The new objective is to bring Kyle crystals of Dark Pretty Cure in temples to unleash a flood of Dark Eco and unleash his powers against Pretty Cure.
Kyle: "Here we go!" and to get started: He took his L85A2 and shoot Pretty Cure to try a little advantage. But it was useless, because Komachi used the Mint Protection.
And at that moment he begins to run to go to the first half, but Nozomi tried to spoil the party, shouting: "Pretty Cure Shooting Star!" Kyle with his lightning rifle, the hits, diverting it. Reached the first temple put the crystal and lightning strikes the вверх of the temple. In the секунда temple was a way of death, and then Kyle has two obstacles: The way of death and Pretty Cure. In a moment the way of death is past and the секунда crystal is located.
For the third crystal must enter into a temple of monks and eliminate precisely the monks. Unfortunately, it must do so without weapons, otherwise it would be too easy. And run, but there is only the monks but also ... Pretty Cure! This time will have to change tactics or: Eliminate the monks with martial arts weapons and then with the Pretty Cure. With the monks and was easy but with the Pretty Cure ... Nothing, until he remembered the 'implosore mass that makes the enemies harmless and does fluctuate. And the third crystal is positioned.