Случайное обыгрывание ролей Dimension 1: The Capital

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If you wish to be part of this RP please go to the forum Dimension Headquarters and fill out the profile to use here if you should so chose to use that character here. Thank you.

Set in the year 2368, the New World Order has had control over earth for the past 250 years and has successfully shrank Earth's human population from the 8,202,526,988 it was when they took over down to the 137,702,559 it is now. They didn't what to start a riot in the citizens of earth so in order to properly decrease the population without the public knowing of it they started putting cancer causing chemicals into the food supplies, mainly in the junk food to ensure the unhealthy ones go first. There for not only would the adults and their children who ingest these chemicals in the junk food become sick but so would their children and their children's children. Slowly and effectively eliminating the human population.

For those few 137,702,559 humans still healthy enough to live. They families were either selected by the Capital as good genetic donors or the lived in third world countries or on farms where they were hardly exposed to the chemically poisoned food.

Those selected by the government were marked like cattle to help identify whose family they belonged to. The family is marked by a letter and your placement in it is by a number. If there are more than one family with the same letter the second family would have double or even triple of that letter. Example: AA3 = Part of the second family with a A and the third born in the family so this person is the oldest child. Whichever parent is born first is 1 the other parent is 2 and any children they have would be anywhere from 3 onward. If the family is one that already has existed for however many generations there would be a - symbolizing the generation. Example AA----5

The Capital also practices "selective breeding" and controlled birth rate to ensure that the healthy humans have even healthier children at a calculated rate. Those who disobey this rule and have more children will be punished.

The Capital is also fully aware of the portal though they do not know where it leads to and forbid anyone one to go in, near, around, or even in the same area that the portal is. They keep it well guarded with the highest levels of security imaginable. One wrong move and its instant death, unless of course you can find a way to out wit the computers.

Simply state which character you are using and anything you wish the others role players to know about them for this RP.

Any questions just ask. Have fun!
 If Ты wish to be part of this RP please go to the Форум Dimension Headquarters and fill out the prof
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Больше года LocalArtistist said…
Character in this dimension: Evelien
 Character in this dimension: Evelien
Больше года 666demon said…
Character and dimension: Harvey
 Character and dimension: Harvey
Больше года LocalArtistist said…
((Newest generation of selectively bred army troops. They all guard the farms and capital to make sure no one escapes. ))
 ((Newest generation of selectively bred army troops. They all guard the farms and capital to make su
Больше года 666demon said…
What is more deadly; Harvey or a scythe?

Your answer is wrong it is actually: Harvey wielding a scythe and knowing how to use it.

They were taking his Evelien away. They tried to hold him back, but like the others they failed. One caught him bu surprise though, kicking him in the stomach. He tried calling out to her, to his Evelien. "Bring it on! I'LL KILL AL OF YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!!" He used his fists this time, bashing in skulls of the army until they were just bodies around him and Evelien.

He was still punching one of the bodies, one of the men who touched Evelien. He was still seething over the last time they took her, raped and then threw her back to him like she was a whore. "Ficken Schwanz saugen Mutter verdammt kranken ficken Arschlecken Sperma Schlampen." He cursed under his breath as he beat the already broken face in. His white cotten shirt was lying torn in the mud, he only had the tan cotten pants and black leather boots on, but he didn't matter about any of that.
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Больше года LocalArtistist said…
(( O-O I-I... I don't know how to respond...))
Больше года 666demon said…
((Too violent? god damn it.. now I want to draw something like this.... FUCK IT I'LL DO IT ANYWAY!))

(((But really, too violent?)))
Больше года LocalArtistist said…
(( Yes...and no. But it only is because it's right away in the beginning of the RP. I was honestly going to start it with the morning she got taken from Harvey not a while after. I'm perfectly fine with that level of violence it's just that in the beginning it can be a little confusing.))

(((Also I can't remember if Evelien and Harvey have kids in this one or not. :P)))
Больше года 666demon said…
((want me to edit that?))

(((They don't,)))
Больше года LocalArtistist said…
((Nah, I'll just start.))

(((They are married here though right? I have horrible memory.)))
Больше года 666demon said…

(((Yes, yes they were. Since the start of Harvey's reign over Germany to present and beyond time.)))
Больше года LocalArtistist said…
((I'll will post it in.................................six days. Bye!))
Больше года LocalArtistist said…
((Never mind, I lied. I don't have the patience for six days barely even enough for 6 hours.))

Laying down in their bed she woke up with a smile on her face. Harvey's arm was wrapped around her and the pale sunlight was shining through their thin curtains. They had just gone through a streak of bad weather but looking outside today looked like it would change that all for the better.

Her arm laid out in front of her she could get a clear look at their arms. His were worn down and tattered from farming yet they held strength in them from working his scythe out in the fields. Hers were much smaller than his and were covered in small scars and bruises from having to pick and work on the machinery. On her right forearm was the Capital's mark on her, she they put it on her once she turned 18, but that was all they did, simply telling her that she would know it's purpose soon enough. But that was years ago and it was only quite moments like this did she eve remember the little lettering 'L-----3' She didn't know what it meant and she really didn't care, just like she had surely the Capital had forgotten about it too.

With a small yawn she slipped out from underneath his arm, and out of the warm bed, just it time for the morning siren to blare. She always woke up just a few minutes before it went off and always jumped at the sound of it. Three times a day that siren would blare. The first telling you to wake up do your stuff and get out into the fields, the second the shortest of all was for the small break of lunch and the third was for the end of that days work and to back home and to sleep.
Больше года 666demon said…

" Ficken Arschlöcher!" Harvey growled while sitting up, the sirens never spooked him much as they did his Evelien but they did piss him off to no end. Looking away from the sunlight he smiled at her, finding it cute the way she jumped. Swinging his legs from the bed so he could touch the floor he nudged the back of her knee with his and wrapped his arms around her small hips. Staying like that for a few minutes there was nothing by absolute silence, a rare thing for him now.

He hated being away from her, he felt sick every time they separated for the day. He missed hearing her speak, just the sound of her voice calmed him down, she was was his personal drug. Sighing when he saw what time it was he turned her around and held her close ready to grab his gun when they came to take her away from him. "Ich liebe dich…"

Ich liebe dich. I love you. Te amo. It doesn't matter how you say it. It matters if you say it and when you say it…

"Für immer."

Больше года LocalArtistist said…
She had lost count of the number of times he had said that to her, yet it never got old. "И я буду любить тебя." She looked up at him a calm look in her eyes, that contrasted the sweet smile on her lips. "Um das Ende der Zeit und wieder zurück." She said lovingly leaning her head on his shoulder, enjoying what might be their last embrace.

Just the second after her head rested onto his shoulder, there was a loud knock on their door. Before either one of them could react the person at the door walked inside flanked by 6 others all dressed in the same uniform all with the capital's mark on their forearms. The only difference between them was that those who followed in were holding rather intimidating weapons compared to Harvey's.

"We have come for the sow, who resides here." The first person stated, the others all had their weapons pointed at Harvey. Her Harvey, she loved him more than her own life, but it seemed like their was always something trying to take them apart. "We can take her willingly or by force."