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Liquidz-Flamez posted on Nov 28, 2013 at 02:53AM
Hell no, Fuck Yeah, Fuck You, Fuck Offf, Fuck Your Life, and Fuck Your Existence. These are probably some of the things you've told the person that you hated your entire life. Maybe because they ruined your life, or because they took someone that you love. Maybe because they make your existence a living hell. Or because you love them but they just turn you down. Heh, or its just that they're a bitch and you hate them just because. Now here's the part that you'll hate the most. There's a new law that basically forces you to kiss and make up with that person. Everything you posses is taken from your home and you are forced to live with that person until you "Get past your built walls" as they say, and if you dont, well, lets just say you wont like it if you disagree. But dont be to sad, it only lasts like, 5 years. Not to hard right? I mean, the instinct to strangle and tear that person you hate the most in half can be controlled, right? HAH! Well, atleast you'll be living with others as well who might have the same problems, Some one you can chat with. It wont be so bad......unless your penalized.

~What's Up~
Alright so, like it says above, you're going to be forced to stay in the same house/mansion with the person, or people, that you hate more than anyone in your entire life, which means that everyone will be in one big place. This little law lasts for like 5 years or more, so yeah, it has a limited time. You must greet each other every morning (which is optional) and basically do small activities with that person. Cool huh? You have to put up with everything you hate. And eventually stop hating that person/people.
Now to the "unless your penalized" part. Your penalties for fist fighting or harming the people that you'll staying with will land you in a place called The Hole. The Hole is basically what it is. A hole. That's 50 feet under ground, cold, dark, and just some place you wouldnt want to be. You wont have any blankets, no bed, no light. Only your thoughts. You wont die or anything because its like a underground jail cell. You would stay there for 48 hours. But with each penalty you get, the hours increase. If you get a Double Penalty, then you'll spend an automatic week in The Hole, no questions asked.

Dont be a one liner minor unless you have to, extend your posts.
Sex is aloud
Violence is definitely aloud
Profane Language is definitely aloud ((Freedom of Speech fuckers. Just dont go over board k?))
I dont think i can think of anything else you could do to piss me off, so have fun!

Here's what you need:

Person You Hate:
Why You Hate That Person:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
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Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
Name: Eddy "Sin" Faroe
Personality:A little deceiving, known for his cheerful personality and sharp and harsh words. Kind at times, Nice at times.
Person You Hate: Caine Flores
Why You Hate That Person: Words from Eddy, "That guy is a douche baggy asshole. Not only that, he's a queer and a fucking cunt." Only he knows the real reason....
Appearance: (pic)
Bio: Eddy spent most of his time playing his guitar. Truth is, he never really gave to pints of piss about Caine Flores. That guy always found some way to itch his nerve. Even when he did something as simple as talk, laugh, or smile. Its like an instinct that Eddy has, hate the guy, and live my life.

Height: 6'2''
Weight: 164 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purplish
 Name: Eddy "Sin" Faroe Age:23 Gender:Male Personality:A little deceiving, known for his cheerful p
Больше года Directingchicky said…
((Hey you! You mind if I make my person the enemy of yours?))
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
((Nah, not at all :P))
Больше года Directingchicky said…
Name: Canine Flores
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Personality: Laid back, literally gives none of the fucks.
Person You Hate:Eddy Faore
Why You Hate That Person: "why shouldn't I amn? He f****** is an ass. I don't know what I did, but he hated me first...so why the he'll not?
Appearance: Pic
Bio: Canine is a very...uneducated man who skipped most of high school and works at a half time job somewhere downtown.

Height: 5'9
Weight: 197
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Больше года Directingchicky said…
Name: Angela (Angel) Flores
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Personality: Sarcastic, protective, stubborn
Person You Hate: Anyone who messes with her brither
Why You Hate That Person: Her brother is her best friend and pretty much the only one who gets her and vice versa
Appearance: Pic
Bio: Angel is a very odd woman. She doesn't understand most people, and they her. She likes to spend time alone and tends to avoid people period. When her brother got stuck in this house, she offered to check up on him now and then, bringing him treats and other things he likes.

