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Lancelot8 posted on Feb 28, 2014 at 12:32AM
Something in the Anime World is wrong. Scenes from episodes and movies are disappearing. Characters are going missing. What the hell is happening?!

A portal opens up in each Anime series, leading to a place that is pitch black. The only light there is coming from other portals all around. They can crossover into other Anime series. But why?

Someone is doing this on purpose. But who could it be? An enemy to Naruto? Maybe the Witch Medusa. No... Someone more sinister. Someone who will do anything to destroy them all.

Only a select few can fix the problem. They must find the 10 stones that have been keeping their worlds from disappearing and colliding like they're doing now. Can they be able to save every Anime in existence?

Made Up Character Sign Up;

Weapon: (optional)
Series they come from;
Appearance; (pictures please)

Original Character Sign Up:

Age: (if you know)
Series They Come From:
Bio; (can be brief)
Appearance; (pictures please)

-no explicit sexual content
-no killing others characters unless owner allows
-no swearing every two words
-have fun

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Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
(Do we have to make both a made up and original or can we choose)
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
(You can choose.)
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
(Oh ok.)
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Name: Soul “Eater” Evans
Age: somewhere in teenage years
Gender: Male
Species: Human/weapon
Personality: laid back, likes to find short cuts in everything, will protect his friends in any situation.
Weapon: He's a Scythe
Series They Come From: Soul Eater
Bio; he is partner to Maka Albarn (I really hope I spelled that right) and is on the hunt of collecting 99 Kishin Souls (still..)
Appearance; pic

Name: Maka Albarn
Age: same as Soul
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality: more serious and stern than Soul. She does anything to become stronger and takes no short cuts
Weapon: Soul
Series They Come From: Soul Eater
Bio; is Soul's Meister at the DWMA. Her father cheated on her mother and resents him for it, even after her parents divorce.
Appearance: pic
 Name: Soul “Eater” Evans Age: somewhere in teenage years Gender: Male Species: Human/weapon P
sieluvzsoul commented…
AWWWW I WANTED TO DO THEM....oh well guess ill do fairy tail Больше года
Lancelot8 commented…
Sorry. They're my избранное Больше года
sieluvzsoul commented…
ok..its fine Больше года
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
(Yes u did)
Name: Lucy Heartfilia
Age: 18 I think
Gender: female
Species: human/ celestial wizard
Personality: she is very calm..sometimes....she often uses her body to get what she wants, shes very serious when it comes to friends
Weapon: her gate keys
Series: Fairy Tail
Bio: she ran away from home because her dad was always to busy for her
Appearance: pic

Name: Natsu Dragneel
Age: 18 I think
Gender: male
Species: human/Fire Dragon wizard
Personality: hes very...outgoing...hes always ready for a good mission and is willing to do anything to help his friends and the guild...very bad case of motion sickness
Weapon: his fire
Series: Fairy Tail
Bio: he was raised by a dragon named Igneal
Appearance: pic

last edited Больше года
 (Yes u did) Name: Lucy Heartfilia Age: 18 I think Gender: female Species: human/ celestial wizard
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Soul: hey Maka, you might want to see this
Maka: what is it Soul?
Soul; over by the entrance to the Academy. It's like a hole in the world.
Maka: hmm... Let me go see Death about it...
-10 minutes later-
Maka: Death's missing!
Soul; what?
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Lucy: NATSU!!
Natsu: what are you screaming about no...what the hell is this
Lucy: I dont know thats why I called you
Natsu: im not a genius Lucy!!!!
Lucy: obviously
Natsu: its just a black hole....what could possibly go wrong
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Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Soul: how could he be missing?
Maka: you think I know everything?!
Soul: .....yes
Maka: you're hopeless sometimes Soul... Honestly...
Soul: *starts walking to the hole*
Maka: what are you doing?
Soul; going to check out the hole. You coming with or what?
Maka: I have a bad feeling about this..
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Natsu grabs Lucy's wrist: Natsu..what are you
Natsu: I am pulling you to the hole so we can check it out
Lucy: no Natsu *tries to pull away*
Natsu: Lucy just stop...you're embarrassing yourself
Lucy gets dragged: eh heh
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Soul; *steps into the hole* what the—?
Maka: what's with all the other holes in here? Where are we?
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Natsu steps in still trying to pull Lucy in: get your ass in here Lucy
Lucy: no...Natsu..please don't make me
Natsu: come on wuss
Finally Natsu pulls Lucy in but both fall to the ground Lucy landing on Natsu
Natsu: damn you're wa...yyy heavy
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Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Soul; *he and Maka look in the direction of Lucy and Natsu* looks like someone else is here.
Maka; good maybe they know where we are
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Natsu: j-just get off of me *blushes*
Lucy: whatever *stands up and sees Soul and Maka* uhh Natsu weve got company
Natsu looks up at Maka and Soul: oh....sup?
Lucy kicks his head
Natsu: damn you *he whispers*
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Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Maka; *walks toward them and makes Soul follow* hi.
Soul; *puts his hands in his pockets*
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Lucy: uh....hi
Natsu flips up pushing Lucy from his way
Lucy: ow watch it fire freak
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Maka; I'm Maka and this is Soul. Do you have any idea where we are?
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Natsu: im Natsu and this is Lucy
Lucy: hmph *looks away* and sorry but were as clueless as you are
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Soul; hmm... *looks around*
Maka; I don't get it.
Soul: get what?
Maka: where we are and why the hole showed up out of nowhere
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Lucy: ya...seriously though
Natsu: and what are we even supposed to do about it
Lucy: I thought it was the dark guild messin with us again *shivers*
Natsu: calm down Lucy..I don't think they're gonna come looking for you again..and if they do *fire appears on his hands* ill burn them alive
Lucy: turn down the heat flame boy
The fire dissapears
Natsu: aww you're no fun
Lucy rolls her eyes then looks back at Maka and Soul: so who knows really *smiles nervously*
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Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Maka: *backs away from Natsu* what was with the magic....? *seems tense*
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Lucy: calm down Maka...hes just a gullible dummydum he aint gon hurt ya
Natsu: sorry I scared you...maybe I should explain....im a fire-dragon wizard and you guys aren't normal either...I can tell..so what are you guys..hmm
Lucy: do you have...weapon blood in you *looks at Soul in surprise*
Больше года Sableye21 said…
(I'm gonna be this awesome anime character from the 1989. Hehehehe he has a sick sword though.)

