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Liz-chan posted on Dec 16, 2013 at 08:51PM
You are a first year at Tomodochi University. University is an adventure everyone faces and this is your life. Make friends, fall in love, have sex (dont get caught). Yes this is the rp, for anything and everything to do with university kids, hehe. So since this is university you need to be between ages 18-24 or you could be a teacher too.

bad words and sexual content is allowed
try to limit the one liners
be interactive (make some friends)
remember absolutely ANYTHING can happen so dont second guess and just go with it.
we're all friends so if you cause a problem with other fellow rp-ers i will kindly ask you to leave
AND have fun :333

To join:

(if you loose track of your character profiles:)
Mrs.Kumari(Liz-chan) pg 1
Hazuki(Liz-chan) pg 1
Haru(Liz-chan) pg 1
Lock(Kat-chan) pg 1
Samuelis(Axel1313) pg 1
Trina and Amanda(Directingchicky) pg 1
Twitch and Mouth (axemnas) pg 1
Zane (Palin_X765) pg 1
Nako(Liz-chan) pg 1
Leilani (BlackSparrow) pg 1
Garry(Time_Master) pg 1
Morgan and Peter(Roxas1314) pg 2
 Ты are a first год at Tomodochi University. университет is an adventure everyone faces and this is y
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