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 The Boys Of PLL
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The Pretty Little Liars sequel series stars Sasha Pieterse, Janel Parrish, Sofia Carson, Sydney Park and Kelly Rutherford, and will arrive on Freeform this spring.
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I actually think YES! Paige can be Uber A, and below will be my reasons.

(First I'd like to say I actually think my number one suspect of Uber A is actually one of the liars, but I'll save that for another time. This is only about why I think this is Paige. It doesn't mean I'm actually right).

1. She TRIED TO DROWN EMILY!! Why would Ты try drowning someone, then just fall in Любовь with them? Sketchy? I think YES!! That's like a woman falling in Любовь with her kidnapper/person who tortures you. Doesn't happen!

2. Sure she also received -A messages. But as quickly as they came they ended. Maybe...
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So I think the A team is a huge number of people. The theory so for is Toby, Mona, Ezra, Aria and Alison. But I think it is just еще than that. I feel like all the liars are part of the A team but just not know that they are all in. Alison's reason: She wants to get back at everything that has happened when she was "gone" how people like Paige and Lucas wanted to find out why they would want to hurt the liars. Далее Aria: she felt she had to help Alison because of all the secrets they shared so she would not tell any of them. Now Hanna's reasons: she felt like she owed Alison favors because of all the help she gave Hanna to make her skinny. Now Spencer: she can't trust anyone so this is her way of Показ that she can't. And she wants to be there are many lies and liars that she can't take it anymore. And last Emily: she thought that her lover would like it if she Присоединиться the A team so she did. I Hope that they can work thing out!
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Four PLL stars are on the nomination ballot for the 63rd Primetime Emmys — Ты know, the most prestigious awards in television.

Ashley Benson (Hanna) and Lucy Hale (Aria) are both on the ballot for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series, and Laura Leighton (Ashley Marin) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) are Отправлено under Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Being on the ballot means they are only possible nominees, but it's still exciting.

In order for the lovely ladies to become actual contenders, members of The Academy of Телевидение Arts & Scienes have to vote for them. The final nominations will be announced on July 14th.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!
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Seven seasons of secrets come tumbling out in the two-hour series finale of Freeform’s hit original series.
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It's official, Pretty Little Liars will air it's last episode in 2017. The секунда half of Season 7 will start April 2017, and the season/show will end with an epic two-hour finAle!
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