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Back in the 19th century, Victorian era there was a young orphan boy who was forced to work in unsafe environments with no pay after his parents were killed. He was basically a slave since he was six years old and saw the so called "Golden city " for what it really was. A smoke covered cesspool of Sin,Greed , Lust, and an undying hunger for power. And this city was ruled a egotistic, sadist of a dictator known as the King.

The orphan boy grew into a young man and blamed the king for the untimely death of his parents and the unjust treatment of the people. And vowed one day to overthrow the king and change the world into a better place for all.

The orphan is now a grown man who is only known to the public as the inventor and is the number 1 enemy of the state. Follow him and his small rag tag group known as the rebels try to truly turn the city into the "Golden city"


If you don't know what steam punk is please look it up. But basically it is an alternate universe based in the 19th century where basically everything is power by steam. Some people could have like steam powered jet packs and cars its really cool.

The city;

Sectors: East , west, and south are very poor only the rich live in the north sector

The city has a giant wall around it and almost cut off from the rest of the world. There is no modern pluming or satiation. so it is really filthy for the most part and since everything is run by steam it is smog covered. The people are very poor and work in harsh conditions most people die on the job or severely injured. There is a high crime rate full of prostitute and thieves.

The inventor and rebels:

The rebels are people the inventor found who were either orphans or people left behind to die after sever injuries at work. Like arms cut off , eyes poked out etc.....
The inventor replaces this missing parts with mechanical replacements. That can enhanced strength or speed sometimes he puts weapons in them. The rebels killed rich nobles bomb government building and try to get secret info. they are uncover spies. there base is somewhere in the east sector no one knows.

The rebels: are basically cyborgs that have steam powered machines in them. These people are called " The Invented"Like a mechanically arm or leg that can be part weapon. But some rebels are just regular people who the inventor gave inventions like jet packs cars etc.....

Character sheet





Sector:[ South, North, west or East]

Status: [ Rebel reg or Rebel Invented, Citizen, Aristocratic, Or a soldier in the Kings army]

Weapons: [ They can be part of you if rebel or Like swords knifes or guns. Or something the inventor made for you]

History: [ Explain why they are rebels or why they are loyalist]



1. Cussing is allowed just try to keep the language to the time period.

2. Sex is allowed. I mean how do they get some of that information. But not too detailed

3. No one line post at all. And no text talk. Please at least a paragraph keep this interesting.

4. Don't kill anyone Else's character unless they said so.

5. Follow the rules if you don't i will assassinate you in your sleep
 Prologue: Back in the 19th century, Victorian era there was a young orphan boy who was forced to w
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Больше года Palin_X765 said…
Once we have a few people i will let everyone know when we can start. I will make my characters soon and if you are confused inbox me
Больше года fangfan7 said…
((I love steam punk: I'll try to get a character up next time I'm on a computer))
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Больше года Palin_X765 said…
Name: Maryjane a.k.a MJ

Age: 26

Gender: Female

personality: A very easy going person. And is very seductive like it is second nature to her. She can easily get most men to do her bidding.

Sector: From the east sector

Status: Rebel Invented,

Weapons: She carry a vast variety of Knives and swords. And has artificial wings embedded into her back and a mechanically functioning leg.

History: Like the inventor she too was an Orphan forced to work in unsafe conditions as a child. When she was 17 an accident cut off her leg and she was thrown into the streets left to die. That's when the inventor saved her and made her into what she is today.

Extra: Can be a lil bit psycho sometimes
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 Name: Maryjane a.k.a MJ Age: 26 Gender: Female personality: A very easy going person. And i
Больше года KayKutie13 said…

(( I'll make my character soon))
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
Name: Fisher

age: 24

Gender: male

Personality: always angry and can get set off real easily. Tries to stay out of most peoples way. Very anti social

Sector: South

Status: Rebel invented

Weapons: And he normally use a bow and arrow.

