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This Покемон Обои might contain аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

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Ash: Hi, i'm Ash!

Misty: And i'm Misty!

Ash: And this is Kanto Tv's Pokéshots!

Misty: Today's guest is someone we all know if we've ever played the Покемон Games-

Ash: Holy sh*t there's a game!?

Misty:-The not so one and only, Nurse Joy!

*Applause and cheers from audience as Nurse Joy appears*

Joy: Thank Ты for having me on your show!

Misty: No problem!

Ash: How does your hair make those Loopy things?

Misty: Shut up Ash!

Ash: Sorry.

Misty: So, as we all know, you've been involved in the games and anime-

Ash: Holy sh*t there's an anime?

Misty: Where do Ты THINK Покемон came from?

Ash: Japan!

Misty: Stop...
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