Милые обманщицы (телесериал) Ezra and Aria (Better in Real Life?)

luv4thestage posted on Mar 21, 2014 at 09:42PM
So, I have been watching videos of Ian Harding and Lucy Hale together on youtube, and they are adorable!!! So funny! So I figured we could collect some of their adorable moments in a Forum. Post your favourite quotes!

Милые обманщицы (телесериал) 2 Ответы

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Больше года luv4thestage said…
First off, I did not create the video, a user by the name of Justinbiebertout did on youtube, so great job! I do not own any of the rights to this video, so please source the video if you put it anywhere else!
Больше года luv4thestage said…
Now for the opinion piece! I think they are both completely adorable, and although they are not my favourite characters on the show, they might just be my favourite cast members. My favourite quotes comes from the video above-

Ian Harding (about Lucy Hale) “With Lucy, what I am always shocked at is that, she is very beautiful. We all know this. You’ve all been saying it. But her ability to contort her face, into the weirdest expressions you’ve ever seen… is shocking."