Случайное обыгрывание ролей S.H.I.E.L.D. - Rising from the Ashes [[OPEN]] ((SPOILERS))

Hades_Shadow posted on May 15, 2016 at 05:47PM
This Roleplay is based off of the Popular TV series, Agents of Shield. You can be a Agent, a Super Hero, a Hydra Member, or a Civilian pulled into the Mix! you can be creative, Have your own team! Make your own operations! and make your own friends!


S.H.I.E.L.D, once a organization created for protecting the people, was disassembled when HYDRA attempted to come out of its shadows. Now severely outmatch in technology and resources the ne Director of Shield, Phil Coulson, is working with his team to stem Hydra's rise to power. Nothing is impossible however. With a new group of Inhumans and Shield Operatives recruiting, they are once again becoming the "last line of defense" for humanity. Or are they?


1. Please do not RolePlay an Existing Character, you may interact with them, talk with them, but they may want to be used by others as well. and don't kill them off either, let the TV Show do that!

2. Do NOT include season three spoilers for now, once it is on Netflix and ample time has been given to binge watch a season you can then add spoilers.

3. No God-Modding, as this show has Proven, even Invincible soldiers can be taken out of the picture, allow your character to be human (or alien) by letting them experience pain sometimes.

4. Don't Kill living Characters unless they have given you permission.

5. Dont Curse excessively, If at all. Cursing is a big annoyance to me and I wont tolerate a bad mouth.

6. You must fill out the Character Rubric before Playing.

7. Have fun!


Nickname: (or organization name)
Status: (Shield Agent: Lvl 1, Civilian, Asgardian etc.)
Other Gear:
Short Bio:


-Tristan Sabre (Hades_Shadow)
-Zane Vale [Zyn] (SilverLeo)

-Ava Dallas [Circuit] (Ayaka) {undercover in Shield}

-Peleke Koamalu (Hades_Shadow)
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Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Name: Tristan Sabre
Nickname: Agent Sabre
Status: Shield Specialist-LVL 7 (if levels were still in place)
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin,5' 10"
Clothing: Operations - Black light Kevlar Jacket and Pants, Kelvar Gloves and Mouth Mask. Combat Steeltoe boots, all are interlaced with the Material from the Daredevil series
Formal - 3 Piece Black suit, black tie, interlaced with the material from the Daredevil series
Casual - Leather vest, Blue button up shirt, slacks, Dress shoes
Weapons: I.C.E.R Pistol, Asgardian Short Sword.
Vehicle: Orange 1962 Thunderbird (Improved)
Other Gear: Com Communicator, xray/infared/heat vision Oakley radarlock path Sunglasses
Likes: Hand to Hand Combat, Sushi, Secrets, and Adrenaline
Dislikes: Hospitals, Desk work
Short Bio: Having been injected with a less potent super soldier serum, his strength is abnormal. His father was a field agent, Mother an administator, He has been born, raised and Taught under the Shield way of life. He loves getting his hands dirty as much as he likes to accomplish a mission.
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 Name: Tristan Sabre Nickname: Agent Sabre Status: Shield Specialist-LVL 7 (if levels were still i
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Name: Peleke Koamalu
Nickname: none currently
Status: Shield Inhuman
Appearance: Black hair, Tan skin, Dark brown eyes
Clothing: Red hoodie, brown over vest, jeans, brown leather boots
Weapons: none currently
Vehicle: Harley Davidson Iron 883
Other Gear: none currently
Likes: daredevil antics, parkour, MMA
Dislikes: the Unknown,
Short Bio: after graduating college, he went to the Mainland to get a career as a stunt man. Was found by Hydra and forced to go through Terrigenesis using pure Kree crystals. He has no memory of how he escaped, but is currently on the run.
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 Name: Peleke Koamalu Nickname: none currently Status: Shield Inhuman Appearance: Black hair, Tan
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Tristan heads into a bar known for local biker gangs, they all seem to be too involved in what they are doing to notice him. He sits down right next to the local gang leader, which then causes a lot of stir, a man draws a gun and Sabre grabs it by the barrel, hits the mans hand with his palm and disarms him. He unloads it, and tosses it to the ground, "Your men are a bit touchy" he states, to which the leader responds, "after a week like this, I'm not surprised" Tristan then shows a picture of Peleke to the leader, along with his badge, "reports say you saw this kid, we are looking for him"
Больше года Ayaka said…

