Покемон What is your Избранное starter pokemon in the whole region

Pick one:
Bulbasaur (Kanto Region)
Charmander (Kanto Region)
Squirtle (Kanto Region)
Chikorita (Jotho Region)
Cyndaquil (Jotho Region)
Totodile (Jotho Region)
Treecko (Hoenn Region)
Torchic (Hoenn Region)
Mudkip (Hoenn Region)
Turtwig (Sinnoh Region)
Chimchar (Sinnoh Region)
Piplup (Sinnoh Region)
Snivy (Unova Region)
Tepig (Unova Region)
Oshawott (Unova Region)
Chespin (Kalos Region)
Fennekin (Kalos Region)
Froakie (Kalos Region)
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 Annagalas posted Больше года
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