Принц Майкл Джексон What was your 1st день of School like?

xoxo_crystal97 posted on Aug 25, 2010 at 02:57AM
I just thought about this idea to keep us a little more entertained and something to share with everyone else! -What grade are you in? -What time does it start? -Any first day detentions? -Crushes?<3 -What was your favorite part of the day? Favorite class? What did you have for lunch on your first day? *Do you study/practice any language? If so, what language? Since we all live in different places with different time zones, some of you have started school, some of you haven't. I'd love to hear about your First Day of School!

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Больше года UmOkayThen said…
I haven't started yet :p
Больше года howyadoin said…
Grade: 9th
Time it starts: 8 am
Crushes: Roy, Ryan, Semisi, Nile, and Earnest
Favorite part of the day: When me and my friend Jada went around campus saying random stuff to people, and they looked at us like we were crazy.
Favorite class: Computer lab
Больше года princemjforlife said…
i start september 8th, we only go in for 1 day though and then we're off cuz of jewish holidays. Wednesday and then vacation again!
Больше года ma24 said…
Grade: 7th
Time: 8:45
Crush: no one
Favorite Part of the day:music class alto saxophone time
Favorite Class: math class
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Больше года TomboyWriter said…
Grade: 7th
Time: 7:45
Crush: Jean-Michel
Favorite Part of the day: When my crush sat next to me
Favorite Class: English
Больше года princemjforlife said…
Oh and this too
grade: 8th
school: at 9:00
my crush: nobody, they're all ugly,
fav part of vacation: sleeping (which was most of the day)
favorite class: ART!!!! and after art is tech where we have Mac computers with cameras- everyone should have those in their schools actually
Больше года paloma97ppb said…
Grade 9
Start: 8:00
My crush : Joeseph, Ro (his nickname), Gabriel.
Favorite part : All the classmates and me danced rap for the first day in school. (I know it's kinda ackward)
Favorite class : Science or lab sessions.
Больше года la-la-la-45 said…
My crush:Zach
Favorite part:Seeing my friends
Favorite class:Band
Language:One of my electives is Spanish but I'm not doing very good so far. But it's only my 3rd day.
Больше года trini_chick said…
Grade: 9th
Time it starts: 8 am
Crushes: none it's an all girls school and i ain't no homo.
Favorite part of the day: when i had free periods.
Favorite class: Chemisty and Physics
Больше года MJlady98 said…
Grade: 6th
Time it Starts:8'clock in the morning.
Favourite part of the day: Talk wih my friends.
Favourtie class: Math,english,german,art,music.
My Lunch : bread roll.
P.S. i wanted to take french this year !!! but there were to much people so i had take natural science.

 Grade: 6th Time it Starts:8'clock in the morning. Favourite part of the day: Talk wih my friends.
Больше года PrinceLover1997 said…
Time it starts:8:22am
Favorite part of the day:I went around school saying hi to people i dont know.
Favorite class:P.E. and Spanish

Больше года Aleissa said…
Time it starts:7:45am
crush:nobody, all of them are ugly
favorite part or the day:walking all over the skool with my friends saying hi & bye to ppl we didn't Know
favorite class: Science & P.E
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Больше года _michaellovesu_ said…
grade:highschool ?
time: 7:OOam
crush:someone named crhistian :S
fav.part of the day: time to go home lol
fav class: art

my 1st day was really awuful, not as good as i thought itd be :'S
Больше года MjsLilButterfly said…
Hmmmmm it was alright i guess I'm not in the class with my twin:( but I will b fine my best friends r in my class:D
Time it starts:8:30 am
Favorite class:Math
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