Случайное обыгрывание ролей Come Hither All Ye Knights!

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Charge Given to the Knights by King Arthur:

God make you a good man and fail not of beauty. The Round Table was founded in patience, humility, and meekness.Thou art never to do outrageousity, nor murder, and always to flee treason, by no means to be cruel, and always to do ladies, damosels, and gentle women succour. Also, to take no battles in a wrongful quarrel for no law nor for no world's goods.

Thou shouldst be for all ladies and fight for their quarrels, and ever be courteous and never refuse mercy to him that asketh mercy, for a knight that is courteous and kind and gentle has favor in every place. Thou shouldst never hold a lady or gentle woman against her will.

Thou must keep thy word to all and not be feeble of good believeth and faith. Right must be defended against might and distress must be protected. Thou must know good from evil and the vain glory of the world, because great pride and bobauce maketh great sorrow. Should anyone require ye of any quest so that it is not to thy shame, thou shouldst fulfil the desire.

Ever it is a worshipful knights deed to help another worshipful knight when he seeth him a great danger, for ever a worshipful man should loath to see a worshipful man shamed, for it is only he that is of no worship and who faireth with cowardice that shall never show gentelness or no manner of goodness where he seeth a man in any danger, but always a good man will do another man as he would have done to himself.

It should never be said that a small brother has injured or slain another brother. Thou shouldst not fail in these things: charity, abstinence and truth. No knight shall win worship but if he be of worship himself and of good living and that loveth God and dreadeth God then else he geteth no worship here be ever so hardly.

An envious knight shall never win worship for and envious man wants to win worship he shall be dishonoured twice therefore without any, and for this cause all men of worship hate an envious man and will show him no favour.

Do not, nor slay not, anything that will in any way dishonour the fair name of Christian knighthood for only by stainless and honourable lives and not by prowess and courage shall the final goal be reached. Therefore be a good knight and so I pray to God so ye may be, and if ye be of prowess and of worthiness then ye shall be a Knight of the Table Round.

The Knights:

Everyone has heard of the Knights of the Round Table, but many people are not familiar with any of the Noble Knights save for Lancelot. But even Lancelot, however, is to many people something he was not. The Knights were men of courage, honor, dignity, courtesy, and nobleness. They protected ladies and damsels, honored and fought for kings, and undertook dangerous quests. This is the story of those Knights and their pasts, presents, and futures. Take part in their quests, and pray that you never anger them.

Godmod and I will take you over my knee.
Sex and shiz is fine, but keep in my that this is set a looong time ago. I catch anyone using modern day language, the ban hammer will bebrought down on thee!
Dragons are the only mythical creatures allowed, but the only power they are allowed to have is the power to change into a human. No other mystical creatures.
There will only be four Knights of the Round Table allowed. Other Knights are allowed, but only four of the greats.
Have fun or again, here comes that ban hammer.

Nobility:(Peasant, dragon, Knight, etc.)
Anything else?:

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Больше года Directingchicky said…
Name: Vivianne (Vivi) Neill

Birthstone: Blue Zircon(December)

Nobility: Daughter of Roofer.

Personality: Quiet, easily frightened, yet adventurous.

Likes: The forest and nature, running through the grass and climbing trees, or in the winter likes playing in snow.

Dislikes: Being tamed and kept at home. Staying still.

Appearance: Picture.

Anything else?: Favorite color is green and she loves fresh bread and favorite flower is Tulips.
 Name: Vivianne (Vivi) Neill Birthstone: Blue Zircon(December) Nobility: Daughter of Roofer.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Name: Lilith Veroncus
Birthstone: Garnet (January)
Nobility: Peasant
Personality: A small girl who is very friendly,she's stubborn, and extremely loyal to those she trusts.
Likes: Baking, day dreaming, adventure, She yearns for a life of adventure and love but she knows it will never happen.
Dislikes: cruelty, being told she cannot do something, being left out.
Appearance: pic
Anything else?: She works in a small shop pub where people can get basic meals if they choose of incredible hand made desserts made by Lilith herself.
 Name: Lilith Veroncus Birthstone: Garnet (January) Nobility: Peasant Personality: A small girl w
Больше года Time_Master said…
((My Character will speak in Dovahzul, it's the Dragon Language from skyrim, i learned to speak Dovahzul, but I'll translate it for people))

Name: Corax

Birthstone: Black Acrex (June) ((I dunno any birthstones, so this is the guess for June))

Nobility: Dragon

Personality: Changes

Likes: Humans.

