Милые обманщицы (телесериал) Need Help! Flying to UK and wanted to download Pretty Little Liars from амазонка and save on my Laptop!

BeautySusi posted on Jan 24, 2017 at 02:30PM
Hello Girls I hope someone can help me please!
So please don't be mean but I really had not the time to watch season 7 of Pretty Little liars... I know what a shame this is as a real addict, but sometimes life is more important ....
But NOW I have finally the time to catch this up! You can not imagine what horror this was, trying not to listen to or accidentally stumble across someone spoiler the new epsiodes!!!!
So since I'm going on vacations and have a 12 h flight, I will definitley catch this up But coming back to my actual problem: my precious tablet fell on the floor yesterday and now it's broken. Today I was at a store to see if they can repare it, but they told me this will taxe approx. about 2-3 weeks!!! So of course it need to be fixed but my flight is on this saturday!!!!! (I'm feeling like I'm going through hell, srsly!) I imagend my flight so perfect cause amazon has this offline function but now I wanted to download the Liars for my laptop and offline is only possbile for a few days??(ARE YOU KIDDING ME????) Yes, so now I'm kinda lost and just want to cry :D So I thought about you guys, maybe someone can help me figuring a way out to get season 7 on my laptop so I can finally watch it this weekend?? I really don't have the time to really enjoy it bc my work is so overwhelming Thanks for any advice! xoxo

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Больше года GloryMary said…
Heeey :) Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your tablet :( Just two weeks ago same happend with my iPhone, I really was crying but don't worry, they fix it :) And you definitley have to catch up! It's the last season and it is really sooooo good :) But I won't say anything more about it, don't want to spoiler you!
And I may have a good solution to your amazon problem! Last year I had kind of the same problem because my internet connetion was always down in the evening and buffering took like hours and only way to watch something without buffering was somewhere between 1 and 5 am... So I did a little research and found screen recoding software. After I failed with one freeware (my laptop got a virus after that :() I found a really good solution called Moviebox. It costs a little bit but it is definitley worth the money, and you only have to pay once for the software. It was perfect for me because I'm not so into computer and stuff but it is just really easy, you can record everything with just a few clicks and save it on your laptop (best Thing: you can record at night when you are sleeping!) and watch it as often as you want :) Here is the websites link, see for yourself, there is more information about it link
Have fun in the UK! I hope you will enjoy it! And also have fun with pretty little liars :) xo