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There is a huge earthquake, and then right after everyone mysteriously blacks out. When they wake up again they don’t remember anything that just happened and they go back to their usual lives. But there was a group of people who disappeared during the global black out. These people were transported to another realm. Why? Because they’re special, they are called Pawa. In this new world everything is wild and uninhabited and the Pawa are probably confused, perhaps frightened, or maybe even excited.
Anyway….This realm is called Yotsish. The inhabitants are two tribes at war: the Unami and the Jianite. The creatures of this world: pretty much anything, most of it dangerous and wanting to kill anything it sees, anything kind is rare to find. Then there are the few unlucky souls (Pawa) drug into Yotsish from Earth. The Pawa have some kind of ability and were called into Yotsish to choose a side in the war and help end the war, instead they join up with the the renegades a mixture of Unami and Jianite. Their goal is to either avoid the war or cause trouble, whatever happens to work for them.
((If this isn’t very clear, which is totally possible, just ask me and I’ll attempt to explain better))

Be respectful of other role players
No killing other characters without permission
Romance of any kind is fine
swearing is fine, just don’t make it every other word
If your character has powers, don’t over power: No godmoding
Make sure your posts are readable (no text talk: wbu, jk, idk…you get the point)
You can have as many characters as you want
There can't be too many of each type of character, i don't want all renegades or all Pawas and so on.
Have fun!

Character Sheet:
What are you (Renegade, Unami, Jianite, Pawa-earthling, some creature that lives in Yotsish):
Weapon (if any):
Bio (it would be nice, but not mandatory):
Aisha and Suji: fangfan7
Sasha: KayKutie13
Garry and Minx: Time_Master
Flare: DragonAura15
Miki Thorn: heart-of_love
Jake: BlackSparrow

-Kind of what the main Renegade city looks like (I never said they weren't well off) -
 History There is a huge earthquake, and then right after everyone mysteriously blacks out. Whe
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Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha rolled her eye dramatically, "Ohh of course, because i'm sure its a real winner with the ladies?" She smirked and shook her head. "Going for that dramatic bad boy look I presume?"
Больше года fangfan7 said…
He put his hand to his heart in mock hurt. "I am insulted, all the ladies like the dramatic bad boy look. It all the rage now n' days." He couldn't help but smile a little. "Do you not like it?" he pauses to feign thinking. "Perhaps I should go the good boy route for you." He saunters over to her, circling her and taking her in, and then sits cross-legged in front of her, resting his chin on his hand and looking up to speak to her. "You're making me awfully late in getting back to my master you know. If I was a good boy I'd run right back to him now saying I know where some of your kind are."
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha couldn't help it, a small smile broke through her sarcastic smirk. She looked down at him and crouched down. "You are making me awfully late in getting back to my tribe." She looked him up and down. "If I followed the rules like a good girl does then I would report this to the leaders" She raised an eyebrow at him. "So then what are you... A good boy...or a bad boy...?"
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Suji allowed himself to smile for real this time. "I suppose that depends." He leaned in close to her, his chin still resting on his hands. "It would be a shame to kill an Unami as fun as yourself so soon. i suppose I can be a bad boy, at lest or now." he says smirking. Ready to fight just in case it came to that. Though at this rate he wasn't sure if it would. "What about you Ms. Sasha?" He asked, leaning back again.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
This time Sasha leaned close to him and her smile was replaced with a playful smirk. "What's a bad boy without a bad girl by his side?.....at least for now" She said mocking his tone of voice with the last part. She was still slightly on guard, but she leaned back to her original position. Yep... if anyone knew about this she would surely die at her own fathers hand.
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Больше года fangfan7 said…
Suji's smile widened. Good, he thought. "Well then, It seems as though we've reached a reasonable compromise." He stood and then reached out a hand to help her up. "Though we'll both be dead in an instant if anyone finds out..." he muttered to himself, his smile now gone. It was a risky price, but at least they were not part of the imbecilic Renegades, that would merit something far worse than death.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha took his hand and stood. She knew very well he was thinking the same thing she was. "Hey...You should smile more.....Even bad boys having something to smile about..." she looked in the direction where her team had ran off, she needed to make sure they were all okay. "We both need to go or we will be caught. Will I ever see you again or is this goodbye for real? Since you know...last time you said goodbye you decided to stalk me." She was sad but she didn't want to let him know, She didn't know if she could trust him, and she couldn't risk her tribe for him and a possible friendship...that would be wrong...right?...man Sasha hated life sometimes.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
A small smile reached his lips and then disappeared again. He didn't have much to smile about at all, but he was good at putting on a believable mask. "Well you know, i can't help but to stalk a pretty girl, Unami or not." he said smirking, not really wanting to say goodbye just yet. He realized he was still holding her hand, but he didn't pull away. "Let's just say it's going to be a....'I'll see you soon.' Does that sound alright?" He looked around. "Besides, i'm a tracker and a Scout...I'm bound to run into you again sometime in the near future. Though I'd prefer it not be because either of us are prisoner to the other." He smiled again. "We'll see each other again." He said with more finality this time.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha looked at their hand but quickly looked back his face so he wouldn't notice. It wasn't like she never held a guys hand before but this was different.. maybe it was because he was Jianite...or maybe it was because of something else, however he did call her pretty. She smirked, she could play his game too. "Well, being stalked by a handsome guy isn't so bad." She was often sent on missions so she agreed, she would see him again. Hopefully not a prisoner. Her half smile and smirk faded away "I must go. I am the leader of my group, if anything happens to them...I would be letting them down." She turned to go but didn't let go of his hand just yet. "Till next time......Suji...." Sasha slowly pulled her hand from him, now that her head was turned she left her blush shine bright red before dashing off in the direction of her group, She stole one last glance at him before jumping into the trees. She never realized she had lost her bracelet that had been hidden under her sleeve.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
As soon as she was gone, Suji leaned against the tree again, smiling. Then, just before he left to go back to his master, he saw a something that reflected a little bit of sunlight. He went over and picked in up. It was a bracelet. He looked in the direction Sasha had gone, it must have been hers. he shrugged and put it in a sack that he carried and then headed back to his own camp. He was greeted by his master as soon as he arrived.
"You're later than usual Suji. What did you find out?" he demanded. Suji looked up at the big man.
"Unfortunately nothing. At least not of interest. There was a dead animal, dead of natural causes though." He replied. He knew he was making a mistake, not telling his master what he knew, but he did it anyway. The man eyed him suspiciously.
"Go get cleaned up. We leave early tomorrow. You'll leave before us to scout ahead." Suji took the dismissal and left.

