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"What a beautiful starry night, right Boomer?" сказал(-а) Bubbles. "Yeah, just like you" Boomer smilled. Bubbles smilled him back. "Thanks Boomer... hey, what's those?" asked Bubbles. They saw two shiny, red and green lights in the dark sky. Then Boomer сказал(-а) "They are li- Bubbles? Bubbles!" Boomer screamed. "Hey! Who the hell are you?! Let me go!" Bubbles looked at "unknown" strangely but she still was unhappy. "No way! I'll never let Ты дата with my Boomer!" сказал(-а) "unknown". "What are Ты talking about?" asked Bubbles with a very strangely accent. "Don't be a baby! Boomer isn't your coupple, so...
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 Kristina Pimenova is in love!
Kristina Pimenova is in love!
Kristina's Perspective

There's a new boy at school today. His name is Vincent and he's soooooooooooooooooo cute! He сказал(-а) hi to me and I think that's a sign he likes me! *gasps* Maybe he сказал(-а) hi because he loves me! Oooohhh!! I can't wait to tell all my friends!

My Друзья didn't believe me. They сказал(-а) "yeah, right". But I know it's true! I know Vincent is secretly in Любовь with me, who wouldn't? I'm the prettiest girl in the world, for heaven's sake! Ugh! Nobody believes me! But Ты know Vincent loves me...right? Don't Ты believe me?

Vincent's Perspective

There's a really annoying girl at...
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