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 Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle
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After eating Satoshi walked to the park were Kenji and his pokemon are waiting for him to arrive. On his way he noticed a bald little in a man wearing a scarlet плащ staring at him, smirking on the other side of the street. He pretended that he didn’t see him and just walked on further—then when took the turn on his left, he saw Пикачу outside the gate of белка Garden. “Pika-pi” he spotted him, run towards him and climbed up his shoulder. They smiled at each other and then they entered the park.

As they walked throught, they saw other people playing baseball in park, having panics...
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It turns out Azumarill is not evil.(YAY!IT'S SOOOO CUTE!)It's just that she was in an odd place.You got that right,Azumarill is a she so she can lay eggs.I trained Azumarill again and the game didn't freeze.Or maybe i saved alot and that erases the glitch...so we are still investigating.However another pokemon has haunted me since I battled Roark.We don't know which pokemon that is,so we are sill doing еще research.I'll need еще people to help.It's still a mystery,but now 2 mysteries.So we'll need еще help.Tell me in a Комментарий if Ты think Ты know what pokemon(or glitch)is causing my game to be like this.Also,I'd like to now what caused Azumarill to appear in an odd place so tell me in a Комментарий if Ты think Ты know.Hope Ты can help us!
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 Sherlock Pikachu!
Sherlock Pikachu!
Hello everyone, my name is Dee and I had just seen Detective Pikachu. Ready?

The Story

Okay, when I first watched this movie, I was actually expecting both Misty and Ash to appear. Seriously, I was wrong about it! It looks like Пикачу has found a new master after all, so it was like all of the Pokemon had travel to New York and London.
But one thing that my brother is really disturb is of course, Pikachu. In which I will get into it later, alright? I was really amazed that in one scene that it reminds me of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, especially with the moving earth!
Finally, the good...
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