Age: Around 18 or 19
Species: Saiyan/Human
Personality: Proud,Cocky,and disrespects someone he doesn't likes
Series: DBZ (Dragon Ball Z)
Bio: Is the son of the Saiyan Prince,Vegeta and the human,Bulma.
Appearance: Pic
 (I'm gonna be this awesome Аниме character from the 1989. Hehehehe he has a sick sword though.) Na
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Soul; *smiles* is it that obvious? *turns into a scythe and has Maka catch him*
Maka; tell me when you're going to change next time
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Lucy and Natsu laugh
Lucy: ya...that's pretty wicked
Natsu: you should tell them what you are Lucy
Lucy blushes: heh heh
Больше года Sableye21 said…
Trunks: *Sees Super Buu open a dimension hole* Get the fuk out! *Sliced him on Buu's stomach jumping inside the hole stumbling down to see Soul,Maka,Natsu,and Lucy* Hello.....I'm Trunks.....*Looks around as he sees Soul turn into a scythe* What the fuck world is this!
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Soul; who's the guy over there?
Maka: *looks in Trunks direction*
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Natsu goes in front of Lucy as fire appeared on his hands: who are you?
Lucy hides behind Natsu completely embarrassed
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Maka: *tenses at the use of magic*
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
(Here if you wanna join my Soul Eater RP. link)
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Natsu: heh sorry Maka
Lucy: you'll get used to it
Natsu: wonder how youll react when you see what Lucy can do
Lucy: shut up Natsu
Больше года Sableye21 said…
Trunks: *Walks to Soul and Maka* Where are we? You guys must be from different dimensions.
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Soul; different dimensions huh? *turns back to human*
Maka; I'm used to magic being used by witches
Soul; and sexy kitties
Больше года Sableye21 said…
Trunks: *laughs a bit*
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Lucy: were use to strippers, pervs, talking flying blue cats, queens of faeries, and...
Natsu interrupts: and sexy wizarding girls
Lucy: you are such a perv *pushes him* DO NOT MAKE ME CALL AQUARIUS OR CANCER ON YOU
Natsu rubs his head: Aquarius hates you though..and is always trying to make you jealous with her boyfriend...
Aquarius in Lucy's mind: and hes hot
Natsu: o please..calm down hot head
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Больше года Sableye21 said…
Trunk: There must be hot heads all over. Hehehehe my fusee...Goten is always a hot head. *smiles at Lucy and Natsu*
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Soul: sounds like an interesting place
Maka; don't start making me compare you to my cheater father!
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Natsu: ya but Lucy was born that way
Lucy: I swer Natsu death is like following you and I will bring it to you swiftly
Natsu: o ya??
Lucy: ya
Natsu: o ya
Lucy: ya...I mean yes
last edited Больше года
Больше года Sableye21 said…
Trunk: *shrugs*
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
??: hehehe...
Больше года Sableye21 said…
Trunk: *Listens* Who was that! * Takes his sword out *
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Natsu: now who is it
Lucy grabs Natsu and hides her face: im totally freaked
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
Maka: *grabs hold of Souls arm*
Soul; *turns into his scythe form*
??: I'm your worst nightmare..
(See ya guys tomorrow.)
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
(K see ya)
Больше года Sableye21 said…
(Bye Lance)

Trunks: *Turns super saiyan in case*
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Lucy: no...im pretty sure my worst nightmare is still about Gray losing all his clothes
Natsu laughs
Больше года Sableye21 said…
Trunks: *Smiles but tries to stay on task*
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
(Now we gotta wait till 2morrow to continue this 1)
Sableye21 commented…
yeah..... Больше года
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
(I'm back)
??: you're wondering what the place is.....
Soul: well duh!
??: it is the center of your worlds.... Everything you know will be gone within a week... Only this place will exist.... For you to be my puppets..
Больше года sieluvzsoul said…
Lucy: Puppets *laughs* I don't think s...
Natsu xovers her mouth: and what if we find a way to not let that happen
Больше года Lancelot8 said…
??; *laughs* you won't.
Soul; there's always a way to beat people like you bastard!