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This Цитаты фото might contain газеты, бумага, журналы, бульварная, тряпка, газета, журнал, таблоид, аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

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In heaven, the police are British, the Влюбленные are Italian, the chefs are French, the engineers are German, and the bankers are Swiss.
In hell, the police are German, the Влюбленные are Swiss, the chefs are British, the engineers are French, and the bankers are Italian.
So I am left wondering where Americans fit in. Though it is quite possible that Americans are the maids and janitors, или something like that. :) Nobody get offended, please. This is just my rambling.

btw, I own nothing. I got it from link
Here are - as I've promised - some of my favourite Цитаты from Charlie Chaplin's movies. Enjoy!

Life is a beautiful, magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish. ... The trouble is Ты won't fight. You've дана up. But there's something just as inevitable as death. And that's life. Think of the power of the universe — turning the Earth, growing the trees. That's the same power within Ты — if you'll only have the courage and the will to use it.

You'll never find rainbows if you’re looking down. The Circus (opening song sung by Charlie Chaplin)

From The Great Dictator

I'm sorry, but I...
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I like to write, especially songs, but sometimes I think of something that won't fit anywhere, so here are some Цитаты I came up with! Hope Ты like them!

1) I want people to think of me as beautiful, but still be known and judged for my talent and personality.

2) The idiots are the ones trying to be like everyone else. The geniuses are the ones who strive to be different!

3) No matter how many times Ты fail, you're winning at two things. Trying, and failing.

4) It feels so much better to do something with confidence than to do something afraid.

5) In my mind, true evil is the absence of love....
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