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 Freaky Realistic Pokemon
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Found these artwork of Realist Pokemon thought they were pretty coll and Опубликовано here here
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This Покемон Фан-арт might contain triceratops.

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Misty had been at her gym, waiting for something to do. Suddenly she got an idea I have an idea! I can call up Serena and maybe Dawn, May, and Iris will want to come along with me too. сказал(-а) Misty After making her decision, she began calling Serena. Serena! сказал(-а) Misty Misty! What's up? Did Ты want to hang out? asked Serena Yeah. I actually wanted to have a night out on the town. сказал(-а) Misty Okay. There's Lumoise City that has lots of shops and restaurants for us to check out. сказал(-а) Serena Yeah! That sounds like a good city to check out! сказал(-а) Misty Who else did Ты want to invite? asked Serena...
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