As they neared her city Aisha stopped and turned to the boy and girl. "I'll have to blindfold you, just for this part. i can't risk anything." she informed them.
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Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha met her group and told them the beast had an unexpected friend that ran off after the first one had been killed. The team believed her easily since their overall commander was her father. They all believed she was gun ho for the war because of her father being a commander, Sasha had only shared with Suji her distaste for the war because it would disrespect her father if anyone else knew.

Sasha kneeled before her father and explained the two beast being the cause of the hold up. Her father understood and was okay with it because of the amount of meat she was able to bring back. Her father was cruel man but he had a heart for Sasha because she was his daughter. That was a main reason she could never had joined the Renegades, because of her father. Her father wanted what was best fro his tribe so her family's future generations could lead a peaceful safe life.

Sasha had the chance to stay home and relax for the next few days but she chose not to, she really didn't want to stay around the main campsite, she avoided it as much as possible...she wouldn't lie she also wanted the chance of seeing Suji again...but she wouldn't hold her breath for it. For the next couple days she would be checking outer regions for resources. She would take a group but once the reach a certain point they split up so Sasha would be on her on. It wa scary but thrilling at the same time.

Sasha ate and went to bed, ready for what lie ahead tomorrow.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Suji finished cleaning up and went over to where he slept. But before he could do anything one of the soldier came up to him. "If you're not careful runt, you'll get yourself into trouble." The larger man said. Suji always hated that the group he had been put into was full of mostly mean soldiers who were all larger than him. He was relieved when his master came tot he rescue and made him a scout, but he couldn't do everything for Suji.
"What do you mean Grunt?" He asked the man, irritated.
"I mean, we had someone follow you." Suji resisted the urge to look up at Grunt. "Don't worry, he came back with news that you did nothing wrong, and your story was truth."
"Did you expect anything else." He asked, a hint of sass in his voice. Big mistake. The man punched him hard in the gut, sending him to the ground. "Careful Grunt...I might take too long while scouting if you hit me too hard." he taunted, trying to get a breath. The man punched him again, twice in the face. The first made his nose bleed, the second would leave him with a nice black eye and a good size cut on his cheek bone. "Maybe scarring that pretty face of yours well stop you from using that tone of voice with one of your superiors." Grunt commented, and then he left Suji alone. Suji sighed, Grunt had always hated him anyways because his master favored him over Grunt, who happened to be his master's son. The cuts stung, but he didn't care as he went to bed.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
When Sasha awoke she did her normal duties of cooking, cleaning, getting ready for the day. However being a commander's daughter let alone a female wasn't always so great. Females didn't like her and often pick fights, men wanted to be with her because they would gain respect of her father and the tribe they didn't really care about her, and the ones that didn't hate her only cared about her skills. No one really knew her and she hated it and she learned her lesson about opening up to people in a time of war....the hard way. She had a long scar on the torso that was usually covered by body paint but today she let it show.
She didn't mind the scars that covered her body...well...most times... It made people afraid of her and it turned most guys away...sometimes... sometimes she did wish she looked better though... Her routine had been interrupted by a man trying to hit on her, she tried to ignore him but he was a persistent one. She swore off dating until the war was over because...well the last relationship ended with the scar on her... she knew she would fail though, some of her brother already had children and her father would expect the same from her....more future warriors...Trying to get the man to leave wasn't working, it ended with her punching him and him pushing her back where she fell on a metal rod and burned part of her back. When her father heard the commotion she was sent to be bandaged and the man sent to holding cell.
Her father tried to make her stay but this only made Sasha take off with her group faster, she split from her group early. Thankfully her group were the few people that understood the pressures of being a commanders only daughter and they let her be.