History: He was just the average story. He had has mom and dad and was the youngest of 9 children. They barely had enough to eat daily. He didn't lose his eye and fingers in a accident. When he joined the rebels he begged the inventor to do the surgery and his new body is the end result. Gives him better vision and steadier hands when shooting. Making him always on target.

Extra: One day wants to become the new king
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 Name: Fisher age: 24 Gender: male Personality: always angry and can get set off real easily.
Больше года screamingdeath1 said…
Name: Zero a.k.a Z
Gender: Male
Personality: Funny, Energetic, and always call the king names like Fat leg
Sector: West
Status : Rebel Invented ( The grown man made him)
Weapons: Has a rocket blast hidden in his arm, has the wolverine metal claws, and body is made out of Fireproof, Waterproof metal.
History: He was a poor kid on the streets and no where to go.His family abandoned him for beginning bad luck. The king spat on him and called him his Servant when Zero was a slave. The king never gave him food at all. Zero had enough and they killed him. But the inventor was just in time to fix him. Zero joined the Rebel to give the king the ultimate kick-out and be the inventor's son.
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 Name: Zero a.k.a Z Age:22 Gender: Male Personality: Funny, Energetic, and always call the king na
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
Thanks for joining just need about two more pople
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Name: Vincent McWilliams

age: 28

Gender: male

Personality: an Idealist, social butterfly, smart, artist at heart.

Sector:[ South, North, west or East] North

Status: [ Rebel reg or Rebel Invented, Citizen, Aristocratic, Or a soldier in the Kings army] Aristocrat

Weapons: [ They can be part of you if rebel or Like swords knifes or guns. Or something the inventor made for you] He carries twin pistols and a sword that can shoot hot blasts of steam and smoke fro getaways.

History: [ Explain why they are rebels or why they are loyalist] He loves to entertain so he often hosts parties with his wealth but he doesn't really side with either side. He just wants to be free to be social and create as much as his heart desires

Extra: nothing for now
 Name: Vincent McWilliams age: 28 Gender: male Personality: an Idealist, social butterfly, sm
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
thanks for joining. I doubt this will make it but i can always count on you kaykutie to check my Rp's out
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
((It will make it haha :) If not we will one on one it hahaha I love this idea for an RP))
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Name: Jocelyn (Josie for short)

age: 23

Gender: female

Personality: ((is it alright if I don't do this? it always ends up changing through out the rp; if you want me to though, just let me know))

Sector: from the south, now lives in the east

Status: Rebel regular

Weapons: double pistols that have a lever to let them act as knives as well, if she wishes.

History: She’s all human still, but has a knack for weapons. When she was a kid both her parents had awful jobs and eventually both were killed in some kind of accident, leaving her orphaned. She had a bad habit of getting into trouble, but she didn’t get caught, until she was closer to the east sector, she was caught and then saved by the Inventor, she’s been working with hi, since.

Extra: nothing yet.
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 Name: Jocelyn (Josie for short) age: 23 Gender: female Personality: ((is it alright if I
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
Hey guys i guess we can start now
Больше года screamingdeath1 said…
who's starting?
Больше года Palin_X765 said…


It wasn't hard to get into the rich aristocrat parties in the northern sector when you were as beautiful as M.J.

All it took was a little.....persuasion and 'Kissing up' to the guards and she was in there less than a minute. The ball room was so high she could barely see the ceiling and the room was decorated in a vast assortment of gold and black so she stood out in her long flowing white gown. She stood by a table drinking a cup of wine, when a old man maybe in his late forties came to her.

" Excuse me miss." The old man asked her, clearly he was an aristocrat. " i sorry if im rude but i don't remember who you are. I would think i would know all the guest at my own party."

" I'm sorry sir." M. J told the man with a smile on her face. This was going according to her plan. " Its a shame you don't remember my name or face. How about we catch up over a dance." She said offering her hand to the man, she now new was Noblemen Johnston

" Well i cant turn down an i offer from such a beautiful lady." He said taking her hand

He held her left hand and put one arm around her waist as they danced to the slowed melody of the violins and cellos.

