Случайное обыгрывание ролей Awakening (RETRY)

Flora_Swift posted on Jan 11, 2014 at 02:37AM
Wind chimes blew in the warm breeze, a robin sang out for its mate to finish the nest before the babies came, and the king flute played a soothing melody of sleep and love. The wind swept in her face as the queen stroked her baby's head, letting the fine strands of brown silk curl around her fingers. She pressed the baby closer to her heart. She'd never felt so happy, so complete.

Time flies by. The princess Sophia had become thirteen years old.

"Mother, will I ever become a true fairy tale princess? Will I ever have to sleep for a hundred years?" The little princess asked her mother. The queen looked fondly at her daughter, "Only time will tell, my dear Sophia." Suddenly, the air went cold, everything became silent and unwelcoming. Out of the midst, there came a deep growl. Sophia screamed and ran, but she tripped and sprained her ankle. As she looked up, all she could see is towering above her, a wolf. It growled and salver dripped from its mouth. Sophia felt as if she was going to faint. "Sleep! Sleep my dear princess! Sleep for a hundred years!" the wolf hissed. Sophia tried to scream, but just as she opened her mouth, her mind went completely blank...

After a hundred years, Sophia finally awoken. She searched around the castle for her mother and father, or any trace of her people, but she found none. She escaped from the dreamless castle, towards Moonfell Wood, to seek the fairy queen for help. On her way, she encounters many friends. Nobody knows how long it will take for Sophia to find her people...

1. No god modding!
2. Sex isn't allowed.
3. This is set in a fantasy world, so, no modern things.
4. Type 7 in your file to let me know you read the story.

Fill this is:

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Больше года Palin_X765 said…
Name: Aston Bane
Age: 34
Race: Mage/ time traveler
Gender: male
Other: He can control the elements and has the ability to time travel.
Description or picture: pic
Bio: He has lived in literally all times. Going back and forth trying to find the true meaning of life. Beginning and End. But now he is for some reason he cant use that form of magic. He is stranded in the past.

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 Name: Aston Bane Age: 34 Race: Mage/ time traveler Gender: male Other: He can control the elemen
Больше года Screaming_Death said…
Name: Jaxson Zephyr
Race: Mage/Guardian
Other: He have the power of imagination and is the guardian of the forest and Royals.Sometimes likes to see Sophie when see is outside. (Also have runes magic)
Gender: Male
Pic: Pic
Bio: Hundred years ago,when Jaxson was born a witch was trying to turn him into a dark minon when he discovered that she was going to do that,he auto-matically killed the witch.But he didn't know he could live forever. The fairy queen found Jaxson and when turn 14 he would be the guardian of the forest and royals. When Sophie was born Jaxson is supposed to take care of her and the family but something appered out of no where then it is now 100 years later.


 Name: Jaxson Zephyr Age:Unknown Race: Mage/Guardian Other: He have the power of imagination and is
Больше года DragonAura15 said…
Hey, can I join?
Больше года Time_Master said…

Name: Adam

Age: they forgot their age

Race: Shinigami (Death)

Gender: Male

Anything he touches dies, with the exception of his Sister.
if his sister dies, he dies

Picture: He's the male in the picture

Name: Eve

Age: they forgot their age

Race: Seikatsu (life)

Gender: Female

Anything she touches that is dead returns to life.
if her brother dies, she dies

Picture: She's the female in the picture


Long ago, in the forest so big,
lived 2 spirits, deep in moonfell wood,
they stay and watch, as life and death,
swirl in turn, whoever may venture into,
deep moonfell wood, when found the spirits,
Answer their riddle, and if right,
they grant a gift, life and death... Adam and Eve.


When Adam talks, this symbol ♀ will be in front.
When Eve talks, this symbol ♂ will be in front.
When both talk, this symbol ☼ will be in front.
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 7 [b]Name:[/b] Adam [b]Age:[/b] they forgot their age [b]Race:[/b] Shinigami (Death) [b]G
Больше года Time_Master said…
(Hello? did this die already? :<)
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
idk i think she forgot about this
Больше года Time_Master said…
Well, can we continue it then?
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
sounds good to me
Больше года Time_Master said…
Do you want to start then? or should i?
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
can you? Im lost on how
Больше года Time_Master said…
(Well, first we need someone to Control the main character, the princess that slept for 100 years.)