Height: 5'4
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
 Name: Angela (Angel) Flores Age: 22 Gender: Female Personality: Sarcastic, protective, stubborn P
Больше года L_Deneuve said…
Name: Yaseiaka
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Personality: He's a bitch to everyone, if he hares you he's open about it. And he will try to hurt you as much as possible, he has an instinct to making good life long friends. He also can hats someone to death for no reason at all.
Person You Hate: He's recruiting.
Why You Hate That Person: He has no reason, he'll know if it's true hats when they meet. It's like true love.
Appearance: pic but his hair goes down his back and stops at his backside.
Bio:He's loved by many of the people he becomes friends with and feels no problem openly sharing his emotion with them. When he has enemies he makes enemies for almost life, and he's dedicated to hating that one person.

Height: 5''2
Weight: 184 lbs
Hair Color: blue and black
Eye Color: dark brown, it almost looks black and in certain lights it looks purple

((I need someone to hats guys. :) ))
 Name: Yaseiaka Age: 22 Gender: Male Personality: He's a сука to everyone, if he hares Ты he's o
Directingchicky commented…
He can hate Angel? and then she is forced to stay there too? Больше года
Liquidz-Flamez commented…
Sounds like a good idea. L? Больше года
L_Deneuve commented…
Okay. :) Больше года
EeveeOak500 commented…
he looks Эмо Больше года
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
((Start......right about.....NOW! XD))

Eddy had his bags in his hands and a duffel bag slung over his shoulder along with his guitar. He stared at the giant mansion/ house thing he was supposed to be sharing with about a hundred other people, and that one person.....the one he hates so....so much. The black Mercedes that dropped him off sped off down the road as he started walking towards gigantic building muttering, "What kind of shitty ass law is this supposed to be? This is stupid.....lame......fuckin idiotic..."

((This is where everybody is supposed to be staying :P well, its a little wider, and taller, but it'll do XP))
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 ((Start......right about.....NOW! XD)) Eddy had his bags in his hands and a duffel bag slung over
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
((Yo! L! :D))
Больше года axemnas said…
Name: Jacob Pressol
Age: 17
Personality: cynical, hot tempered,stubborn, sarcastic, is nice once you get to know him
Person You Hate: His uncle
Why You Hate That Person: He made his life hell, abusing him in every way possible since Jacob was forced to move in with him after his mother died.
Appearance: pic though he wears a black ball cap turn backwards on his head and has a tattoo of wings on his back
Bio: Jacob never knew his father and his mother died when he was 3. He was then sent to his mother's brother whom tortured and tormented him for his entire life till he got out of the house in recent years. Thanks to the man he got into drinking and made poor grades.

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color:hazel
 Name: Jacob Pressol Age: 17 Gender:Male Personality: cynical, hot tempered,stubborn, sarcastic, i
Больше года L_Deneuve said…
Bursting put of his black sports car Yaseiaka laughed and spread his arms out. "Hello, fuckers!" He screamed and ran out of the car, hos driver merely introduced his palm to his forehead and Yaseiaka flipped him off. "Don't mock me bitch." The driver shook his head, and drove off leaving Yaseiaka with his luggage.

"Fucking bipolar." He said rolling his eyes at Yaseiaka.
Больше года axemnas said…
As soon as the vehicle pulled up Jacob got out of the black mercedes. He slung his backpack with all the possessions he had in the world over his shoulder and walked up to the house, noticing the other people around. All he could do was shake his head and think 'great I get ta spend five years with the man that nearly killed me during 13 years together'
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
As he approached the door, he stuck his middle finger up at the house. "Fuck the law! And Fuck this house!!" He sighed. This was going to be a hell of a five years to spend. Especially with all of these other people. He went to the door, twisted the knob, and went inside. His eyes widened slightly. "Whoa......" everything had a sparkling look about it. Everything was clean. A red carpet stretched from the bottom of the stairs on up to the top. "I definitely call one of the top rooms...." he said to himself. He looked around for a moment, making sure that the asshole Caine wasnt around.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Name: Rose Clearwater
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Personality: Sarcastic, ignores people, absolutely hates being bothered, has slight OCD with everything being clean.
Person You Hate: Randy Ellington
Why You Hate That Person: Her sister went missing 7 years ago and she was dating Randy. Rose believes he is the reason why but the cops could never prove he hand anything to do with it and her sister was never found.
Appearance: pic
Bio: She is definition of good girl gone bad. After her sister went missing and no one could help Rose went berserk. Her parents tried therapy and had her institutionalized for a year. At the end of it all she was released but was bitch to the world. She hates everyone, she thinks humans are complete scum. He parents can't handle her anymore, He father left and she knows it her fault but she won't open up to anyone. She lost all the friends she had and now has fake friends she keeps around for the hell of it.

Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 130
Hair Color: dyed red, natural color is golden blonde
Eye Color: blue
 Name: Rose Clearwater Age: 22 Gender: Female Personality: Sarcastic, ignores people, absolutely
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
A black truck pulled into the driveway and Rose hoped out of the passenger seat. "Don't Wreck my baby while im gone." She called out the woman in the driver seat who simply nodded. They stared at each other for a moment seeming to speak with their eyes to each other. Suddenly Rose turned to face the house. "Well fuck........" She said as she heard her truck drive off. "Fuck my life...." She mumbled to her self as she saw other people. She rolled her eyes and walked to the door in silence.
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
Name: Duncan Miller
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: He's truly stubborn, because he gave up a lot in the past. He's very sarcastic, doesn't take any $#!t from anyone.His trust is also very thin and he has a lot of pain and anger built up inside him, but he tries to ignore that.
Person You Hate: Randy Blockhart
Why You Hate That Person: Randy was a bully to Duncan with physical and mental abuse. He also raped his girlfriend before killing her, although never proven, Duncan knows he did.
Appearance: Picture
Bio: N/A

Height: 6'2
Weight: 165lbs
Hair Color: Black(Pretend its black.)
Eye Color: Blue
 Name: Duncan Miller Age: 23 Gender: Male Personality: He's truly stubborn, because he gave up a
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Rose pushed open the doors to the house and froze "Holy shit..." She mumbled to herself. The house was huge. Rose took a few steps in and looked around to see if other people were already here, she could hear some movement already in the house.
Больше года axemnas said…
Once inside Jacob surveyed the house and started to explore it, so he knew where he could go to get away from his uncle though he had a feeling he'd spend more time outside. That one never failed him well almost never. One things for sure he's going to lock his door and barricade it. One thing he knew was one of them was going to end up in the pit and he didn't care who but, he knew his uncle couldn't go long without getting violent especially if there's booze involved
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
While walking around the house trying to find her room Rose noticed a man who seemed to be checking out every aspect of the house (Jacob) Rose Debated on saying hello or not...the rules did say it was optional..but who even knew what kind of guy he was? The paperwork made it sound like this place was just gonna be full of people trying to kill each other..Ugh why did she even have to be here? She noticed she had found her way to kitchen. "Fuck...." was all she mumbled as she got herself a glass of water.
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
Duncan beat the $#!% out of a punching bag, releasing anger. If he placed his punches more strategically, he would have knocked the punching bag off already. Duncan finally stopped and went to take a shower. He changes into something more comformtable and then says hey to Randy, trying not punch him the face.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Rose froze as she noticed two guys who clearly hated each other trying not to beat the shit out of each other. This place was going to be full of more drama than she thought. Rose tried to sneak away but knocked her cup over into the sink. Luckily it didn't break, she turned around quickly picking up the glass and washing it, trying to not to draw attention to herself.
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
Duncan walked into the kitchen after passing Randy, trying to ignore the fact of what he did. He grabbed a cup, rinishing it out, and grabbing something to drink. "Heyyy." He said as he noticed someone else (Rose) in there, bringing a small smile to his face.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Rose was a little taken back and her anti social self wanted to tell him to fuck off, but he didn't do anything except say hi so instead she put a small smile on "Heyy" She said in reply. "Im Rose."
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
"I"m Duncan." he said, dropping hhis smile, as he poured something in his cup. He gave one more smile, before he left the kitchen area.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Rose raised an eyebrow but let it go walking off to her room but not before she caught a glance of Randy....oh he made her blood boil. Rose stormed off too her room and slammed the door shut. Before turning on her computer and playing music to drown out her thoughts.
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
(I just realized that both of the people that we have the same first name...)
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
(( hahahaha really? thanks funny....))
Больше года heart-of_love said…
((mind if i join?))
Name: Akira
Age: 18
Gender: female
Personality: She's sweet, kind and loving but only to people who she doesn't hate.
Person You Hate: Everyone!!
Why You Hate That Person: because there annoying, stupid, make fun of me, and because there just plain annoying.
Appearance: pic
Bio: go away.
