Случайное обыгрывание ролей The Seven Deadly Sins

SilentKarma posted on Feb 22, 2014 at 09:04PM

In the world there has always been a balance between good and evil: Just as night needs day. This balance has been present ever since life existed, with guardians from both good and evil. The guardians of evil are named the Seven Deadly Sins. But recently, people who are calling themselves the Warriors of light have sought out to seek and destroy the Seven deadly sins. One by one, each of the sins fell. At first, it seemed like a good thing--to have no evil in the world. But the balance of yin and yang had been broken because of this. There was no more balance in the world, which set the world into a state of chaos. The moon turned red, and the sun grew brighter until the world began to dry up and feel like a desert. and since everyone was so...well so good, the leadership of the world was threatened as everyone believed that everyone was just as good as the next person. This triggered a new rule, that made it so everyone had to be a certain way: Everyone had to be PERFECT. If anyone had one tiny flaw, or even the smallest mistake such as spilling coffee, they would be punished. Every city was swarmed with brainwashed people, and secret police to watch and make sure that everyone was perfect.
But, from small shadows, came the children of the seven deadly sins. They had been kept from the world because even the seven deadly sins knew that too much sin in the world was a bad thing. But now that there was no sin, the children were awoken and sent to earth to begin creating sin in the world once again. They were no where near as powerful as their parents once were, but with every person they converted to sin, the more powerful they would grow. And maybe one day, they would take their parents place and restore balance to the world. But first they will need to get past the secret police, convert people....And also maybe even watch out for the warriors of light....The warriors that once took out their parents.

*Only one child per sin
*Cursing allowed

The children of the sins:
*Remember that their powers are not fully developed yet, so don't think they are all powerful.
*Each child has one helper that they send to manipulate common people. The helper is not seen by the common people, but the childer of the sin is seen by people. By manipulating them to do the sin, they will get a tiny bit more powerful for each person
*Each child will also have one Power (Please make their power reflect their sin if you can)

Character sheet:
Child of:

My character:
Name: Essy
Child of: Envy
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: odd, dare-devil, goes by "Actions speak louder than words", childish (Unlike her mother)
Power: absorbs other peoples powers and uses them for an amount of time (Since she "Envy's" other peoples abilities)
Helper: She has a snake tattoo on her arm. when she wishes to manipulate someone, the snake comes alive and slithers down er arm to go to the person she wishes to manipulate. It then becomes a tattoo on them and can make them commit the sin
Appearance: Picture
Other: She almost always wears roller-blades
 Pride...Envy...Gluttony...Lust...Wrath...Greed...Sloth In the world there has always been a balanc

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