it was great finally having one on a team. Plus, I needed a good Fighting-type Pokemon. And it felt appropriate because in the main game, Ты run into Korrina many times with her Lucarios, and one of them took a liking to me, and keeping it as a team member and he was perfect. I made him a Special Attacker, with moves such as: Calm Mind; Aura Sphere; Shadow Ball and Flash Cannon.
And finally, I had the region's Pseudo-Legendary: Goodra. My Goodra was female, because again, I personally see Goodra's Дизайн to be еще feminine, but that's just me. I caught her as Goomy on Route 14. Because she was so underleveled and I couldn't cheat on a 3DS console, I grinded there for a couple of hours. As I played the game, I watched the movie "The Shape pf Water" to pass the time, and it was a great movie. My Goodra knew Water-type Фильмы like: Muddy Water and Rain Dance, to make up for the lack of Water-types. She also knew: Outrage and Earthquake, meaning that I had a pretty good powerhouse on my team.

This team has a special place in my heart, because I always wanted to play X and Y ever since they were announced, but never could until I ordered them online and received them through mail back in January. Despite its mediocre story, I loved the game and I had a lot of fun with it. Much as I Любовь both of my teams, I like this one еще because it's the first one I used and grew closer to them.


This team also has a special place in my heart, because Pokemon Sun is the first 3DS Pokemon game I ever played, on the actual console, no less. I was beyond happy and excited when I finally got to play it.
I of course chose the огонь Starter, Litten. I'm a lover of Кошки and it shared a lot of my own personality traits, such as rarely Показ our true emotions to other people. Torracat was very good, as it managed to easily beat Totem Lurantis. A Pokemon that a lot of people had issue with. But the forgot that Ты have the огонь Trial before the трава one. It's to give Ты and advantage against Lurantis. By having my Torracat hold the Firinium Z, it used the огонь Z-Move and reduced Lurantis' HP, then finished it off with Bite. And Incineroar was just a complete badass and I loved him.
As Ты can see, all my other team members are Totem Pokemon from Sun and Moon. I thought that because of how powerful the Totem Pokemon were, I wanted to have the same Pokemon.
My other Pokemon was Vikavolt, I caught a Grubbin early on, which I then evolved into Charjabug, and it look a long-ass amount of time to evolve it into Vikavolt, since it will only evolve in places with a special magnetic field. In Alola, the only place that has a special magnetic field is Vast пони Canyon, (Or Blush Mountain, but that's only in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.) which was very far into the main game. Granted, he wasn't terrible, it even defeated Totem Wishiwashi. Vikavolt was a really cool Pokemon and I loved adding it to my team. With moves like: Thunderbolt; Thunder Wave; Energy Ball and Flash Cannon, and combined with amazing Special Attack, it was a force-to-be reckoned with.
I had a Wishiwashi, because it's the best Water-type Pokemon to use in Alola, especially because in it's School form, it has higher stats than a Pseudo-Legendary. It had a cool Дизайн that reminded me of those sardines from "Finding Nemo", while also looking badass and menacing.
I had Lurantis because I thought it looked really cool. I especially loved its design, which made it look like it was wearing pijamas. I loved its signature Переместить of Solar Blade and I wanted to try it out for myself. It reminded me of my Leavanny from Black, which is always a plus.
This one is tricky, because I originally wanted an Alolan Ninetales, because it reminded me so much of Elsa from Frozen, who's my Избранное Дисней character. However, I changed it to a Mimikyu because of its dark but depressing Дизайн and backstory. Mine was female, and I found her to be rather cute. The reason why I changed my mind is because the battle with Totem Kommo-o was coming up and I wanted to use a strong Fairy-type against it, and Mimkyu was the stronger Fairy-type. Needless to say, she knocked out Totem Kommo-o with a singe hit with Play Rough.
And finally, the Pseudo-Legendary itself, Kommo-o. Again, I originally had a Toucannon for this team, but because I loved Kommo-o and thought that it looked awesome, I decided to catch a Jangmo-o in vast пони Canyon and raise it into a powerful Kommo-o. And I succeeded, and it was a beast!