Sasha had traveled for an hour on her own before stopping at a river to drink water.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Suji had gotten less than two or three hours of sleep. At this point he didn't care. his master sent him out to scout ahead for their journey further into Unami territory. He made sure no one was sent to watch him and then he went to a river far far away from his camp. He stripped down and got in the water, the coolness feeling good on his body. Not long after though he froze when he thought he heard someone else near. He chided himself for not being more careful, but right now he didn't care as much as he knew he should. He manipulated the air around him so it was blowing towards him, this way he could smell any abnormalities. There it was...something that didn't quite belong. It was close enough that he may not have time to get dressed and hide in time. So instead he sunk low into the water and waited, creating a small air bubble so he could keep his nose and mouth underwater for a long period of time as he waited for whatever it was to leave. It smelled human, part of him hoped it wasn't.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha emerged from the woods and walked to the water. She slipped her hands into the river and brought some over the water to her mouth to take a small drink. She then splashed some of the water onto her face and ran it through her hair. It was going to be a long hot day. Sasha starred at her reflection in the water momentarily before she started to make small ripples in the water with her fingers.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Suji climbed out of the water, got dressed and ran to the woods. He watches the water to see what is was he had smelled earlier, and saw a person crouching down. He couldn't see them well so he quietly ran over, drawing the large knife he had on his person, and slid it around their neck, ready to slice it I'd it was an enemy.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha took a quick breath in and placed her knife she kept against her leg behind her against the persons inner thigh. She was angry, after all the events this morning she didn't have time for an enemy attack. "Slice my neck, I slice one of your main arteries" If she was gong to die she would take this person with her. She starred straight forward unable to look down to the water to see who had because of the blade against her neck.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Suji smiled when he heard her voice and moved away, keeping his knife at his side, being careful not to hit her knife as he moved. "Well well, look who it is. And so soon too? This can't be a coincidence." he said sarcastically.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha smirked "First your stalking me...now your attacking me.... my my you just can't control yourself around me can you?" She laughed but she was thoroughly happy she wasn't about to fight to the death after the morning she had she turned to face him.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Suji just shrugged, but stopped smiling, it hurt his black eye and cut to smile.. "What can I say, I seem to have no desire to control myself." He replied. "Tough I do have to wonder what you are doing so far from your camp? Or are my people just closer than we thought?" he smirked.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha put her hand to his face touching his cheek, all smiles gone "Suji......your face.....What happened" Perhaps the Jainti tribe wasn't so different from her own she thought remembering the scar she didn't cover up with war paint today and the new burn on her back. "....And no... Your far from your destination...." She meant for the last part to be witty and sarcastic but it came out dull, she suddenly just felt numb... suji was hurt...she was hurt... Suji was looking for her camp....looking for her camp to his tribe could kill, capture, enslave, rape, and take over the land.... The same as her tribe planned to do to his... Sasha started to feel sick....
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Aisha and some of her men carefully led the new arrivals to her city. There were many obstacles and dangers for a person who could see, especially if they were a blindfolded person, but leading them was not tricky so long as they listen to direction. Soon they were in her city, and the blindfolds could be taken off. Aisha took in her city, a wonderful and beautiful place she and her brother had built. It was a safe haven and a refuge....and it was home.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Suji instinctively jerked back when she touched his face, and he immediately regretted it, but he did nothing about it. Instead he put on his best fake smile. "Eh, just a mishap....tripped over my own feet." he said, his excuse lame, even he could hear the obvious lie. She didn't look to good and he was a little worried, but he wasn't going to show it. "What's wrong, you feelin' sick?" He asks light heatedly, though he feels far from it. "Come on, i don't have to be back for a little bit, come sit down." He said more serious this time, leading her to the woods, keeping an eye out in case anyone followed him.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha followed him and sat down when they got to his destination. She stretched and ran her hand over the scar on her abdomen. Why did this hurt so much? She knew Suji was the enemy, hell they weren't even friends. It was a good thing he didn't care.....so why did it hurt so much?
Больше года fangfan7 said…
