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 Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire Sprites
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Hi, my name’s Misty! I’m a Pokemon Trainer who aims to be a water Pokemon master. I Любовь raising water Pokemon, they’re so beautiful and charming… I just Любовь them! I’m a gym leader in Cerulean City, and I've traveled all over the world. But if you've watched the TV show, Ты know all of that already! I’m Письмо because I want to tell Ты my story about what really happened after I left the TV show.
    I got the idea to write my story when a bad storm came to the town I was in. Hurrying for cover, I took shelter in the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy сказал(-а) it would...
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 Zekrom (#8, tied with Tepig at 49 current Фаны each)
Zekrom (#8, tied with Tepig at 49 current fans each)
OK, I did a little research, and I am proud to present the 10 Unova Pokemon characters with the most fans. Here they are:

10. Scraggy

Who doesn't Любовь this adorable little Pokemon? #10 with 21 current Фаны ("current" meaning at the time this was made), Scraggy is one Популярное cutie!

9. Team Plasma (in general)

The villainous team of Unova, led by N and Ghetsis Harmonia. #9 with 25 current fans, they beat Scraggy by only 4 fans.

8. Tepig and Zekrom

The Fire-type starter and the legendary звезда of Pokemon White. Tied at #8 with 49 current Фаны each, they beat Team Plasma by 25 fans.

7. Cheren

Your smart,...
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posted by tinaloo
latley i have been thinking about ash's aura and how it is like sir aaron's. well what if sir aaron was ash ansester или his dad? they have to be some what related to have the same type of aura. also they look so much alike that he could be related somehow. plus we dont know any thing of ash dad he was never shown in the anmei,game,or book's. his dad probly is on his own journy as a aura gardean или he could be dead like sir aaron(hiht hint). ash has also had a incounter with a riolu and there aura was a close bond like sir aarons and lucario's. ash will proubly use aura agin and find out еще of his past and how he got his unique aura powers. then it might say he is related to riley cause they all 3 look alike. so there will be еще aura in the Показать and tell us еще about his conection's. imagine if ash could use aura sphere.................................................................................. SO AWESOME he could be super and save the world with it again
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