" So tell miss what is your name?" He asked

" It's a shame you cant remember my face." She laughed " I'm nobleman's La'dere's daughter, Maria La'dere." she said hoping that was a good lie.

" Oh really now? and where is he? "

" Daddy is late he had to run a few business related work he should be here shortly."

" Good. Good if he doesn't come soon he might not be able to get in. My security is on high alert it has been some rumors that the rebels might attack my party tonight." She gasped and looked around how do that information get leaked.
" Really?" She asked. " i had no idea" she had a fake fear look on her face

" Yes. I'm afraid. but don't worry i will protect you." He said as he kissed her hand lightly. She blushed
" Thank you sir." She told him

" But can i let you know a little secret?" He asked Mary Jane

" Yes sir." Hopefully she get some information.

" Noblemen la'dere doesn't have any children over the age of 13." he whispered in her ear. " So stop with the lies and tell me who you are." She looked him in his eyes and cursed. She guessed looks didn't always get you what you wanted.

But then.....Boom!!! She was saved by the distraction of her allies bomb as the whole ball room shook. People screamed and ran around frantically.

" Rebels! This Girl is a Rebel Everyone Run and....." He was cut of by the blade of Mary janes sword pierced his heart no one noticed in the mass confusion.

Больше года screamingdeath1 said…
Zero blew up the top of the room and the allies flew in.Zero jumped down." Good job,M.j." Zero said,getting that spoiled rat, (Talking about the Old man)
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
" Yeah. even though the mission was to take him in for questioning. Sorry i got a little carried away." she said blushing full of embarrassment. " But now we need a new target take your team around back find a new target and take him back to base." she gave him orders

" I have my own plans." she said running in the opposite direction.
Больше года Time_Master said…
((Is this ok?))
Name: No one knows his name, but he is called 'Clockwork'

age: he looks around 28, but he acts like he's 30

Gender: Male

Personality: Changes

Sector: This person claims to be from the northern sector, however you can hear a bit of an eastern tone in his voice

Status: Ally to the Rebels, though he still works with them, he isn't one himself. this allows him more freedom than an actual rebel

Weapons: Very heavy (even by fake limb standards) Electro-Axe, and a Super-Magnum ((Pics))

Clockwork was once a friend of Inventor, but Inventor had forgotten Clockwork, and in turn, they both forgot each others names, as grown adults now, they both realized that they no longer needed names for each other, so they call each other by the title they gave themselves, Much like Inventor, Clockwork is a master at creating things, having created 34% of the vehicles, machines and daily things people in the north and west use, he created his own weapons as well, though he will share his knowledge with those who can understand it.


His eye colour is Orange, with brown mixed in, this is rumored to have happened because of the amount of metal, rust and sparks he does when he makes things.
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 ((Is this ok?)) [b]Name:[/b] No one knows his name, but he is called 'Clockwork' [b]age:[/b] he L
Больше года Time_Master said…
Clockworks Electro-Axe

This is a large, heavy axe, with the ability to summon down 1 lightning strike per day, using weather gears, it also charges the blade of the axe with Electricity, to its effective against machine and man.
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 Clockworks Electro-Axe This is a large, heavy axe, with the ability to summon down 1 lightning str
Больше года Time_Master said…
Clockworks custom Steam-mag 44., or as it used to be called by him when he made it, a Super-magnum

6 different Bullets:

1: Regular: These are just normal bullets

2: Steam-explosive: When they hit something, they explode with steam

3: Stun: This is a small bullet, with a tiny paralyze poison.

4: Electrical: He carries limited amount of these, as too many too close might cause a thundershock ((It's like being hit with real lightning, the thundershock thing))

5: Corrosive: This is a special bullet, inside it is coated with wood, because it contains a liquid that will cause massive rust and corrode any metal besides Adamant. he only carries 1 of these

6 Explosive: Pretty much Grenades, he carries 3 of these
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 Clockworks custom Steam-mag 44., или as it used to be called by him when he made it, a Super-magnum
Больше года Time_Master said…
Clockwork stood a few meters away, holding a watch, as an explosion happened to the building in front of him, he closed the watch.

