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Nathan-Croak posted on Feb 23, 2014 at 06:28AM
Not long after the time of Sadie's Pack, Owen's great shame, and the banishment of Jason the world fell into a chaos. "The Whooping Death" was the name of what started the mess. The virus that was responsible for the near extinction of a species due mainly to the intensified lust for savage death. The disease attacked the minds of the young and old alike corrupting their thoughts and behaviors forcing then to return to the savage mutts they were meant to be. Yes, the Wolven World was a dark, nearly inescapable, hole. However for reasons unbeknownst to me or anyone else of that time, the virus vanished as abruptly as it appeared. The Wolves, slowly but surely, recovered from the hell that plagued their planet for generations to create a new order of living. For the first time in Wolven history, a republic of packs were formed, rightly naming it "The First Republic". This new world made life as a Were-Wolf all the easier, still there were many that opposed this new world order. The humans. There was a time when Were-Wolves stood as only a myth to those poor creatures, and now they live in the scums of The First Republic, a mock to their previous place in society. But there in the shadows of the slums, humans gave birth to a revolution so ludicrous that it was taken for a joke. That was the mistake. No one is too sure who struck first but to this day, the Wolves and humans have divided the globe making sure not to cross the other's territory.But corruption within the ranks of the Wolven Army has crippled it's integrity leaving it weak as a front, force, and ultimately a nation. For if and when the humans do attack the wolves, the world will see a battle that was likely fought by demons themselves.

Here's where you come in. You can be either human or were-wolf (it's alright if their ends up being no humans) You don't really need a profile but it'd be great to know about your OC's.

Profile Format:
Allegiance (wolf or human)

Remember the Bio doesn't have to be too long or too short, just put down whatever seems natural.

Of course, there are rules.

Speak only in the third person please.(Ex. Instead of, John: -picks up ball- hello... you say, John picked up the ball and said, "Hello.")

Please use correct grammar...or at least enough so that we understand what you're saying.

Sex, profanity all that is fine but just don't try fucking every time your OC's meet.

Dear god, don't god-mod, it's really annoying. (Ex. Jenny punched Tim in the face, killing him) That's not cool.. instead give the other player a chance to fight back, you know?
Other than that, keep it interesting.. don't think just do! And most importantly, have fun!

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