Dislikes: Swords, arrows, weaponry, war.

Appearance: Pic

Anything else:
His dragon form is HUUUUUGE, as he is one of the Elder Dragons, and probably the Oldest Dragon.
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 ((My Character will speak in Dovahzul, it's the Dragon Language from skyrim, i learned to speak Dovah
Больше года Time_Master said…
Dragon Form
((Use the humans in the pic as a Size Comparison so about 3 times the size of an average Castle, city and all, and note: He's the big dragon, not the baby one inbetween his front legs))
last edited Больше года
 Dragon Form ((Use the humans in the pic as a Size Comparison so about 3 times the size of an average
Больше года Directingchicky said…
((We can start))

"Vivianne sweet, thou mind fetching those rags for me doll? Madame Perks is here to pick them up for her son!" The older man, sporting a graying beard and already bald head called cheerily to his niece, who was nowhere in sight. "Vivianne? where are you?" He called again, even ventured to the back where she had been not a few moments before...then slowly grinned as he shook his head. "That child has to stop running off one of these days."
Ah, but Vivi just couldn't seem to stay still at all. At this moment, the young woman sat atop her horse O'Brian, and they both were racing through a field outside of the little village, and the girl was smiling as wide as she could. The wind was ruffling her hair and dress, her once clean and pristine black boots now held signs of grass and dust stains, and oh it was wonderful! Nothing made her happier than riding out in the pastures and fields, smelling the fresh air of the country. It was magical. Letting out a loud "Whoo!" She laughed and continued racing forward, urging her steed faster.
Больше года Time_Master said…
a tall, bulky figure stood on a nearby hill, watching a person, prance happily in a field, apon a steed.
The figure was very tall, and in armour white as snow, with cloth hanging down from his arms, some people passed on the road, looking at the figure that was watching the girl

"is thy figure on yander a knight?"
"it's seemseth so, m'lidy"

the figure ignored the women, and kept watching the girl.
Больше года Directingchicky said…

"Down boy...wait thee here." Tugging on the reigns, Vivi pulled O'Brian to a halt underneath a tree and surprisingly, and very unladylike, enough, she pushed up and stood on the saddle of her horse. A certain tree branch was protruding proudly out in the open of the meadows and it practically begged her to reach up, climb its strong brances, and pick from its lucious fruits. As far as she could tell, tis was a peach tree she insisted on climbing, and soon enough her lithe little body was scrambling through the tree, looking for a ripe piece of delicious food.
Больше года Time_Master said…
The white figure approached the tree thin maiden was climbing, he looked above to spot thy lady, grasping for some fruit, the figure knew not what thy lady wished to attempt to do, so the figure looked over the hill, to spot Bandits coming towardseth them. the figure prepared a giant War-axe.
Больше года Directingchicky said…
Following his arrival to the scene, two black and stained boots came falling from the tree, thudding to the ground with a small command following from the woman climbing through the twining brances, unbeknownst to the spectator below, "Come hither O'Brian! Little scoundrel thy are, come so that I can drop the fruits into the bag!" She commanded to her steed, who obeyed and positioned himself underneath where two small bare feet were descending from the lowest branch. The peaches soon followed, but missed the bag since her steed was staring at the stranger, neighing to his master about the intruder, yet the poor woman remained ignorant of the man.
Больше года Time_Master said…
the Bandits came running faster when they had spotted the fine steed under the tree, they decided to ignore the tall individual, and head for the steed.