Name: Ava Dallas
Nickname: Circuit
Status: Hail Hydra, But she poses as an electrical engineer for S.H.I.E.L.D.
Appearance: Facial wise, look at the picture for reference, the only thing that's different is her eye color - it's naturally amethyst but turns yellow when she's hacking into systems
Clothing: Usually - black slacks, fan branded hoodie, sneakers or boots
Weapons: Powerful air taser whose voltage ranges from annoying jolts to heart-stopping pulses, Mounted remote controlled sniper rifle that aims at targets she appoints (only when she's out in the open)
Vehicle: When indoors - she carries around a portable hovercraft that carries her wherever she needs to go, it operates on solar power and can run on long periods of time, when she travels to other cities or countries - she uses her own specially designed aircraft with technology far surpasses that of Tony Stark's
Other Gear: She always brings either a laptop or tablet with her along with some connecting cables
Likes: Hacking, spying, candy, being noticed
Dislikes: Orders, having her attention stolen by someone else, being out-hacked by anyone
Short Bio: Unlike most people working under SHIELD, Ava is a mutant who spent most of her years in Wakanda under the supervision of Black Panther, thus the wide range of knowledge for technology, systems and circuits (earning the nickname as well). But before she arrived in Wakanda, she had been born to a Hydra elite family and was experimented on. The scientist in charge of the experiments, name unknown, has reached to the conclusion that Ava's powers are nothing that causes physical damage. However her brain is so powerful that she can control almost any system that is presented to her. To prove that conclusion, they sent her to Wakanda to infiltrate their system which did them one better: Black Panther recruited her to live under him as an apprentice to his technology.

All her equipment is made from Vibranium which is known as the raw material used to create Captain America's shield. She owes all her expertise on technology to her supervisor: Black Panther but she owes her implanted purpose to Hydra. Hail Hydra!

(( Hope it's not too much ))
 [b]CHARACTER RUBRIC[/b] [b]Name:[/b] Ava Dallas [b]Nickname:[/b] Circuit [b]Status:[/b] [i]Hail
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( that is perfect! Just jump on in when you are ready! ))
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
(Feed me more info)
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( sure! What info do you need? ))
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
(On the char. And whats new in the series)
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Did you get to see the whole immortals part? Also which character do you want details on? ))
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Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( this will be set right after season 2, and later we can skip to when it is after season three once there has been binge watching at least on my behalf. ))
Больше года SilverLeo said…
Name: Zyn / Zane Vale

Nickname: None

Status: Shield Agent - Exiled Asgardian

Appearance: see picture

Clothing: He is usually seen in a t-shirt with dark jeans and shoes, sometimes a jacket. While on missions for Shield, he sports a sleeveless combat uniform (like Hawkeye).

Weapons: He can use any sort of weapon. Commonly uses Icers, throwing knives, and his combat skills

Vehicle: link

Other Gear:
Asgardian armor

Cold weather

Hot weather
Steamed vegetables

Short Bio: Zyn was one of the lesser known Gods of Asgard who loved Earth (Midgard). He loved it enough to where he fell in love with a human girl. He often came to the village the girl lived in to watch her. After some time off world, he found out a viking horde had invaded and killed her as well as her village. Zyn went into a fit of rage and brought the wrath of a god unto the culprits, massacring every one of them. After the incident, he calmed down enough to see the horror of his actions. He couldn't go back to Asgard so he went into hiding, spending his life under the name "Zane Vale". Zyn was picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D and has been with them ever since.
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 [b]Name:[/b] Zyn / Zane Vale [b]Nickname:[/b] None [b]Status:[/b] Shield Agent - Exiled Asgardi
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Tristan heads out of the building, seeing Zane outside. "This new guy is on a motor bike of his own, Hawaiian plates. They only caught the last two digits on the plate. It was 5-9" he says walking to his car.
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Больше года ErzaScarletXX said…
I never heard of s.h.i.e.l.d but might aswell join))
Больше года ErzaScarletXX said…
Name:Kiyuri Sauh
Status:None yet
Clothes:Green bluish shirt and Black jeans
Weapon:A black rose knife
Other Gear:Camera, Laptop and her phone
Likes:Natural Disasters, Storms and Technology
Hates/Dislikes;Death, No WiFi, Going anywhere with out her phone
Short Bio;Unknown, but she hates being noticed in huge crowds
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 Name:Kiyuri Sauh ------------------------ Nickname;KayKay ------------------------- Status:None y
Больше года SilverLeo said…
"What the make and model of the bike and which way did he go?" Zane asked Tristan.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( SHIELD is the spy agency the pulled together the Avengers ))

"Harley Davidson, the leader said he was headed southbound, probably toward Mexico, by the hour jump he has on us he is probably in Santa Ana headed to San Diego" Sabre says getting in his car, "I'll cover skyways and you can cover roads, can't be too sure since we don't know the full capabilities of his powers, he is bound to be seen sometime." He says pulling on his glasses.

