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kar216 posted on Mar 18, 2015 at 07:13PM
Does anyone else think that by the Big A reveal they could just mean A is being revealed to the police since there is going to be a season 6?

My A theory.
Okay so there are many people who could possibly be A but when you really think about it and try to put the clues together it could be as simple as this.
For starters i think that Ali has a twin sister, and her fake name is Bethany young. Think back to the episode where Alison was having a flash back of her and her mother and she found not one but TWO yellow dress in the piano that were exactly the same. maybe its because there are two of them, she insisted that she should never tell anyone because she didn't want it getting out and raising questions as to why she had a child in a mental institution. I believe something happened in Ali and Bethany's childhood something that Ali doesn't remember or doesn't want to remember. Something to do with the mysterious scar Allison has on her leg that she claims she doesn't know how she got. Or maybe the mysterious Bunk member at camp that was brought up in the latest episode, maybe even about what happened to Alis elbow when she was 2. who knows but its possible Bethany attacked Allison resulting in her being sent to Radley. Then Ali's mom had Toby's mom(her sister) keep an eye on Bethany since she worked there. being psychotic she killed Toby's mom (her aunt) by pushing her off the roof. that makes Toby relevant to the story and why his moms death was so important to him in prior seasons. Next There is the fact that Mrs.D was on the board at Radley she doesn't seem like an asylum type of person so this makes you think that there is a reason she was there. It was also said that Mrs. spent time with her even bought her a horse at one point. Why would she just by a horse for a random crazy girl. Also the fact that Mrs.D was caught buying girls clothes supposedly for Ali after she admitted she was dead. seems strange right? Now the scene where Mrs. D gets off the phone and looks terrified could have been a call from radley saying Bethany escaped probably with the help of Melissa's ex boyfriend Wren who worked there so obviously knew. Mrs. D then told Ali not to go out and she did anyway. At this point Bethany could have already been outside the house. Alison ignores her mom and leaves the house. Bethany her crazy twin hits her in the head with a rock because she is jealous and angry that Alison has a better life with her. Then Mrs. D comes out seen her daughter kill her twin or so she thought so helps her cover it up over fear of Bethany. Later Mrs. D is killed probably by Bethany after Mrs. D finds out Alison is still alive she kills her to keep her quite and out of spite of how she could choose Alison over her. Remember all Bethany's drawings of Ali's mom? maybe its because she is her mom to, one who betrayed her by locking her up. This maybe why it seems that Alison has two different personalities, rude and stuck up and, scared and lonely. makes sense Huh. Anyways on to Jason, Jason would have been old enough to remember both twins so this may be why hes not sure Ali killed Mona. Because he has a feeling it might be Bethany, But Bethany is supposed to be dead so this confuses him making him unsure whether he should speak up or not. Bethany could have somehow faked her death so she wouldn't be looked for. Bethany could also be the reason Mr.D is always on edge and always seems angry, i think he may be aware to everything along with Spencer's dad who sided with Mrs.D about Radley. He maybe just wants Bethany kept away so she can never hurt his half son Jason. That may be the reason Spencer mom doesn't want her involved. I think since Melissa was with wren she may have been helping Bethany also but stopped when Spencer got involved so she wouldn't get hurt.She then moved to London for fear of her own life after she seen what happened to her then lover Ian.I think Bethany was the one in the Video with Ian wearing the yellow dress, thats why Ali gets her stories messed up. A or Bethany(id like to think.) just wants to bring her sister down and her liar friends as well so has other helpers also such as Toby at one point,Cyrus and maybe even Andrew. Ali i think found out about Bethany a while ago and is just is to afraid and shocked to speak up, thats why she ran away She was scarred and hurt that her family would keep such a big part of her life secret. All the mind games are Bethany but shes pretending to be Ali to get all the Girls sent away or dead.Finally what does mona have to do with it? I think mona found out about Bethany and was going to tell the girls so she needed to go. just thoughts that make sense.

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