"Εκτελέστε το φόβο μου θα μπορούσε, όπως τα οστά σου στραφούν σε σκόνη"

The figure spoke in a strange and ancient Language, to some known as the Tongue of Dragons, when the bandits had approached, the figure cut them down with the large axe, and not wishing to disturb the lady with the foul look and stench of blood, he moved their bodies away, into a nearby bush, then he walked off towards the mountains.
Time_Master commented…
in case you're wondering, he spoke Greek, and it translates into: "Run in fear of mine might, as thy Кости turn to dust" Больше года
Больше года Directingchicky said…
"O'Brian? What are you whining about boy?" Vivi jumped down from the branch, landing on her bottom on his saddle and pet his mane, trying to hush him from his fright when the man had cut down the men. She looked about, noticing a small splatter if blood on the horse's fur and caught sight of the man leaving. "Sir? Hath thou been injured?" She called, jumping down and running barefoot through the grass towards him. "There be blood on the grass sir, art thou alright?"
Больше года Time_Master said…
the figure stopped, as he felt he had been spoken to, he had his Axe still in his hand, and the axe had blood on it, the girl came running towards him, and as she spoke the human tongue, he realised he had thought wrong.

"My apologies, young maiden, Theives had attempted to take thy steed, i merly put them where theyth belonged"
He pointed to the cut-in-half corpses behind a bush"

"as to thy concern, this one has taken no injury, my apologies for causing thine worry"
he sheathed his large axe onto his back.
Больше года Directingchicky said…
"O-oh...." her dark eyes locked onto the blood soaked axe until he had sheathed it, then back to him. He greatly resembled one of their king's knights, yet she had never seen one of them carry such a weapon before. "I thank thee sir then, for the rescue of my horse, I had only saw the blood and..." she backed up a step, not of fear, but of realization.
Больше года Time_Master said…
He looked at her in confusion, he had wondered if she had noticed his Glowing Yellow eyes through his helmet.
he quickly tried to act human

"are thine maiden ok? thy face has seeped to the shade of mine armour, are thine ill?"
he attempted to seem like a normal human.
Больше года Directingchicky said…
"I-I'm...thine eyes..." she stuttered, staring at them with wide eyes. "Forgive my intrusion...but they are so oddly colored." Yet strangely...she didn't even know. They were so strange, she couldn't help but stare, head tilting to the side.
Больше года Time_Master said…
the figure became worried that she would become frightened and scream

"mine eyes? could'eth it be that mine Helmet's light grace changeth mine eyes?"

A guard from the city noticed the girl and tall figure, as the girl to him seemed to cower, he thought that she was being robbed, or attacked, he quickly rushed over to her

G: "What goeth on here?"
Больше года Directingchicky said…
As she opened her mouth to reply, Vivi's attention snapped to the guard. "Nae sir. Nothing has happened. This man saved my steed from bandits, and I was thanking him for his bravery." She looked back at the man, still staring at the glowing and swirling yellow of his eyes.
Больше года Time_Master said…
The guard looked at the figure, the figure to the guard looked like one of Arthur's knights, the guard quickly thoughtt this, bowed and said "i apologize, knight" then quickly ran back to his post, yelling out something about knights

the white figure looked back to the girl.
"I apologize if mine eyes frighten thee, but i cannot decide mine eye's choice"
he rubbed the eye sockets of his helmet, realizing that dragons couldn't transform their eyes to match human's eyes.
Больше года Directingchicky said…
"They do not frighten me." She said quietly, taking a small step back up to him. "I find them strange. Wouldth thou remove thine helmet perhaps?" She wondered out loud, cocking her head to the side in question as she put her attention back on him.
Больше года Time_Master said…
the figure thought this to be ok, everything about his transformation was human except for his eyes, he removed his helmet, and held it by his shoulder

"are thou curious, maiden?"
((Pretend his hair is white))
His white hair ruffled in the wind, as he bore a scare on his left eye, he opened his eyes, still showing his eyes strange, yellow glow.
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 the figure thought this to be ok, everything about his transformation was human except for his eyes,
Больше года Directingchicky said…
"Aye." Was her only answer. She was extremely curious about this man with his strange eyes, and once his helmet was removed and he opened his eyes again...a small gasp couldn't be stopped from escaping her lips. They were so bright, she'd never seen such eyes before.
Больше года Time_Master said…
"may i re-equip my helmet, Maiden?"
he wished to put his helmet back on, as some of the archer guards were looking at him, like he was some icon of their great king

"why do the men of thy town fixiate thine eyes apon this one, have i done something to offend them?"
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Больше года Directingchicky said…
"Aye sir, you can." She shook her head, trying to bring herself out of the trance that his eyes had put her under. "I have seen nothing thou have done." She said honestly, placing her hands in front of her, folded together, "The guards are a wee troubled. Reports of missing cattle have been reported here lately...I know not if anything else."
Больше года Time_Master said…
He put his helmet back on.