He noticed her running her hand over her abdomen, and crouched down in front of her. "Are you alright? Are you hurt?" he asked, the worry leaking through in his voice. he didn't even know why he cared...oh well.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha looked at him then looked at her scar. "Suji....you told me your a scout for your tribe but have you ever wondered what I am for mine?........They day you decide to turn me in is a lucky one for you.... Im one of the commanders daughter......." Sasha ran her hand up the scar and then began tracing smaller ones along her body. "I fight..breath...live..for my tribe...for my father...for my brothers.....The women from my tribe envy me, the men want the status that come from being with me.... The man who gave me that scar was a power hungry male who thought being with me would give him the respect of the tribe.... my father had him slaughtered before my eyes when he found my bleeding..... The burn on my back is from this morning.... I can never cry... I can never be free.... The day my father passes the tribe will look to me, my brothers are married and with children, I am the only one with nothing to lose... My poor father....He is what stopped me from running to the Renegades...He wanted me safe, so he trained me harder than most of his men....Yet he tried so hard to marry me off so I could have a somewhat normal life....." Sasha looked from her scars to Suji "I tell you to much... I tell my enemy everything I can not tell everyone else.......when he can't even tell me who gave him the marks on his face...." Sasha laid on her back and looked at the clouds. "What will you do....when we meet on the battle field?"
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Suji sat down in front of her and was silent a moment, thinking about what she had just said. "I am highly respected by most the men and women in my camp, because my master is the commander. But I am also envied because he cared for a street rat like me, over his own son. His son is the one who attacked me, and as soon as he has a reason to kill me he well take it." He told her, though he didn't know why. He then turned the topic back to her. "It seems to me Sasha that we are stuck in the middle of a mindless war that has no end in the future. Why you are able to tell me so much, I do not know. Other than somewhere in the back of your mind you figure one of us is going to end up dead, so what's it matter what you tell me." he sighed. "If we meet on the battle field, we well have to make a choice. It's simple as that. And whatever we choose, the other well have to know it was the right choice." He liked that she wasn't looking at him, it gave him time to truly observe her, not that he would have cared if she was looking at him anyway. "We've know each other two days, I still have an obligation to kill you and yet, at least for me, you're the closest thing I have had to a friend since I lost my family. I wonder why that is." He tried to sound nonchalant and carefree, but it was the first time he had brought up his family since he lost them, it it made him rather depressed.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha didn't look at him "You...are the closest thing I have to a friend.... I do not know what we are...we are not yet friends....yet we do not kill each other on sight....." Sasha sighed. "When we meet on the battle field it will be a test of the gods...." Sasha look up at Suji "Depression was written all over his face. "Suji....do not be sad.....Your master cares for you as my father cares for me, they however have their own obligations. His son is jealous, wondering what it is in you that makes his father prize you over him. Your master....my father....they will not always be over us. What they are doing...in their own way whether we see it or not is preparing us to make choices and moves that will change the courses of our lives. My father said to me, if you live in fear, in sorrow, with regret, then you do not live at all. However if you do not learn from your mistakes and the others around you, then you will die in vain."
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Suji shrugged, she was making a good point. He didn't feel like doing anything now. Except maybe lying on the grass and staring into the sky. He knew that was not a choice though, he had to report back to his master soon. He sighed and looked at Sasha. "We should meet again, tonight or tomorrow maybe...if we are able. I know the idea is bad, considering that we well have to decide weather or not we kill each other at some point, but..." he didn't know how to say it, it was just nice, that despite her being the enemy, he was actually relaxed around her.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha slowly stood up. She knew her team would camp tonight but knowing Suji had a master he answered to meant she had to be on her toes, however she knew if he wanted to see her he would find her. however she worried about them having to decide whether or not to kill each other... What id their choices....were opposite of each other... Sasha stuck her hand out to him, they shook hands before...sort of.... hugging didn't seem like an option "We will see each other again, I won't be here by tomorrow after noon" a frown flashed across he face for a mere moment before a smirk over took it "I have duties I am entitled to attend to, your not the only busy one around here."
Больше года fangfan7 said…
He shook her hand, a smirk on his face. "Well, then, I suppose I'll have to wait in anticipation before I can see you again." He said sarcastically....mostly. He let go of her hand and started to move into the woods. "Perhaps I'll see you soon." he called over his shoulder. At this rate, he still didn't have to rush to get back o his master, which meant he could take a minute to be alone. He climbed up and tree, and watched the river for a little bit, and watched to see when Sasha left. From here he felt like he could see anything.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha walked slightly back the way her and Suji had come until she found her team of people. There was six of them. 3 women and 3 men. Sasha led them to the river where she had met Suji. "Rest here for now then we will find a place to camp." Sasha said. A man a good two head taller than her stood up and seemed poked her face. "Your smiling...." He said. Sasha smacked his hand away "Jumba!" She said in a warning tone. "What's got you so happy?" He pushed his questioned. The girls seemed to giggle.

