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posted by Missprinceton1
Prince; what is it baby
Me; the sugar ran out *baby voice* can u be a gowd bowy and get me shome?
Prince; anything 4 my Энджел
Me; awww thanks sweet сердце *kisses him*
as he went out the door prodigy and a boy i never seen befor walked in *BTW she is cheating on princeton*
Prod; Эй, sugar слива is princeton here
Me; no he went to the store
Prod; good *goes and Kiss me*
Me; whos this
Prod; my brother
Me; the one u talked to me about JOJO rite?
JOJO: yeah hi prodigy has told me alot about u
Me*looks down*; awwww thanks baby *kiss*
JOJO; um ur kinda kute
Me; *blushing* ummm thanks JoJo *hugs him*...
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posted by Princetonlove01
(in Mya room; prince and ali making out)

M: i want it
Prince:are Ты shore
M: yes this is gonna be the last for three weeks so i wanna Показать Ты what your gonna be missing and what Ты have at Главная so Ты wont be all up on those ***** on tour
Prince: Ты know that your my girlfriend and thats all that matters which is why i wanna give Ты something
M: what!!
(prince gets on one knee with a ring box)
Prince: will you…
M: Prince, im only 14. i mean dont get me wrong i would Любовь to marry Ты but we are just too young for all that but it is definatey in the future
Prince: i was going to say will...
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posted by avanzant12
Each of them gave a little smurk . Then me and the girls went up stair chang into our sleep clothes . I had розовый and purple short set .The other had shorts tees .so we cam back dwn stair and sat between the legs that we sat by in the moves. We was watch Любовь and basket ball. I told Princeton I was get hungry so cme in the kicth with me. He сказал(-а) " okay " .( so we got up went into the kicth) . He сказал(-а) " wat Ты want ". I сказал(-а) "you ,he сказал(-а) me " I сказал(-а) yea." Ты baby." we'll he сказал(-а) what Ты want me two do ?. I сказал(-а) hold me in your arm and Kiss me own my neck and go own down.". So he grab me by...
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posted by Princetonlove01
Mya p.o.v
We were makin out passionatly until I heard sounds ….
Pr: man not again луч, рэй луч, рэй and nasha all over again
Mya: babe don’t worry about them ..
Pr: I’m tryna have moment and they ruining it ..imma go and eff them up I’m tryin to makeout!!
Mya: prince u hang out with me too much u turnin into me…
Pr: baby I knw wat u sayin is important but let me see watt happenin
Mya: obviously people havin boogie it involes two ppl men and women-
Pr: ok Stop I know I’ll be back …
( while he left I went on twitter on meh iPhone and I got a Dm from a mb Фан tellin me to watch a video)
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three месяц after the Любовь catstrophy me and prince got back together IDK how but we saw eachother and started talking and we got to bieng bf and gf..

me; i cant belive were in Лондон for christmass my first time in Лондон its sooo cool
prince; IKR its amazing all the lights and christmass дерево cant wait till christmass itomorrow
kayla; сено, сена lets go see the big christmass tree
me; yeah come on jacob
prince; yeah ok
kayla; when are those two boys gonna come
prince; they getting a таблица for us
me; for what
prince; donno maybe a секунда dinner
me; nah i'll pass
then a lady came to us saying hello and merry...
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
I pushed Roc off me
jenna:uhh.....hey b...bae
prince:wth going on!?
jenna:bae nothin we just went to the Фильмы and came back
prince:then why in the hell were yall about to kiss?!
jenna:we wernt we were just talki-
before she could finish prince grabbed her arm and took her to his room and locked the door.
jenna:prince let go that hurts!
prince:idgaf deal wit it
he threw her on the bed.
jenna:prince wat are u doing?!
prince got so red and angry that that he slapped her and she hit the Стена wit her face
prince:kiss him или even get closer to him....lets just say u dont wannna know
he walked out the...
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