Милые обманщицы (телесериал) PLL Couples Иконка Contest - Round 10 {Closed Until S2P2}

emmalouisee posted on Jun 23, 2011 at 12:56PM
1.You can post only one icon.
3.You have to make the icon.
4.Stick to the theme.

1st Place - 5 props
2rd Place - 2 props
3rd Place - 1 prop

Round 1 - Aria and Ezra
1st Place: chopilichi
Round 2 - Spencer and Toby
1st Place: chopilichi
Round 3 - Hanna and Caleb
1st Place: chopilichi
Round 4 - Emily and Maya
1st Place: chopilichi
Round 5 - Spencer and Wren
1st Place: ChuckQueenB
Round 6 - Hanna and Lucas
1st Place: omfg
Round 7 - Hanna and Lucas
1st Place: Clavicula
Round 8 - Emily and Toby
1st Place: Joy3570

Round 9 - Ian and Lucy
1st Place:
Round 10 - Your OTP on PLL
1st Place:
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