"Just on time... the Rebels are attacking the target, which means the Authorities shall arrive soon... better delay them"
Clockwork clapped his hands, as Turrets he & Inventor made turn on, on both sides of the street and the turrets notified that they were on
"GoOd... moRniNg"

Clockwork then entered the building, to see if they required more help.
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 Clockwork stood a few meters away, holding a watch, as an explosion happened to the building in front
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Vincent was currently entertained his own guests as his home. Music flowed through the open windows and girls giggled as they danced along with the music while the men drank, flirted, and told jokes. Vincent smiled as he sipped on his glass and watched his guests enjoying themselves.
Больше года Time_Master said…
as Clockwork entered the building, he saw the rebels, as a female one ran off, he followed her, hoping he could be of some assistance.

" 'ey, Girly, ya' need any help with what yer doin' there?"
he said as he slowly caught up.
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
" clockwork!' she yelled looking at him stopping in her tracks " what are you doing here"
He just simply shrugged.

" Im fine really im fine. I just have to handle something first. Ok?" She told him
Palin_X765 commented…
i like clockwork but do the rebels know him i was confused on that. Больше года
Time_Master commented…
yeah, he works with you, but he isn't one himself. so he's pretty much just helping becasue Inventor is his childhood friend Больше года
Больше года Time_Master said…
"Alrighty then, just call me if ya need any help! I'll go see if Robo boy needs help then, good luck girly!"

Clockwork ran back to Zero.
" 'ey, boy, ya need help with anythin'?"

Clockwork said as he reached into his jacket pocket, and pulled out his favourite and only gun, his Steam-Mag-44 which he customly built, it had 6 different type of bullets, but he mainly used Regular bullets.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
((I'm just going to jump in and hope it works, if not let me know))

Josie followed the team into the building after Zero blasted a hole through the wall, she had her guns ready to use if they were needed and then listened for instructions. When she heard about making their way round back, that was what she did.
ripper124 commented…
sorry to bother u all but do u need a extra player Больше года
Больше года Time_Master said…
Clockwork noticed another Rebel female behind Zero, somewhere in the back.

" 'ey! Girly!, c'mere a sec! i've got something i want someone to test fer me!"
As Clockwork called to the girl, he put his gun back into his inside jacket pocket, and began rummaging through the outside pocket, he pulled out a gantlet, and a saw that was folded in half, he unfolded it and assembled something.
 Clockwork noticed another Rebel female behind Zero, somewhere in the back. " 'ey! Girly!, c'mere a
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Josie looked over when she heard someone who she thought was calling to her so she went over. "What is that?" she asks curiously going over to him, even if he hadn't originally been talking to her.
Больше года Time_Master said…
"This is a Saw-Guantlet, however it's a prototype, and currently i've only configured it to fit a female, so i wished for someone to test it out in a live-combat-scenario, I'll give this to you, you can also name it if you want, but make sure to tell me about any flaws, so now, you push this button here"

Clockwork pointed to a red button where the thumb of the pic up top is now

"To make it turn on, note that it's a toggle, so push it once, then again to turn it off, now this yellow and green button here"

Clockwork pointed to the Yellow and Green button on the pic up top

"To fire either Heavy or Low steam, use the lever underneath to either tighten it on your arm or loosen it. have fun kiddo!"

Clockwork explained as he put the device on her arm, and clamped it on.

"Make sure to adjust the tightness to your liking"
Clockwork gave her a pat on her head.
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Больше года fangfan7 said…
She hated being talked at like she was a kid, but he weapon looked like it would be pretty cool and useful. She smiled and turned it on, it was a quieter than she had thought. "Perfect." she said quietly, a michievious grin on her face.
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
MJ kept running down the hall looking for the back room where the inventor told her to go. She passed a few nobles and aristocrats they screamed and cowered when they saw her but she left them alone.