Peleke is speeding on his bike, weaving through traffic. He keeps loosing control, and when that happens he blacks out. Sometimes he is already driving on his bike, sometimes he is on the ground, sometimes in a hospital, but he feels his captors constantly at his heels when this happens, trying to drag him back.
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Больше года Ayaka said…
Circuit was busy showing off her hover board inside the main office of SHIELD while she snickered at those who merely rolled their eyes at her. She recently added a stronger connection to the wifi and communication system to the comms of every person and hero out there and they're extremely grateful for her help. She's grateful too, at least now everyone can hear what they're saying. But then she got the brilliant idea to head out to grab some coffee somewhere away from the office, it was way to strict in there and she could've sworn that she saw her supervisor begin raging about her not taking her job seriously. "That's too bad for them. I was providing some comedy relief for everyone else," she pouted as she folded her hover board into a black box and shoved it into her bag, holding her laptop close to her as she walked.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Agent Sabre touches his com system set in his car, and activates HQ, "Circuit, can you run some data for me? It's about the unidentified inhuman."
Больше года SilverLeo said…
Zane nodded as he got on his bike. He took off in the direction of their target
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Sabre starts the car, and flicks a couple of switches, and the cars wheels turn to create turbines and lift it off the ground. Now being skybound he heads straight along the I-15.
Больше года Ayaka said…
Circuit's focus snapped as she heard Sabre's request over in her comm. "Sorry for the delay in my response Agent Sabre. Which unidentified human are you talking about? There's about 30 or so in the SHIELD's database." She stopped her walking and looked around as if she was looking for someone.
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
(Ill just join, feed me on whats currently happening in the rp!)
Name: Ray Retcher
Nickname: Vector
Status: Shield Agent/Examiner
Appearance: pic
Clothing: pic
When on work - a lab coat with black t-shirt
Weapons: a modified p19 thats designed to be more lighter but more powerful, a electric baton, and a modified el diablo (see revolver) that carries 8 rounds and is a lot hell hard to shoot
Vehicle: Chevrolet chevelle ss 454
Other Gear: camera, extra holsters, tools for surgery, extra pair of glasses
Likes: technology, silence, food, weapons, his vehicle
Dislikes: noisy people, animals, people that usually depends on others
Short Bio: [classified]
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 (Ill just join, feed me on whats currently happening in the rp!) Name: луч, рэй Retcher Nickname: Vector
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
"Case 22" Tristan responds, "I've got a brand for his motorbike, and a partial piece of the 5 digit license. I want details on who owns this bike."
Больше года ErzaScarletXX said…
"so what to actually do....."Kiyuri mumbles to her self while hiding her face from not being noticed from the public.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Agent Sabre and Zane are tracking Peleke, Circuit is helping find his vehicle, KayKay is currently hiding apparently ))
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Больше года ErzaScarletXX said…
((shh don't blow her cover .-.))
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Sorry ))
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
Ray has been assigned in a solo misson, "hmph" he said as he drove to the rendezvous point. "How nice" he said as he turned left too much forcing him to drift.
(So what kind of missions the agents do?)
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( keep world peace, espionage, recruit new superheroes to the avengers, etc. ))
Больше года Ayaka said…
"Alright then sir," Circuit replied as she arrived at a nearby cafe and opened her laptop, signing into the SHIELD system and opening file records. "Case 22....Case 22...." She muttered to herself as she scanned through the files before finally landing on it. "Ah this man huh? Alright Agent, you may start dictating the digits to me then I'll run a scan for documents that contain it."
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
Ray reached the rendezvous point and saw a black car. "New agent?" He asked and came out a young girl, which nodded. Then kidnappers appeared, "show me what you got" Ray said as he upholstered his P19.