"Thy cattle has gone yander? tell me maiden, has thou found a corpse of thy cattle?"

he seemed quite interested in the subject.
Больше года Directingchicky said…
Once again her head shook, the loose mane of hair she possessed whipped around her as she did, "Nae sir, we have not. My uncle worries that I shoukd not be out yader here with the thievery going on..but it cannot be helped. I have seen no sign of any corpses here."
Больше года Time_Master said…
"ahh, that is... a dilemma, Maiden, i require to leave now, you may follow on thy own choice, but i advises thee to carefully choose thy path"

The knight turned around, began to walk towards the mountain

"if you should follow, Maiden, then prepare thy mind for dangers and mysteries"
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Больше года Directingchicky said…
"Dangers and mysteries?" Viv watched the man walk away from her, head cocked to the side as he strode away towards the mountains. She wondered what he meant...There were rumors that the mountains over yonder housed the fiercest of creatures, and yet this man intrigued her. Letting her will over safety lead her, she ran back and mounted herbsteed before following him.
Больше года Time_Master said…
After a many moments of walking, they were far down the hill, away from the town by a fare few miles, and were about to enter dangerous territory, the knight stopped for a moment, before pointing to corpses of Cows, Sheep and goats, all with Teeth marks, the size of humans in them.

"be these the cattle of your home, Maiden?"
he turned around to look at her.
Больше года Directingchicky said…
An audible gasp escaped from her as she surveyed the gruesome scene before her. "Aye sir...that be them." She answered, voice shaking as she looked upon the dead cattle and even pets of her townsfolk . "What happened to them?"
Больше года Time_Master said…
he looked at her, with a grave look.

"these... these are one of the many problems, that thy kind, and mine kin, cause war, Maiden, this one is about to do something most unpleasant that humans render to be, if thy still wish to continue on with this one, then prepare thy mind for shocks"

The figure said this, as he did a stretch with his hands
Больше года Directingchicky said…
"What dost thou mean by thine kin?" She asked him, having O'Brian go faster so she was now beside him. "Sir, you are confusing me so, do explain why you enter such a land if it is so dangerous?"
Больше года Time_Master said…
he looked to her again, like she just said something very strange

"this land be mine home, as the humans call them dangerous, mine kin call these skys and high rock homes, prepare thy self, as this one shall show thy maiden"

he walked over to them, and he picked up the horse from the underbelly with one hand.

"are thou prepared, young maiden?"
Больше года Directingchicky said…
"You keep saying my kin sir, what dost though- ah!" Her yelp of shock slipped out when he suddenly picked up her horse, and she almost fell from her loyal friend when he did. "S-sir...." she looked down at him, dark ehes wide with uncertaint.
Больше года Time_Master said…
a very bright yellow glow came from his helmet, as his body seemed to change, and grow, and grow, after a few moments, the girl and her horse were standing atop a scaley landscape, and she could see down to her village, people were pointing and screaming with fear.

she was atop a dragon
a legendary creature, with a girl and horse apon his head, stood tall , as villagers below ran away, and guards and knights stood with weapons drawn.
 a very bright yellow glow came from his helmet, as his body seemed to change, and grow, and grow, aft
Больше года Directingchicky said…
This time, a scream ripped from her throat, and she did fall from.her horse, O'Brian bucking wildly and throwing her off, galloping away down the beast's back as she looked about her in terror. "Thou are..thou can't..." she couldn't even get her words out as she scrambled atop his head, staring down in complete terror.
Больше года Time_Master said…
a thundering voice shattered the heavens, as the beast spoke

"Hold onto mine head, as i have need to speak to mine kin"

Her horse ran down to his tail, and he lowered his tail to let the horse off, the horse ran towards the town in sheer fear

" why thy kind is frightened of mine kin, is known to this one, however mine children know not"

he flapped his large wings, 3 times before lifting off into the air,
Больше года Directingchicky said…
"L-let me down!" She screeched, but did as he said and gripped onto his head with a vice like grip as she looked down at the beast beneath her with complete and utter horror. "Where are you taking me!?"
Больше года Time_Master said…
" This one shall deliver you to our home, mine young know not restraint, and so you shall show them"

The dragon flew higher, and went forward, flying quite fast into the heavens, after a few moment of flying they came, to a large mountain, even large for the beast, he landed at the top, where they were greeted by 2 other dragons, who then became smaller and smaller, and turned into large, tall humans, as the beast underneath her did the same, when he regressed back into his human form, the girl was on his Shoulders.