She ran up one flight then two flights of stairs but they seemed endless especially in a dress. She stopped and took one of her knives and split in up the middle and took off most of the bottom.
" Perfect." She said with a smile. Then she finally made it to the top floor. She ran down the long hall but was stopped when two guards came out of a intersecting one. They spotted her.

" HEY....." one called but was cut off by one of M.J's knives that sunk into his neck. The other tried to load up his gun but was too slow and M.J stabbed him with her sword.
She laughed with glee as she finally made her way to the room she was looking for.

She opened the door and saw what she was looking for. In the middle of the room stood a very dapper young automaton by the name Mr. pip. She smiled at him as he turned around.

" Why isn't it my good friend miss jane how are you?" he asked as she grabbed his arm

" No time for that we have to go!" She pulled him as they ran to the window. She open it as she heard shouts coming from behind. More guards. She pulled out a small gun and shot it in the air it exploded in the sky making a bright red color there signal.

Just then an arrow with a long metal cable connected to it pierced the wall right above her head. It was one of fishers.

" Hold on Mr.Pip!" she told him as she grabbed onto the hooks that was hanging off of it. she waved her hand as her and Mr.pip began to slide down the make shift zip line that was connected to the ground floor of the opposite building. She then heard bullets fly behind them. One hit her mechanical leg as she and Mr.Pip dove into the building on the other side of the street. Fisher helped her up.

" M.J i see the plan worked yeah?" Fisher asked

" No i killed nobleman Johnston and i don't know if zero got an replacement ." she
said looking angry.

Mr. Pip was made by the inventor with some help of clockwork he is steam powered robot with little functions he is just a prototype
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 MJ kept running down the hall looking for the back room where the inventor told her to go. She passed
Больше года Time_Master said…
"did ya hear that? and i can smell it, a Gun's been shot, a low-non-steam-powered Musket, with no extra addons, i can smell the gunpowder too, there's a fight up stairs! go on an' test the beut' out, you can also cut down wood with it"

Clockwork motion for her to run down the hall with stairs at the end

"I'm Clockwork by the way, I'm a dear old friend of Inventor"
Больше года fangfan7 said…
"Josie." she said with a bow and a smile. She headed upstairs the weapon at ready if needed. When she aw that the rebels had gotten safely away she nodded and then went back down stairs, avoiding people if she could. Once or twice she had to shoot someone, but she wouldn't use the saw on a person, that was just messy.
Больше года Time_Master said…
Clockwork was now outside with the other Rebels, once Josie had returned, he diverted his attention from turning off the turrets, to the prototype weapon

"Any problems? faults or breakdowns? loose screws or parts falling off? is the fitting bad?, and have you given it a name yet?"

Clockwork moved his fingers lightly over the top of the gauntlet all over to see if anything failed or made an Error, he seemed quick talking when it came to inventions.
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
" Call off the attack." M.J mumbled under her breath.
" Pardon? " fisher asked her

" Call off the bloody attack!" She yelled at her fellow rebel. He just nodded and took out an arrow and shot it into the sky it exploded into sparks of blue.

" At least it was half successful yeah?" He said trying to cheer her up. " the inventor will be happy to see his prototype invention still in working order."

"does anyone care for tea?" The robot asked in any annoy voice

" shut up!" Maryjane screamed at Mr.Pip

" Let began our departure. Shall we?" fisher asked her

" Aye sir." She said as they made there escape
Больше года fangfan7 said…
Josie was just about to answer when she saw the signal calling off the attack. "Let's go!" she shouted to everyone. Then she turned back to clockwork. "I haven't named it, but it seemed to work alright when I was using it." she said. It was a good weapon, though she still prefered her guns and knives.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Vincent was hanging out of one of his houses window watching the chaos down the way from the rebel attack "my oh my! How exciting!" He chuckled to himself as he saw bright blue explode into the sky "Oh my..what a beautiful shade of blue!"
Palin_X765 commented…
He went crazy with wealth? LOL Больше года
KayKutie13 commented…
LOL he is just crazy and an artist Больше года
Больше года Time_Master said…
"Aww! that's no good! Weapons become more to your liking when you name them!... but you're still young, you'll learn"

Clockwork clicked his shoes against the floor, as small wheels popped out of them.
"Well, I'll see you around! keep her safe! and give her a name damnit!"