This was Sasha's group, she showed them more emotion than the rest of tribe but still no one knew as much about her as Suji did. "Fresh air and being away from stuffy camp." Was her reply. Jumba seemed to accept the answer.

Sasha and her team relaxed by the water, chatting about nonchalant subjects such as different animals they had seen, what they would eat for dinner, about how some renegades had let loose animals from both tribes. Sasha had been cooking while the group was chatting and made them all lunch. They sat longer before packing up and searching for a place to camp for the night.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
((I don't know if any Pawas are still involved with my Renegades....but I'll tey and get them involves soon))

Suji arrived back at his camp in time, he reported to his master that he had seen no one, but there were indications that one person had been by the water. Then they continued on, Suji given free reign so he could go ahead and scout, and then report back. It was tedious, but at least he could be alone, and away from Grunt, who currently wanted to tear his throat out, for what he didn't know. On of the times he came
Back his master just had him stay with the traveling party. So he reluctantly walked with everyone else, staying in the back where eventually his master's daughter, Gina, joined him. Thy walked in silence for a bit and then she spoke up. "You seem like you're in a good mood today. I'm sorry Grunt got on your case again last night."
"Well your brother hasn't always cared for my being here. I am in a good mood today though aren't I? I wonder why?" he said, smirking.
Больше года Time_Master said…
((Garry and Minx are pawas remember? I'll try to reply when I get home))
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha and her group had moved from the water and were now in a dense forested area. Sasha being in a good mood couldn't help but suggest a game to play. This shocked the group to some extent but they knew Sasha had a squishy side somewhere deep in her.

Spending time with Suji made Sasha want to feel free even more, she didn't want to be a strict leader like her father, she didn't want war, she imagined all the jokes and fun her and Suji would have if they were really friends.

The game consisted of a race though the dense forest but of course that would be too easy. You must first catch one rabbit then race to the finish, which was difficult because of the density of the forest and the speed of the rabbits.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
((Sorry....I'm getting characters from diff. rp's mixed up...yup, I remember them as pawas))

Suji and Gina spent the rest of the time walking together. Grunt would look back and and glare at Suji every once in a while, but so long as Gina was there, Grunt wouldn't do anything. They talked about nothing in particular, and Suji had to make sure not to think about what the world would be like if there was no war, and if he and Sasha weren't enemies...If they could truly be friends... It wasn't possible, and with his obligation to his master, he couldn't escape from the war unless he was dead. So he was trying to make the most of his time now.
Больше года Time_Master said…
Garry and minx had done as Aisha asked, they wern't even sure if it was safe or not but they let them put blindfolds on them
"now what?"
Больше года fangfan7 said…
"Now you do exactly as we say." Aisha commands. She leads the way while her men Guide Garry and Minx across paths that were dangerous enough for the skilled with sight, let alone blindfolded newcomers. Aisha's men were able to get them across with no trouble though and soon they were in her city. "Just a little longe and then you'll be able to take the blindfolds off." she assured them. She wasn't going to let them see until they were at the heart of the city.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Sasha and Jumba had tied in the race. The group was laughing, fortunately everyone caught a rabbit and would each have a rabbit for dinner later. The group was sitting in tall trees in the dense forest.