 ((mind if i join?)) Name: Akira Age: 18 Gender: female Personality: She's sweet, kind and lov
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
(What did the world do to her?)
Больше года heart-of_love said…
((her family died, her friend's made her a outcast,people spreed mean rumors about her, and other stuff.))
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
(That makes sense.)
Больше года heart-of_love said…
Akira shoved open the door's to the house and quickly raced up the stairs, leaving the door wide open. She open's the door to her room and tosses her stuff down on the bed. "why do i have to be here." she complaines to herself.
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
Eddy stepped to the side as someone rushed passed him on his way down the stairs. "More people? Great.......just fucking great." he sighed. Though he kind of already knew other people would be there, he still said what was on his mind. And on top of that he already heard other voices when he was upstairs unpacking his things.
Больше года Alvin2442 said…
Danny chose a random room and decided to place anything else he wanted in there. "This is some bullshit, I gonna kill that son of bitch after 5 years."
Больше года axemnas said…
After he looked around the place Jacob started to head toward his room though he took a course for the kitchen after feeling his stomach growl. He'd have to remember to stock up soon so he could avoid run into his uncle if possible.
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
Eddy looked around downstairs. "Now where do i find the kitchen......" the more he searched for it, the more he found himself back in front of the stairs. He also kept an eye out for that certain someone who he eventually was going to strangle to death.
Больше года heart-of_love said…
Akira decided she would try out the pool so she pulled off her hat tossed it on her bed and started to pull off her clothes when she heard someone next door, the room happened to have a door that joined the room next to her's. After she pulled on her swimsuit she opened the door slightly to see a guy and he looked pissed, but Akira was pissed to be here as well especially with all the people around her.
(Is his name Danny or Duncan??)
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Rose sighed after she tossed her stuff down, she came down the stairs deciding she was hungry. "What to eat...."She mumbled to herself as she came down the stairs. She remembered the different objects she passed on the way up here after leaving the kitchen earlier "Kitchen...that way.." She continued her way ignoring most of the people she passed by.
Больше года Liz-chan said…
((may I join?))
Name: Suki
Age: 18
Gender: female
Personality: violent(mostly), usually angry, she's not too friendly but she's no where near shy and she speaks her mind even if its blunt and mean
Person You Hate: all girls in general (especially Marnie)
Why You Hate That Person: She went to an all girls school and they always bullied her and did all sorts of bitch stuff to her and she never fit in. The head of the 'popular girls' was Marnie who seemed set to ruining her life or making school a living hell simply.
Appearance: pic
Bio: Her mom left her and her dad and brother for another man when she was a kid and she's had a rough school life, not having friends etc.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green
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 ((may I join?)) Name: Suki Age: 18 Gender: female Personality: violent(mostly), usually angry, sh
Больше года heart-of_love said…
Akira soft closed the door that connected the room's not wanting to get caught by him. she threw her clothes in the hamper next to the door in her room, grabbed a towel and headed down stairs her bare feet making a soft taping sound as she walked. Akira bumped into another girl as she started outside. "Watch it." she growls at the girl. She pushes past her and go's around to the pool before putting down her towel and diving in. the water was cold and relaxing on this hot summer day she laid down in the shallow end and she smiled for the first time since her family died.
((it is summer right...oh and this is her.))
 Akira soft closed the door that connected the room's not wanting to get caught by him. she threw her
Больше года Liz-chan said…
Suki stared at the girl who bumped into her as she marched outside and headed up the stairs instead of cursing at the girl who she didn't even know. "This is why I hate girls..." She hauled up her single suit case up the stairs then found a room on the second floor. It was pretty decent compared to her run down house. "That bitch is roaming around here somewhere...maybe i'll be lucky and never have to see her...for the next 5 years.."
she sighed and collapsed on her bed, her room door wide open.
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