Name: Rize
Nickname: none yet
Status: Rookie agent [under supervision of Ray]
Appearance: pic
Clothing: pic
Weapons: none yet, but she can use mixed martial arts
Vehicle: none yet
Other Gear: none yet
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Short Bio: a daughter of a family that owned a large business, she listed to s.h.e.i.l.d in order to find "freedom"
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 луч, рэй reached the rendezvous point and saw a black car. "New agent?" He asked and came out a young girl
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
"Hawaiian Motorcycle plate, - - - 59, must have been shipped here recently." Sabre explains, "look up who he is, who he knows, his life story essentially" he gases it and zooms faster on along the highway.
Больше года SilverLeo said…
Zane races pass cars as he searches for the target
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Peleke keeps racing weaving through traffic, going passed slower drivers. at one point he even jumped into the HOV lane. A bright flash came from the underpass before he switched back to a normal lane. Strange, they only take pictures of cars, must be broken. He was only minutes away now from the Mexican boarder.
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
Ray incapacitated a kidnapper with a single shot of his p19 [which is a very weak pistol when stock] and went ahead to shock him, looking back he saw Rize take oit two using martial arts. "Feisty" he mumbled as he sad down on the incapacitated kidnapper, "start talking" he said putting his pistol in his holster, "never..." the kidnapper said spitting out blood from the shot. Grabbing his el diablo from his second holster and shooting it near the face of the kidnapper. "Talk, now" he warned.

[El diablo]
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 луч, рэй incapacitated a kidnapper with a single shot of his p19 [which is a very weak pistol when stock]
Больше года Ayaka said…
A green alert popped up from Circuit's right hand corner of the screen as it showed a glimpse of it. It turned out that someone triggered the motion sensor of SHIELD's HOV camera and it alerted her. Fortunately for her, it isn't some random stranger this time. The plate information matched that of what Agent Sabre gave her which had a smile grow on her face. "Alright, the plate you gave me just showed up on screen. He's currently riding along the Mexican border. I reckon he's escaping from something. May I ask Agent, why is he on the list again?" Circuit yawned before taking a sip of her coffee.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
"We have found different gang members under what seems like igneous rock, we believe he is the cause" he says speeding up to get to the boarder, "Zane he is almost passing the boarder, this we be a great time to stop him."

Peleke is slowly line riding because traffic is backed up, the sooner he passes boarder patrol the better. He does not want to be charged for anything that's happened when he blacked out.
Больше года _justAnother_ said…
((I'm HERE!! :D))

Name: Kylie Viegan
Nickname:Mother Arsenal
Status: Shield Agent: Lvl ???

Appearance: Blonde hair, Green eyes, fairly light and smooth, 5'8'' 1/2
-On the Job: The suit that she currently wearing in the picture as well as different versions of it which include: Standard Suit Attire, Incognito Suit/Attire, and Heavy Artillery Suit/Attire
-Formal: Bold black woman's suit designed with fitting cuffs and tough latex-like material on the insides.
-Casual: White, or grey long-sleeved button up shirt with black dress pants and shoes OR a dark grey long sleeved button up shirt with a black sweater vest and black dress pants.

***Standard Arsenal:link or link, Extendable/Retractable Staff, Explosive Hand Print Adhesives Device, Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat, Retractable Claws on the fingertips of her gloves.
***Incognito Arsenal: Taser Hand Print Adhesives, Wrist Darts, Feather Weight Brass Gloves, Explosive Recon Spiders
***Heavy Artillery Arsenal: Multitask Two Handed Custom Crossbow with scope, Titanium Brassed Gloves with Vibranium tipped claws at the finger tips, Sound Frequency Grenades.

Vehicle: Hyabusa Motorcyle

Other Gear:
***Standard Gear:
-Grappling Hooks: Shoots from a small dispenser in the wrists of her gloves and allows her to basically Spider--Man through the city.
-Spy Scope: A mono-nocular with three "zoom" variables
-Flash Bang: ((Pretty much self explanatory))
***Incognito Gear:
-I-Cognito: A device that is built into her suit which allows her to be invisible to heat sensors and radar sensibility systems.
-Grappling Hooks
-Minor Environmental Camouflage: Another built in, but incomplete, device that allows her to blend in with the environment to a minor extent.
-Hacking Drive: A flash drive device that allows her to effortlessly hack into just about anything at a faster rate than she would manually.
***Heavy Artillery Gear:
-Hefty Grappling Hooks
-Standard Explosive/Fire Proof Armor that includes a wicked black motorcycle-helmet that covers her entire head and has target finding technology

Likes: Being prepared, doing her job, keeping to herself, sea foods (especially shrimp), sparring and staying in shape, loyalty, Russia.

Dislikes: Arrogance, curry, two-faced people, bad jokes.



Incognito Attire: Kylie's incognito suit is similar to her standard one with the differences being that this attire is a very dark and solid black whenever she's in a city type area or on stealth missions. This specific attire is crafted to allow the highest amount of mobility, agility, and flexibility that is capable within her limits and is extremely light on her body. While wearing this suit, her hair is coaxed with black to allow the full extent of her stealth.