Jumba spoke and surprised Sasha "Sasha...do you know anything about your fathers plan to attack?"

Sasha suddenly felt sick again.....That was right both tribes were tired of this back and forth war game they were playing, now that it was clear that neither side would back down both sides wanted to engage in full on war, the only question was who would launch the first attack.

"We have scouts laying out the land for us, so we have better coverage and understanding, Rishand" Sasha said addressing her father by his first name "Will attack with a little under full force, when he believes the time is right, my brothers will each have a troop to lead and I...I will fight by my fathers side as second in command." Sasha could only hope... only hope that when this day comes...Suji would be out scouting and not on the battle Field. Sasha knew the possibilities of returning from the front line as second in command were little, she knew she would most likely die on the battlefield.

The group nodded in understanding to her words. "I will fight with you" The man she addressed as Jumba spoke. Sasha nodded in response to him.

The boys were off wrestling in a clearing and the two girls were in a meadow not to far and Sasha was bathing in a small lake that led off into a tiny stream so the water was fresh and clean.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
"Suji may I speak with you?" Suji stopped walking as his master addressed him.
"Master?' he asks, bowing respectfully.
"I'm at a bit of a stalemate right now. you see, my son thinks you are a traitor who i should cast out, imprison, or kill. My daughter on the other hand is very much infatuated with you."
"And what about you master?'
"I think you are one of the best scouts I have ever had. i trust you and hold great respect for you...but lately, you have been taking longer than usual in your scouting trips and you've come back with no information." Suji was silent, taking in what his master was saying. "Suji can you look me in the eye an promise me...swear to me that you are not betraying me or my men in anyway? That you are not endangering us?' Suji stopped walking. What was he doing? Was he endangering them? Surely not. He looked his master in the eye "No master, I am doing as I always do.' he responds. His master smiles, satisfied and then goes back to the front of the line. but Suji suddenly feels sick to his stomach. he had lied before, most of his life was on lies, but he had never lied to his master before.
Больше года BlackSparrow said…
{Can I be a Pawa?}
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Больше года heart-of_love said…
((mind if i join as well, from what i can tell there are only idk 1 pawa))
Больше года fangfan7 said…
((Yeah, both of you can go ahead and join.))
Больше года Time_Master said…
((There are 2, Garry and Minx, both my characters))
"Umm, are we there yet?"
"be patient brother! they'll tell us when we get there!"
Больше года BlackSparrow said…
Name: Jake Keller
Age: 17
Gender: Male
What are you (Unami, Jianite, Pawa, some creature that lives in Yotsish): Pawa
Power/ability: animalistic traits. Meaning he can have eagle eyesight, or the speed of a cheetah, ect.…but only one at a time
Weapon (if any): claws if he chooses to use that part of an animal
Bio (it would be nice, but not mandatory): Jake didn’t discover his abilities until he was ten, but he was able to keep them hidden. He had a loving family, but after the blackout he ended up in Yotsish.
Appearance: Pic.
 Name: Jake Keller Age: 17 Gender: Male What are Ты (Unami, Jianite, Pawa, some creature that li
Больше года fangfan7 said…
"We are almost there, don't worry." Aisha said tot he newcomers. "I don't know if I ever learned your names. You do not have to tell me of course, but I am curious." She says, trying to do something to help them not think about the journey. They were nearly to the heart of her city anyway.
As per regulation the people in her city stayed silent until she gave the signal that everything was okay, and she wasn't going to do that until they had reached the center.
Больше года Time_Master said…
((They told you their names before XD))
"I'm Garry, this is my little sister Minx"
"Nice to meet you miss?"
Больше года fangfan7 said…
((Oops :)...I need to keep better track of these things...sorry about that))

Aisha smiled. "It's nice to meet you too. You can call me Aisha." She paused and then nodded to her men. "Alright, we're here." she says, and her men remove the blindfolds from Garry and Minx. She gave the signal to the watchmen, invisible to anyone who didn't know where to look, and soon her city was back to its familiar self as the people came out and went back tot heir normal lives.
Больше года BlackSparrow said…
Jake slowly opened his eyes and sat up, waiting for a wave of dizziness to pass. Once it did he took a look around, and froze. He was in the middle of a forest, all alone. This was definitely not where he remembered being. Was it a dream? he wondered. When he looked up in the sky he saw what looked like a streak of fire flying by. "What the hell? Where am I?" He asked himself. He stood, trying to decide if he should wander, or stay put.
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
(Sorry I haven't been on, but I have absolutely no idea what to do :P)