Ultra Sun:

I know what Ты guy might be asking "Isn't this the same team, only slightly different?" Well, allow me to explain. Ты see, I wanted to do something similar to my Black 2 team, where I had three Unova Pokemon and three Pokemon from other regions. Here, because Ultra Sun and Moon are almost exactly the same game, I decided to use half of the Pokemon I used in Sun/Moon, and the other half would be comprised of Pokemon I hadn't used yet. I saw this as a great opportunity to use the Pokemon that I wanted to use before, but couldn't.
I'll skip the ones I already talked about, and talk about the new ones.
Tsareena was my team's new Grass-type and she was a great replacement for Lurantis. I bought my 3DS to school and played it during recess and on the way Главная on the train. After my трава Trial, I searched the Jungle and caught a Steenee, and grinded until it level up to keep up with the others. Tsareena was a badass Pokemon, especially with her Дизайн that gives her a very sassy and domineering personality. The fact that she crushes her enemies with her massive feet gives her a unique personality among all the other generic Grass-types.
An Alolan Ninetales, which felt very satisfying to finally have one. This is actually one of the reasons why I personally Любовь this team еще than the one from Sun. Like I said, Alolan Ninetales reminds me a lot of Elsa Frozen. So much so that I broke one of my rules of not nicknaming my Pokemon, and named her after Elsa. She was an amazing Pokemon. It's dual-typing of Ice/Fairy cemented her as the ultimate Dragon killer. She knew Blizzard, and whenver she used it, I imagined myself doing the same pose Elsa used at the end of "Let It Go", as Ninetales unleashes an almighty blizzard that freezes everything. She was great in battle, of course - but the fact that she reminds so much of one of my Избранное characters ever made her one of my Избранное Pokemon, ever.
And finally, a Silvally. This requires some backstory. Ты see, because I already decided on what Pokemon I want to keep from Sun, I wanted to use a good Electric-type Pokemon that I never used before. There was Alolan Raichu, but I already used it in Moon/Ultra Moon. (Even caught a Shiny one in Ultra.) My other choice was Alolan Golem, and it seemed like a good choice. In Sun/Moon, Ты can trade-in a Pokemon at a PokeCenter to a guy for a Graveler, that will evolve through trading. Problem is that this doesn't happen in Ultra Sun. I thought I'd be stuck with Vikavolt, and while it did help me defeat Ultra Necrozma, I wanted to use a different Pokemon. That's when I remembered that Silvally can change its typing, based on what Memory it's holding. After I became Champion, I received a Type: Null from my rival, Gladion. Because it evolves through high Friendship, I made it hold the Sooth Bell, which makes the Pokemon that holds it еще friendly. And after some friendship raising, I took on Team радуга Rocket, and at an appropriate moment, my Type: Null finally evolved into Silvally after defeating Ghetsis. It evolved before facing the final boss, which I find really cool. I wanted to make it hold the Electric Memory, but because Giovanni used Ground-types, that Water memory was the еще logical choice. After that, Silvally became my team's Electric-type, and it was even better than Vikavolt! I already loved Silvally, but couldn't use it. Now, this game made me Любовь Silvally even more.

To many trainers, a Pokemon team is essential to play the game. Pokemon is a franchise with over 800 different Pokemon, and each and everyone one of them are unique and differ from one-another. Having to pick your избранное out over 800 and making the best team Ты possibly can is what draws me to it. When i first played Black and Platinum, my teams were good, but that one Pokemon in each team bothered, so I replayed both games and changed the teams a bit. It's like a work of art или a project I'm not fully satisfied with, I keep adding and changing it until it's perfect. Even if it means replaying the games all over again.
People have different tastes. Maybe Ты want a team of just 4-5 Pokemon. Maybe Ты like doing the Nuzlocke challenge to make it еще interesting. Maybe Ты have a team of just Dragon-types. It's our adventure, and we choose what Pokemon we want on to Присоединиться us in our adventure that will become a part of our lives and memory. Like I сказал(-а) in the beginning: I don't like reusing Pokemon I already used before, unless it has special conditions, and I want to make it as diverse as possible.
They may seem insignificant, but I can't begin to tell Ты how much I enjoy building a brand new team whenever I play a new and different game. That's why I take Pokemon teams seriously, and why Любовь them so much. Plus, talking about them made me want to not forget them.

As always, Smell ya' Later!
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The Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer released on Tuesday gave us a lot of new information. We were able to meet the new legendary Pokemon, being Solgaleo and Lunaala. But what types are they actually going to be?
It's been awhile since I've done an article,but that's because I was too busy with my personal life.But now that I have time to finally write еще articles,I'm back with a Список that I've been thinking of doing in the past.
Pokemon has always been a character-heavy series,both human and Pokemon wise.
,so it can be tough for a character to stand out especially when every game has its own set of Gym Leaders.But there are couple that stand out in my memory than others.
Now before we start,let's get a few things out of the way first:
1.Video-Game canon only.All of these characters appear in the games,anime...
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