Adam and Eve, walked throughout their lonely forest...
no one believed in their tale, so no one ever bothered to come to Moonfell woods, their lives had become boring, with just keeping record of the people who have been born, and have died.
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
Aston bane,by which more often refered to as Bane have been in many sticky situations before but this has to one of his worst. He doesnt know the time he is in all he knows is he is in front of around 200 people with a noose around his neck as they yelled and called him a witch.

" Die you Devil!" A woman screamed

" I can asure you i am no such thing." He laughed as he made that womans hair ablaze she ran around screaming until someone threw a bucket of water on her.

" Kill it!" They yelled as a man in black began to kick him off a stage.

" I guess this is it. i lived a full life." He said as he fell off the stage and everything went black.

He woke up later in some woods he cannot recall.

" Did i die?" He asked himself " Hopefully im in heaven or maybe did i time travel?"
Больше года Time_Master said…
♀ "No... this is neither Heaven nor Hell... you are in our forest... i am Adam"
♂ " I am Eve... we are Life and Death... the beautiful lie... and Ugly truth... and we have judged for you to live"

☼ "You have done no crime... so you deserve no punishment... Eve shall restore your life... and what you choose do to with your second life... is your choice... NOW RETURN TO WHENCE YOU CAME, RETURN TO THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD ATTEMPT TO END YOUR LIFE, AS ONE DAY, WE MAY WRITE YOUR NAME... IN THE BOOK OF DEATH"

a light faded into banes eyes, when he opened them, he was now standing back on the stage, the noose no longer around his neck, and he was not in chains, but a symbol glowed above his head for a few moments, then it faded, as a whispering voice called out.

"Know the tale... of Life and Death... of Adam and Eve, in deep Moonfell wood"
 ♀ "No... this is neither Heaven nor Hell... Ты are in our forest... i am Adam" ♂ " I am Eve...
Больше года Screaming_Death said…
As Jaxson heard the voice of the other guardians,he got up and flew to them."And I'm Jaxson.The mage and guardian of the Moonfell Woods."
Time_Master commented…
Adam and Eve are not the Guardians, they live in Moonfell woods, and people didn't believe in their story, they keep record of all that is alive and is dead. Больше года
Больше года Flora_Swift said…
((I'm sorry I totally forgot this! Please forgive me!))
Sophia sank down on her knees and started to cry. She had no idea what to do. The only path she could take is to Moonfell wood but she doesn't know if it is anyway safe at night. She looked down at her reflection on the lake and decided that she'll have to go into the woods to find her people.
Больше года Screaming_Death said…
As Jaxson senses Sophia's presents."S-So shes alive!" He said,poofing to Sophia. "Hey Sophia,You might not remember me but I'm your guardian and the guardian of the Moonfell Woods. I know you are confused." He says with a nice grin."If you have any questions I would like to answer them."
Больше года Flora_Swift said…
Sophia stood up, surprised that someone actually noticed her, just as she was crying. She looked at Jaxson and asked, "Do you know where my people have gone?" She blinked back a new wave of tears and stared at Jaxson, waiting for an answer.
Больше года Palin_X765 said…
Aston blinked as he relized he was back on the stage in that small town. Salem? he thought to himself. He looked at the crowed and they all had dased lookeds on there faces .

" What just happened?"

" What were we doing." another one called

" Oh yeah!" A man called " That man is on trial for being a witch."

" No no no." Aston replied "i was up here to give a message of god and what not." Aston tried to tell them.

" Then explained why the excutioner is up there along with the clergy men and a noose is in front of you?" The man yelled witch got the people very excited.

" Ugly truth? Beutiful lie..... was the right names for those two." Aston said to himself " Bye Bye." Aston yelled to the crowed of people. Then He timetraveled

He landed in some grass his head hurt as he looked around. He saw a house. No it was a gaint castle the sight would look amazing to anyone.

" I guess i should have a look around." he said to himself as he made his way to the back door.
Больше года Screaming_Death said…
Jaxson looks sad for a moment. "Your parents is not died but will be soon. Do you know how you went to sleep?"
Больше года Flora_Swift said…
Sophia shook her head and looked down to her hands. "All I remember is my mother singing and then I was asleep. I can't remember what happened before and after."
Больше года Time_Master said…
Adam and Eve stood at the edge of Moonfell wood, looking towards the tower.

♀ "She's awake"
♂ "So is her family"
☼ "But not for long... soon, we must take their names"
♂ "From my Book of Life"
♀ "To my Book of Death"
☼ "Unless... someone get's there first"

Then they returned back into Deep Moonfell Woods.
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