Случайное обыгрывание ролей Death and all his Друзья

Axel1313 posted on Jun 16, 2014 at 11:47PM
You don't know exactly how it happened, but you died. Luckily! (or not, depends on how you look at it.) Death showed up and made a deal with you. Seeing as you have no idea how you died or why, but know somewhere inside that it wasn't right,he offered to bring you back to mostly alive and give you seven years to find the answer. You can extend this time, but it's going to come at a hefty price that you had better be able to pay.

Some general rules/ advice for those of you who made the deal:
1. Do NOT cheat Death. Not truly a rule, but common sense.
2. Relationships are ill advised. Not that they aren't allowed at all, but because of the fact that, unfortunately, there is no way to completely bring you back.
3.You can't tell people what you are or why you are here. If they figure it out and ask you first then fine, but then the secret is only between you and them. Nobody else must find out.
3. Beware slayers and rebels. Slayers do not know that you are harmless and rebels strive to defy death and become completely immortal

Your new appearance!
Not much has really changed in how you look...except for the paler skin and icy cold touch.
No need to worry about smelling bad, you wont rot or anything.
You can eat and need to sleep all of that normal, humany stuff
You will heal faster than usual and do have more strength and heightened senses.
There is a pulse in your chest, but it's not your heart. That's just there to make you seem like you're alive.

The usual, No God Modding,
no killing without permission,
Swearing is fine, so is sex just don't go into details
Avoid one liners at all costs and please use third person writing.
and Have fun!
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