He suddenly sped off, after a while a giant airship came down on the other side of the town, and clockwork boarded it, then it flew off, whilst inside he sat down at his workbench, and began to work on another device

"GlaDos, circle around this town for now" he spoke to the ship, which was apparently Automatic

"Ok... anything else big brother?"

Out of a small capsule, came a little girl in a completely white dress, she had twin tails for hair, with strange little spheres in them, she didn't seem like any of his other inventions at all.

"no, it's ok now GlaDos, but could you kindly help me with this?"
he smiled at her, like she was an actual little sister.
she smiled happily back, displaying emotions similar to a humans, it's strange but whenever she asked him about herself, he simply dodged the subject entirely...
he's hiding something...
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 "Aww! that's no good! Weapons become еще to your liking when Ты name them!... but you're still youn
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
The inventor was in his shop lightly tinkering with a small device that he didn't even know what it will be. He looked closely and blew smoke out of his pipe when one of the orphans, a young lad name Chris who is no more older than 7 came running to him pulling on his leg.

" What is it lad?" he asked him

"Sir!" Chris said in excited voice. " I bring great news! The heroes have returned!"

" Great news lad. Was the mission a success?" The inventor asked. The young boy's face grew grim

" No we didn't get to capture the noblemen and some of the rebels were killed." The boy said looking down. " Four of the invented and six regulars. Some need repairs, Maryjane was shot in her mechanical leg it is not working properly." Chris looked on the edge of crying

" Its ok lad. They died for a good cause, to better all of our futures." He told Chris reassuringly. " Now tell me. Were they able to recuse Mr.Pip?" the boys face slowly came to a smile.

" Oh Yes!" Chris yelled with glee " Mr.Pip was saved. Good very good."

" Great! Now can you send in a Josie, Maryjane and fisher for a final report?"

"Aye Sir!' Chris yelled as he ran off

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Больше года Time_Master said…
Clockworks Airship

Things to know:

♪ ~ Yes, this flies, and is entirely controlled by Clockworks 'little sister' GlaDos

♪ ~ GlaDos has never been allowed outside of the airship, and whenever Inventor comes over, GlaDos hides in her capsule, and acts as the voice command system, so no one except Clockwork knows she exists.

♪ ~ Inside is everything you'd need to be a Steampunk, you have a bedroom, kitchen, invention room, testing room, a Deck and a small bathroom

♪ ~ Although airships are Rare at the moment, and only the rich have them, this one is bigger than any other Airship, as it has empty rooms, which are still being planned to be filled.

♪ ~ Those cannons on the top do actually work, but only when attacking other Airships, and though this one is made of Metal, it had a major weak spot on it's tail.

♪ ~ For fuel, it uses Carbon Dioxide through a Clever mechanical system that filters it out just like plants do, so pretty much, it breathes.
 Clockworks Airship [b]Things to know:[/b] ♪ ~ Yes, this flies, and is entirely controlled by
Больше года fangfan7 said…
By the time Josie got back, she was immediately sent in to talk with the inventor. "Sir?" she said when she saw no one at first.
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
The inventor was wiping his tears away 10 of his family members died today and he was the ones who sent them to there deaths. The he heard his door opened and he hurried and composed himself. It was josie.