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 "[b] This one shall deliver Ты to our home, mine young know not restraint, and so Ты shall Показать the
Больше года Time_Master said…
((The other one))
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 ((The other one)) ((Necrax))
Больше года screamingdeath1 said…
(looks good so far!)

Name:Z (Zane)
Birthstone: Peridot (August)
Nobility:Dragon (Ice)
Personality:the youngest dragon to be in the Major Dragons who is always energetic.
Likes:Using his hidden ability (Control the poles and the cold weather) and having friends
Dislikes:When he freezes up his cookies,Wars (Really against Humans v.s Dragons)
Anything else: He might be the littlest out of the Top dragons but is very powerful

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 (looks good so far!) Name:Z (Zane) Birthstone: Peridot (August) Nobility:Dragon (Ice) Personali
Directingchicky commented…
welcome! Больше года
Больше года Directingchicky said…
((I am going to assume she is like, thrown over his shoulders, not standing))

"Release me!" She stilled on his shoulder, her face heating uo quite a bit as twin dots of red circled on her cheeks to her embarrassment at the position she was in. Her heart was threatening to burst from her chest at the rate it was beating so quickly from her fear.
Больше года Time_Master said…
The white figure took her by the waist, lifted her off his shoulders, and put her down on the floor gently.
then he spoke something to the other 2 dragons, as the fire-looking one seemed to be looking for someone.

"Θα έχει βρει έναν άνθρωπο, ο οποίος μπορεί να διδάξει τους νέους."
(I has found a human, who can teach the young.)

"δεν ξέρουμε πού Zane έχει φτάσει στο"
(We do not know where zane has gotten to)

The green one replied, the fire one bent down to look at the girl
"Hello, i apologize for mine brother's sudden scaring of yours, but mine kin require thy assistance"
Больше года Directingchicky said…
"My assistance for what!?" The young woman stared up at them, scrambling to her feet and backing up a ways. What could she possibly do for them other than be a quick snack?
Больше года screamingdeath1 said…
Pic of him in dragon mode
 Pic of him in dragon mode
Больше года Time_Master said…
"Does thy remember thine cattle in thee wild lands?"
"Our young has ran rampunt, angering your kind, and bringing war apon mine kin, thy displays emotions of fear, if thy were to show mine kin, they would surly stop"
The green one bent down, as to not seem to big to her.
"If thy is too frightened to assist us, that is fine, Corax, thine Water and Wind dragon behind yee, shalt take thou home"
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screamingdeath1 commented…
can Ты find a headless person pic like Corax,Furax,and Necrax? Больше года
Time_Master commented…
i have all 4 >_> but the last one is a Female Больше года
Больше года screamingdeath1 said…
Singing to my self that I'm a major dragon now,to see my Brother's with a Human.

((Speaks dragon language))

(Don't start a war,my brothers)
Больше года Time_Master said…
"δεν αρχίζουμε έναν πόλεμο, ο μικρός αδερφός, θα θέλατε να ενημερωθείτε αυτό οι άνθρωποι βοήθεια για να διδάξουν τους νεότερους για το τι κάνουν στους ανθρώπους"

The fire one spoke to the smaller human-like person.

"Mine apologies, Human, Mine name is Furax, this is Necrax, and the one behind yee is Corax, this is Zane"
The fire one told her, as he pointed to who was who.
Time_Master commented…
i need to goto Church soon. Больше года
screamingdeath1 commented…
it's night where I am. Больше года
Больше года screamingdeath1 said…
"Call me Z." Zane told the human
Больше года Valjean_24601 said…
((Hey it's Demeter! Is this the previous RP we had started chicky? Sorry I'm confused and was interested in starting it up again...)
Больше года Time_Master said…

"Will thy help us, Young maiden?"

Corax asked her.