Heavy Artillery Attire: The Heavy Artillery Attire consists of a similar appearance to the Standard and Incognito Attires except that it made of a much more durable material that has traces of Vibranium in the finger tips of the gloves and has a pattern of a darker red, black, and blue than the Standard Suit has. This suit is also lightly bulkier and a little heavier than the other two suits. The solid black helmet that goes with it contains a much more inferior version of Iron Man's Jarvis system (which she did in fact "borrow" for her own purposes) but is very useful when it comes to Kylie's tactics of use. Being that this suit is heavier, a thicker wire is used for the grappling hooks than in the other to suits for that very reason. The arsenal that is paired with this attire is used for tactical but heavy damage both from a distance and close range. The suit is used under the circumstances of dire situations that include Hydra's more dangerous aspects as well as missions that require a more offensive form of attack.
 ((I'm HERE!! :D)) [b]Name: Kylie Viegan[/b] [b]Nickname:[/b][i]Mother Arsenal[/i] [b]Status:[/
Больше года Ayaka said…
'Looks like he's been spending some time with a Hydra station huh?' Circuit thought to herself as a call from a secure line came through to her screen. She plugged in her specially designed earphones with a mic installed before answering the call.

"Is everything going according to plan, Circuit?" although rather filled with static, an audible voice connected through the call.
"So far so good. Although an Agent is researching on Case 22, sir he's had some affiliation with Hydra...." She tapped her pen on the rim of her coffee.
"I trust you with the information you give."
The call ended.

She then connected to Agent Sabre's channel and replied, "It seems that your boy here has no known parents except for his foster parents, earned a degree in technological sciences and mechanical engineering, was enlisted in a stunt company (which was secretly hydra), and went through forced terrigenesis using a diviner. Hoo boy, that's a lot for a young man like him." She chuckled as she replied to his request.
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Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
"Terrigenesis will do it" Sabre says as he lands his car. "He is gifted if he can survive that, Coulson will want to personally talk to him, do not sedate, we are going with a recruitment approach, Zane come from behind, I've got the net set up."
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( _justAnother_ glad to see you here! Jump in when your ready or I can rope you in ))
Больше года Ayaka said…
"Alright then Agent Sabre, I'll be watching your operations from the SHIELD satellite floating directly above the Mexican border. This will serve as a good chance to archive your operations." Circuit kept an eye on the moving targets on her GPS and her radar as she kept her secure wifi line off limits in that cafe.
Больше года ErzaScarletXX said…
Kiyuri walks towards her vehicle getting in driving off quickly sending a message to Tristan

Message:Hello Tristan

Kiyuri sends the message as she looks at the rode area
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
"Please don't, I never am as good on film" he responds in a joking manor before hopping out of the car and going to the boarder patrol agents, "Sirs, I saw a caravan enter the state about 50 miles from here. I drove from the east to find the nearest station, if you hurry you may catch them" they seem hesitant before Sabre shows them video footage of a boarder crossing. They bolt to their cars and only leave one man in the booth, Sabre then pulls out an I.C.E.R. and shoots the guard to knock him out, "sorry, saw ten men here, only had eight rounds" before he turns on the barricades, grabs a bullhorn, and waits for Peleke to be chased to the Barricade.
Больше года Tiger_gaming said…
"Ransom?" Ray asked after the kidnapper explained. "Thank you for your cooperation" Ray said using the electric baton on the kidnapper, and tying him to a nearby tree. "Reinforcement might come soon, so go inside, we're leaving" Ray said as he went inside his vehicle and Rize followed. (The black car that is used by Rize left earlier) "Gum?" Ray asked grabbing gum from a nearby file holder and grabbing gum which Rize took with a small nod.
Больше года ErzaScarletXX said…
Kiyuri exited her car walking towards Tristan

Kiyuri;Hello Tristan

Kiyuri bows as she said hello
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
"Circuit you have still yet to give me my boys name" he says, trying to get everything gets straightened out before they make contact with their rogue motorcyclist.

Peleke keeps weaving through traffic, even though it is slowing down now due to the Boarder Patrol station. He sees a man on a bullet bike that has gradually been gaining on him, I told those HYDRA FREAKS to leave me ALONE!
Больше года SilverLeo said…
Zane spots the person on the bike. He needed to confirm it was him before he did anything. So he tried to get closer.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Seeing Zane get on the line behind him, he tries taking off faster, now traffic is coming to a stand still he can't weave as much, but going for speed in between lanes is not a problem.

"I've got the Barricade set, Zane do you have a visual?" Sabre says as he grabs the hilt of his sword, which the scabbard makes it invisible.
Больше года SilverLeo said…
"I have a visual on a guy on a harley. Not sure if its our target. I can't get a clear confirmation."