"Sir?" she asked him

" Ah yes Josie can you sit down please?" He asked and she sat in a chair he stood by a wall with his back against it. " I was told clockwork was there yeah? Tell me did the mission go. Was clockwork any help?" He asked too many questions his mind was thinking too fast.
Больше года fangfan7 said…
She hesitantly sat down and looked up at him. "Yes clockwork was there. I was not where he was most of the time. He gave me a prototype weapon to use as I went and made sure mj and mr. Pip got out. The mission was half successful, but you knew that..." without thinking she stood and paced some she was having trouble sitting still. "I am really sorry nothing could be done for those who died." she said taking a step to him and then stopped. "Is there anything else?" she asks him.
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
" Just make sure Maryjane and fisher hurry and get here i want to see Mr. Pip. Also i want you to start devising the next mission i need your smarts yeah? For a few days i need you going on uncover work getting information on the streets you think you can do it." He asked Josie

He highly respected her and knew she could handle any task at hand. They needed a new plan and he needed he fast thinking and reflexes. Unlike M.J who only uses her physical charm to get her way.

He waited for her answer
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
[ i had changed Fishers bio a little bit also do you guys think i should make the inventors character sheet?]
Больше года fangfan7 said…
((I think you should but it's up to you))

Josie hid her surprise. "Sir I would be honored to. W-what's the target for the mission? What kind of information am I looking for specifically? Or am I just listening around?" she asks all at once. She stopped, collecting her thoughts. "I'm sorry. I'll send mj and fisher in when I see them. Then I'll head out and see what I hear and come back here with the information I find important and make a plan from there.". She looks to him for approval, not wanting to disappoint him.
Больше года KayKutie13 said…
Vincent was down far away from where his home was, instead he was searching. Searching for something almost unfindable. He was searching for the rebels. He knocked on a random hoping all the clues he collected had finally led him to the place he was searching for.
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
[i will make the inventors bio tomorrow]

" I need you to head to west sector." The inventor began talking while blowing out smoke " Its a few young aristocrats who work in the black market selling illegal weapons, and exotic imported items so on and so fourth. Some own an vast variety of barthols and whore houses. you know the normal stuff." He said waving his hand impassively.

" i need you to head there and get close to one of those aristocrats and get some information from them. I would normally send Maryjane on a mission like this but you are more than capable." he said smiling at her

" any questions?" he asked

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She blushed a little. "No." she did have some questions, but it was all out of being nervous, and most couldn't be answered until she was in the moment. She would be heading out as soon as she was done here.
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"Big Brother... does Mr.Inventor know about me?"
GlaDos asked, as she held a tiny circular piece of metal still in the air, whilst Clockwork was attaching gears, steam valves, and a strange compartment

"No, but i hope to show him to you one day, he will most likely either be surprised, that i created you..."
He shivers for a second, thinking of what he had to do to make her.
"Or, he will become angry that i didn't help him to make Mr.Pip"

"Who's Mr.Pip, Big brother?"
"Oh, that's right, you've never gone outside before... well, Mr.Pip is like you, he's... a machine, although he is more metal than actual organic flesh and clothes... maybe i should show you the outside, would you like that?"

GlaDos jumped up, she jumped for she was really glad
"oh yes! yes! yes! thank you big brother! thank you!"
"ahahaha! well, we'll go in 15 minutes, after i finish this watch, so go to sleep in your capsule, ok?"
GlaDos nods, puts the circular object down, then happily hops around, and then goes into her capsule.

Clockwork sighs, he scratches his rough, messy hair, then get's back to the watch.
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Name: The inventor

Age: 34 he thinks he has no records of his birth like most orphans

Gender: male

Personality: He may only be 34 years old but acts like an old man. cares deeply for all of the rebels personally and calls them his family.

Sector: Unknown

Status: Rebel leader, he normally wears a mask

Weapons: He has i vast variety of items that he has created. Guns, Cars , Bikes all powered by steam some of his inventions are not describable. He where this suit that has big arms that helps him make things.

History: Orphan boy that always hated the king he blamed the king for his parents deaths and has slowly been building an army of youths to revolt against the king. Now saves abandoned orphans and tries to raise like his own children the rebels is a small group of now 38 people.
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 Name: The inventor Age: 34 he thinks he has no records of his birth like most orphans Gender: m