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fangfan7 posted on Dec 03, 2013 at 04:17AM
There is a huge earthquake, and then right after everyone mysteriously blacks out. When they wake up again they don’t remember anything that just happened and they go back to their usual lives. But there was a group of people who disappeared during the global black out. These people were transported to another realm. Why? Because they’re special, they are called Pawa. In this new world everything is wild and uninhabited and the Pawa are probably confused, perhaps frightened, or maybe even excited.
Anyway….This realm is called Yotsish. The inhabitants are two tribes at war: the Unami and the Jianite. The creatures of this world: pretty much anything, most of it dangerous and wanting to kill anything it sees, anything kind is rare to find. Then there are the few unlucky souls (Pawa) drug into Yotsish from Earth. The Pawa have some kind of ability and were called into Yotsish to choose a side in the war and help end the war, instead they join up with the the renegades a mixture of Unami and Jianite. Their goal is to either avoid the war or cause trouble, whatever happens to work for them.
((If this isn’t very clear, which is totally possible, just ask me and I’ll attempt to explain better))

Be respectful of other role players
No killing other characters without permission
Romance of any kind is fine
swearing is fine, just don’t make it every other word
If your character has powers, don’t over power: No godmoding
Make sure your posts are readable (no text talk: wbu, jk, idk…you get the point)
You can have as many characters as you want
There can't be too many of each type of character, i don't want all renegades or all Pawas and so on.
Have fun!

Character Sheet:
What are you (Renegade, Unami, Jianite, Pawa-earthling, some creature that lives in Yotsish):
Weapon (if any):
Bio (it would be nice, but not mandatory):
Aisha and Suji: fangfan7
Sasha: KayKutie13
Garry and Minx: Time_Master
Flare: DragonAura15
Miki Thorn: heart-of_love
Jake: BlackSparrow

-Kind of what the main Renegade city looks like (I never said they weren't well off) -
 History There is a huge earthquake, and then right after everyone mysteriously blacks out. Whe
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Больше года BlackSparrow said…
Jake smiles again. The night was a comfortable temperature and everything just felt...perfect to him. He hopes it was the same for Miki.
Больше года heart-of_love said…
It was a nice temperature, she was with the boy she loved. Could it possably get any better?