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wantadog posted on Feb 17, 2014 at 05:15AM
Yes. It's an rp about a big hole in the ground......shut up. I'm not good with names.

Plot: Many years ago, before mankind had any of the luxuries it currently possesses, an enormous, deep, pitch black pit appeared in the ground. The pit seemingly had no bottom and it soon became a test of endurance to see just how deep someone could go before being forced to return, but something was being emitted from that large gaping hope. Something that began to make plant life rot away. It began to spread further and further until finally humans managed to seal the hole, thus preventing the dangerous fumes from killing the planet, but now, hundreds of years later, the pit has once again begun to emit the dangerous fumes that almost destroyed the planet once before. Can anyone make it to the bottom of this seeminly bottomless pit? Can anyone solve the mystery of the dangerous fumes that threatened to rot away all plant life on Earth? Can it even be stopped?


1: No godmodding. Your characters can die. In fact, nothing would make me happier XD

2: Be Respectful to the other RP'ers

3: No killing another person's character without his or her express permission.

4: If a characters actions are disruptive to the rp, the character in question can be removed from the rp. This requires a majority vote.

5: Mature content allowed, but no descriptive sex. If I wanted pointless smut, I would go read fanfictions.

6: No one liners. Yes. You know who I'm talking about. You should be ashamed of yourself, you selfish bastard!

7: No timeskips without majority approval. As owner of the rp, I can force one but only if absolutely necessary.

8: Use proper grammar and don't stop your sentences hal-

9: Have fun or face the indignant wrath of Patrick Stewart in a speedo!

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