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Riku114 posted on Feb 18, 2014 at 12:00AM
Description: We have all played a game or two in our life time haven’t we? Well of course we have. We do the beta testing for quite a few games before they ever came out. Everything is normal right? That’s what we think. We believe this is the real world, after all its the world we have known since we remember. Though, little do we know, that this itself is simply a game where we are the players . We were avatars that were given artificial knowledge and their own personality. We werent controlled by anybody and we were 'a large step in technology'. Trapped in a false world that could be edited by our creators.

We had never suspected a thing, that everyone except us beta testers, were NPCs, that this world was fake. Though it seemed as if our creators have gotten bored and figured to make it more interesting. Programmed into our world were the avatars we used in our most recent game and they werent friendly. Though while these avatars were controlled by our creator, they told us the thing we never could comprehend. They told us of our fake world and the creator of the game....... who is, on quote, 'in the game'

It wasnt as if we were going to simply believe it, though the fact that our avatars just appeared in our world and the illogical strength they had made it impossible to think otherwise. And as if it wasnt enough to have us know that we, and our world, were fake, but they decided to have our avatars destroy it. Simply to see how our reactions would be. Are we going to try to find a way out of this world? Are we going to try to find out the mystery to this world? Are we going to try to fix this world? Are we going to fight back? Will we find the creator? What are we going to do?


1) No Godmodding
2) Be respectful to the rp and the rp-ers.
3) No killing other characters without permission
4) Yes characters can die though
5) Avoid one liners
6) Timeskips only with majority approval
7) Every 'beta tester' needs an avatar other of theirs. Also you can make NPCs and staff, ill be making the creator later
8) PG 13 cussing is okay in moderation
9) As of right now, 'beta testers' can not have abilities. Staff, avatars, and NPCs can
10) Have fun, more rules will be added as seen fit


Character Profile: (BT=Beta tester)




BT or NPC or staff:

Abilities: *if staff*




If BT make the Avatar:



Abilities: (dont over power)




Nataline Travis (Riku)
Jin Nu (Cyrus)
Alejandro Wilde (Sableye)
Mikhail Nikitovich (Cyrus)
Kei Tezuka (Zeph)
Celeste Barda (Wanta)
Yukure Nato (Riku)

Creator (Riku)
Kasane Torve/Informer (Riku)

Solleia/Nataline (Riku)
Ludger Laupenmuehlen/Jin (Cyrus)
Slits Napa/Alejandro (Sableye)
Bertol Fontanesi/Mikhail (Cyrus)
Kayu/Kei (Zeph)
Celty Cambrode/Celeste (Wanta)
Grazer/Yukure (Riku)

(It isnt based off of the song, but I couldnt help but give it credit for some inspiration)
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