Случайное обыгрывание ролей Three Steps From Hell: A Thousand Years Later

Liquidz-Flamez posted on Dec 16, 2013 at 11:35PM
A thousand years later. The war between Angels and Demons are done. The Earth has been restored from its ruins and though anger and bitter hatred still rage between the two, a bitter sweet agreement has come between the two races. The Utopia that was once on the planet has drifted back into heaven, along with the God and his angels, while the demons have sunk back into the circles of hell along with it's Supreme Demon. Humanity has also been restored, as well as peace. But something has emerged from its millions of years of slumber. Something that was never thought to return. The Levethians. Also called the Old Ones, they pre-date the creation of humans and angels, as well as the soul itself. They would also pre-date any beings with souls, such as monsters. They are therefore among the first creations of God. They were immensely powerful, hungry, clever and poisonous. Before God went on to create more creatures, however, He felt that the Leviathans threatened to consume and destroy everything "in God's Petri dish." For this reason, Death states that God created a 7 chambered seal called the "Reveilance Purgery" and sealed the leviathans inside to contain them and their hunger. But something has freed them. They are free. And now not just humanity is at stake. Angels, Demons, Heaven, and Hell is at stake. Now the Two great forces that has despised each other for milleniums (Angels and Demons) must put aside their hatred and band together to defeat this new dark force as humanity is once again dragged back into the battle. It is their only hope of survival.

Simple, no god modding.
Have fun
Don't kill another person's character unless given permission
Eh, i guess sex is allowed.

You'll need a bit of information:

Race (Angel,Demon,Human, Blessed Human, Enhanced Human):
Power (s):
Weapon (if you have one):

Blessed Humans: Humans that have drunk the blood of an angel by choice and obtained the ability to use holy and unholy magic. The whole unholy and holy magic thing depends on the persons soul.

Enhanced Humans- Basically a branch off of the Blessed Humans. They have super speed, strength, etc. Enhanced Ablilities.

You should read this to get a better understanding of the whole A Thousand Years Later thing ------> link
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