Eddy finally found the kitchen and just got done having a mid-day snack. As he was about to exit the kitchen, his eye caught sight of an enormous board. As he walked over to it, he read the words above it. "What the fuck!!? Buddy Activities!!? Oh hell no!" there was a long schedule of things to do with a partner. There was also a small red button beside the board that was suppose to have everyone reporting to the living room for the activities. He read on. "Their will be goverment officials and guards making sure the activities are in action everyday." he almost wanted to kill himself. But he sighed in relief as he read a line that said, 'You may have a partner of choice.' "Well, it wouldnt make any since to wait to be forced to do this crap." he pushed the button and a loud alarm clock type of ring rang throughout the entire house, even outside. It was similar to the school bells that he used to hear in highschool. A woman's voice came on the intercom.
Intercom: Everyone Attending the "Get Friendly" program report to the Lounge located behind the building you are in for further instructions. That is all, have a nice day."
"Have a nice day my ass......" Eddy growled. This was getting worse already. He wondered if anyone else noticed the survellance cameras in the house. Then again, who wouldnt. The only place that didnt have them were the rooms!
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Rose rolled her eyes as she grabbed a energy drink and cracked it open heading for the lounge just like the intercom instructed her to do.
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
"Okay.,....." Eddy said while scratching his head. He took a can of pepsi out of the fridge and headed to the lounge. He ended up matching his pace with Rose as he walked beside her. He decided to say something. "Well, im not sure what to say exactly, but you seem to be the only one that's not.....well, how do i put this.....annoying, loud, and naive." he heard a herd of footsteps coming from the stairs and making their way toward the lounge.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Rose smirked "Thanks, I think.. Named Rose, what's yours?" Normally Rose would have completely ignored the poor man but he was cute so she was giving him the benefit of the doubt not to mention there were cameras watching her every move. that freaked her out kinda, she planned to stay in her room 90% of the time she was here.
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
"Names Edward, but just call me Eddy. Saying Edward make me sound like a dork." he replied with a slight laugh. "So, whats your thoughts on this whole thing. You know, the law and all? To me, it just a waste of other people's time. Kinda lame to." he pushed open the door that lead to a building that sat comfortabley behind theirs. He held the door open and waited for Rose to go. "Ladies first." he smiled slightly.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Rose gave him a small smile as she walked through sipping on her monster "It's lame, were all just going to end up in jail for killing each other" She took a seat on the couch and patted the spot next to her for Eddy to sit. She may not know him but she as hell wasn't going to let some other person she didn't even know the name of sit next to her. "This house is sweet though, I got my eye on the pool out back."
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
Eddy sat down beside her and kicked his feet up on the small table that was in front of them. "Yeah, the house is pretty cool. I dont think i actually have a favorite part of the house. Well, except the bar down in the basement." he paused for a moment. "And no, im not a drunk. Its just a place that helps me remember why the hell im here in the first place."
More people started to come through the door. Eddy looked over at Rose. "Have you noticed that there are no cameras in here?"
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Rose got a glint in her eye when he said bar. She wasn't an alcoholic but...a drink did her good once in a while. "Ehh... got a couple of guesses, 1) they are gonna kill us 2)the expect this to be a sex room 3)we're eventually gonna have to fight someone and it's best we do it in a place with no camera." She sighed as she heard people coming closer to the door. "I really fucking hate people...." She took another drink and prepared for the worst.
Больше года Liquidz-Flamez said…
"Nah, the first one is against the whole program or whatever. The second one is a little to....interesting. I cant say the third option wont happen. Lets just keep our middle fingers crossed and scream fuck the world until the end." Eddy couldnt take his eyes off of the door. After everyone that was staying in the house entered, the cops peeked inside and stopped at the door. Eddy kept his feet kicked up and also kept his calm. He whispered to Rose. "I got your back if you got mine."
A few seconds later, a guy that seemed to be both Hispanic and Chinese walked it wearing and expensive looking white suit. He looked at everyone in the room and smiled. But didnt say a word.
Everyone stopped talking and just stared. Waiting. There was a lot of moving and the atmosphere silenced.
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Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Rose looked over at Eddy and nodded in response to what he said, looks like she had a team member. She sighed as the man came in and waited for him to speak, something told her she wasn't going to like anything he had to say. Then she saw HIM, she saw Randy across the room. She gripped the couch to keep herself from forming fists. She took a deep breath, being sent to the hole looked like a good option it if meant she got to kick that asshole in the fucking face.