Милые обманщицы (телесериал) PLL Screencap editing contest

Darkangel6 posted on Mar 19, 2014 at 05:03PM
This is a screen cap editing contest.


1. You edit the screen-cap provided. You can do whatever you want to it. If you make an Icon make sure it's 100x100 or 200x200

2. One entry per person

3. You have five days to submit and after that there will be a poll up for two.


first place: 6 props

second place: 4 props

Third place: 2 props

Participation: 1 prop.

Remember to have fun.

Милые обманщицы (телесериал) 2 Ответы

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Больше года Darkangel6 said…
Here we go

 Here we go
Больше года Darkangel6 said…