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i Любовь Ты
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posted by mb_rules
-Episode 5 of Missing You-

???: What is going on in here?
Me: Prodigy!!! Um, nothing!!
Roc: (Pretends as if he was listening to Музыка on my ipod) Prod, what's up man!
Prod: (Closes door) Were yall.......kissing?
Me & Roc: NO!!
Prod: Then why were yall faces close together? And don't yell at me!!
???: (Comes in then closes door) What's goin' on in here??!!!

//My POV
Noisy punk!

Me: (Clenches Teeth) луч, рэй Ray, can Ты stfu and get tf out?!!
Ray: (Gets in my face) Btch, don't test me! Just a few months ago, i've been kicking ur a$$ and i can still do that! So Ты better calm tf down!!
Me: (Slaps him)...
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Gina: But he was bothering me!!!
Apple: No butts! *giggle* Buttssssss! *laughing*
Ashley: Yea! Prince's just in love, NOT torturing you!
Gina: He is torturing me BY being in Любовь with me!
Kim: Come on, girl! Apologize!!!!
Gina: Fine!!! *calling him*
Prince: Hello?
Gina: Look Prince...
Prince: Dont say, I'll leave Ты alone. *hanging up*
Kim: Now look at what Ты done!!!
So for 3 months Gina and Prince never talked to each other.....until.....
Apple: Let's throw a Рождество party!!!
Gina: Yea!
Kim: Everybody dress in red, white ,or green..
Gina: или black!!!
Ashley: Yeah!
Kim: MB's gonna perform!
Gina: But......
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posted by SupaRoc143
 The Boys
The Boys
Hi this is my first Статья i've written on Fanpop so here go's nothin'.

Me and my Друзья Nina,shanelle,Mohogony were walking down the улица, уличный to a party(twerk) and when we got there we saw some boys.

Me:we should talk 2 them
Nina:yea but afro puff there is mine
Me:fine,but ponytail is mine
Shanelle:pig tails,mine
Mohogany:mohawk mine
Me:c'mon lets go
Boys:hey wats y'all names
Me:Jamiya but everyone calls me варенье, джем или JJ
Boy#1:Im Roc
Nina:My name is Nina
Boy#2:im princeton
Shanelle:im Shanelle,but everyone call me Nelle или Nelle Pooh
Boy#3:im луч, рэй Ray
Mohogony:Im Mohohgony или Mo
Boy#4:Prodigys the name
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posted by Princetonlove01
луч, рэй луч, рэй and Kesha hopped into the car and drive to the hospital.

K-in pain voice. babe i am in pain hurry up! луч, рэй R-ok babe let me call Mya. calls Mya . Mya phone rings. M-hello. луч, рэй R-hey Mya meet me and kesha at da hospital. M-ok wat happen? луч, рэй R-juz meet up at da hospital!. Mya and луч, рэй луч, рэй hang up. Prince-hey watz goin on? M-my sister in da hospital. Prince-who kesha или kiana? M-kesha lets roll out!. They got into the limo and go to the hospital. луч, рэй R and kesha hopped out the limo and rush into the hospital. луч, рэй R-HELP HELP!!. Nurse-yes Sir watz the problem? луч, рэй R-my girl she im great...
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