Покемон Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Some damage ? What kind of damage ?"The director asked
Больше года Nojida said…
"Nothing much.... Just the walls and floors became frozen...Some chairs are burned... Oh and there is a big hole on the floor.." Magia answers in shame.
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Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Well if that's all then, go on enjoy the contest"The director said
Больше года Nojida said…
"Wait. You're not mad?" Magia asks shocked.

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Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Not really, this place is pretty boring when there aren't contests on. So now we have something to do"The director said
Больше года Nojida said…
Magia sighs in relief.
"Thank you for not getting mad!" she says smiling and runs out of the room.
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Chester: We're going, come on.
Faust: Y'okay.
(Faust follows Chester and SV out of the cave)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Thank you sir!"Jace said and ran out
"My moustache, how can I be mad"The guy asked himself
Больше года Nojida said…
"So, what did he say?" Claire, who was standing outside along with Danae, asks.
"He's not mad at all!" Magia exlaims.
"Well that's good news!" Danae says.
"I know! And now, to take my revenge!" Magia says sending out Hydragon.
"Run!" Claire exlaims as she and Danae start running.
"They're not gonna get far" Magia says returning Hydragon.
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Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Luna stands up, having been watching the battle)
Luna thinking: They're really strong...
Больше года vegeta007 said…
JAce grabbed Magia from behind "Neither are you, lets go"he said carrying her back to the seats
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Idk what else to do with my characters at Hearthome XP)
Chester: So, according to Yellow, our friends are at Hearthome City. The only problem is...Where exactly are we?
Faust: I dunno. Maybe Silvervolt-
(SV is gone)
Больше года Nojida said…
"Oh come on! I was just gonna use a Draco Meteor, that's all!" Magia says.
"Let's just return to the seats, Magia" Dawn says, a bit annoyed seeing Jace carrying Magia.

"Hey Danae, aren't you next?" Claire asks stopping.
"Um.. Oh man! It is!" Danae exlaims running to the arena "I still have't decided which Pokemon I'm gonna use, though" she thinks to herself.
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Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Who wants a lift on this giant dragon ?"Dan asked riding a giant dragon
Больше года misshedgehog said…
(what going on)
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Oh sure, Magia, just a small, harmless, little Draco Meteor XD)
Luna: Well, since we've already had our turns, let's just sit in the audience.

Chester: Oh, come on!
Faust: Well, we can't be expected to rely on him for everything, can we? Let's go find Hearthome.
(starts walking away)
(Chester checks his map)
Chester: Uh, Hearthome is this way. (points in the opposite direction)
(Faust comes back)
Faust: Right.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Come on"Jace said "You can do that later, Danae's up next. Dawn, could you tell Bree we're going back ?"
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Alma: Okay, then.

(Chester and Faust look up to see the dragon)
Chester: How?!
Больше года misshedgehog said…
Abagail look up
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Where are Abagail and Silver?)
Больше года misshedgehog said…
(talking a walk)
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Больше года misshedgehog said…
(who going to post?)
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Good question...I'm out of ideas :P)
Больше года misshedgehog said…
Больше года vegeta007 said…
(Well, don't you still have Silver ?)
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Yes, but when I play Silver, I usually just wait to be asked something, cuz I'm not very good at that part :P)
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Almost forgot)
Faust: Sure, we'd love a ride...but how did you get a dragon? I don't suppose you just happened across it in the Sinnoh region.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Nah, he's best bud right Drago ?"Dan asked and Drago replied with a roar "Hum, you were supposed to talk"
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Chester: Cool! A ride on a dragon! Shotgun!
(Chester climbs up onto Drago's back)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Who wants the tail ? It's the best part"Dan said
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Faust: Why not?
(Faust climbs on Drago's tail)
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Everyone set ? Oops don't care take off!"Dan said and Dragon took off like a fireball

(A heart stopping moment!!)
 "Everyone set ? Oops don't care take off!"Dan сказал(-а) and Dragon took off like a fireball (A сердце st
Nojida commented…
*bursts out laughing* Awesome pic! XD Больше года
DragonAura15 commented…
XD Больше года
Больше года Nojida said…
"Alright" Dawn says and runs off.
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Больше года vegeta007 said…
Jace set Magia down in her seat "Now please, there's only one more performance, can hold out til then ?"

"So are you still on Jace ?"Bree asked
"Do you even need to ask that ?"Cana asked
Больше года Nojida said…
"Fine... As long as she finishes with it quick" Magia mutters just like a little kid who didn't get to do what they wanted.

Dawn walks to where the others are and spots Bree.
"Bree!" she says walking over to her "Jace told me to tell you that we're going back to the seats. By the way, are you two going to come as well?" she asks.
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"When did you turn into someone who pouts when she doesn't get her way ?"Red asked

"Sure why not"Bree said
"Okay then"Cana said
Больше года misshedgehog said…
Abagail: silver what you goal in life
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Luna: There are still seats left, right?

Chester: This is AWESOME!
Больше года Nojida said…
"Huh?" Magia asks and she suddenly gets a freaked out expression "It happened again!! Everytime I meet with those three I always end up like this!" she exlaims getting even more freaked out.

"I hope so... Let's hurry!" Dawn says running off again.

"My...goal?" Silver asks thinking 'I have never thought of that..." he thinks to himself.
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Больше года misshedgehog said…
Abagail: what are your dreams?
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Well friends always bring out a different side of you"Jace said

"She hasn't even decided on her pokemon yet"Bree said running behind her

"Right ?"Dan asked
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Luna, Alma, and Jay all follow)
Больше года Nojida said…
"Maybe, but..." Magia says with a sigh.
"And now, for our final perfomance! Please welcome, Danae!" the announcer says and the crowd starts cheering.
"Give it your all!" Magia cheers claping as Danae walks in the arena.
"Petally, on stage!" Danae says sending out a Lilligant.
"Uh... Why that..?" Magia asks herself but shakes her head "Do your best!"

Dawn finally reaches where Jace and the others are and sits next to him.
"Alright we came at the right time!" she exlaims and starts cheering.

"I did have a goal in the past but..." Silver says when his voice trails off.
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Больше года misshedgehog said…
Abagail: but what?
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"Hmm so she did have a pokemon ready"Bree said taking a seat next to Dawn
Больше года Nojida said…
"Okay, let's start with a Quiver Dance!" Danae says as Lilligant uses Quiver Dance, dancing beautifully like a ballerina while also raising her speed, special attack and special defence.
"This is just like the Pokemon Musicals in Nimbasa city!" Magia exlaims.

"It was to find my father..." Silver says when his voice trails off again
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Больше года misshedgehog said…
Abagail: but what silver
Больше года vegeta007 said…
"A pokemon musical ?"Jace asked

"There it is, whatever it is city"Dan said pointing to whatever city