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Phantelephant posted on Jul 11, 2016 at 05:09AM
Is there such thing as an afterlife? Are there ghosts among us? Other worlds existing beyond or even within the realm we live on? Is time as linear as we experience it to be? What is consciousness? What does it mean to have a soul? These are questions that for centuries, humans have been searching to answer whether it be through science, philosophy, or culture and the arts.

On September 3rd 1999 , Doctor Byron Calloway, physicist, parapsychologist and an adopted son of an infamous business mogul, had thought he found the answer. On that night, he and a team of researchers, with combined knowledge and a hefty financial backing, opened a door. A door that possibly should have never been opened. People all around the world recall upon it, the skies turned red, a dry thunderstorm surrounded the small porter town in the Northwest where the research took place for only a brief moment before the ground shook and an awful sound deafened the ears of many within a 50 mile radius, before the storms dispersed and the skies went back to as they were. The team of researchers... had disappeared, Calloway included. And only a few of them had been found in different states, confused, naked and without memory of the incident. Some have been left with strange side effects, breaking out in hives, experiencing night terrors, hallucination, depression, symptoms that parallel PTSD, and some display a complete change of personalities.

The world was not the same either, since that day there had been a great increase of paranormal phenomenon. Reports of ghosts sightings spilled all over the news in every state, strange occurrences of children disappearing, people's homes changing their entire layouts all by themselves over night, old cancelled television shows for years ago mysteriously showing up on air with newer episodes despite the cast having all died, virgin births, and reports of shadow people stalking the streets in broad daylight. These strange happenstances, though more common, had been for the most part been ignored, pushed under the rug from fear alone.

Until 17 years later, young Octavia Kapoor, left fatherless from the incident of September 1999, discovered a van in the junkyard near her job at fast food restaurant. A van with strange otherworldly powers that called to her as a means to get away and do so much more. It lead her on a path to answers, and possibly to what happened to her father. Taking her from coast to coast, Tavia now uses the van and its strange powers to solve mysteries of the unknown, and meeting others just as curious as her. Whether they be human or... otherwise.


This is an rp loosely based on my fascination with X files. I had this idea of a Scooby Doo type scenario where the monsters aren't quite humans in a mask but actually quite often the opposite. It's also based on the metaphysical, and the strange new horror fascination this generation has developed with concepts like Slenderman and other creepypastas. The story is of Tavia and her, hopefully when more people join, mystery gang (complete with talking dog) following strange reports of paranormal phenomenon from state to state, compiling evidence of other worldly creatures and solving mysteries and problems caused by the metaphysical realm bleeding into our physical reality.

With her is a telekinetic Siberian husky with the soul of a murder victim who can only communicate psychically and her trusty van which seems to be capable of self-drving itself with no consideration of time and space as it can sometimes simply just appear from A to B without an in between journey (saves on gas).

What drives her on this strange journey through the unknown is, most of all, her father, a theologian and fellow parapsychologist that worked closely with Calloway before he disappeared in the incident. But it seems she's not alone in her search for the answers, as she has been recently found herself stalked by a mysterious tall man in a long jacket. Always in the distance leaving her cryptic clues that link to her father, but never staying around long enough for her to see him. No matter how far she travels he always seems to find her, it is almost certain he is not human.


No Godmoding. Urban dictionary defines God modding as "when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. And example is when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try." as well as controlling other characters' reaction to it. Please, please, please PLEASE don't try to make your character flawless in any way. It makes a shallow, unrelatable character and draws away from the story itself and all the other characters. The more flaws, the better, the more interesting the character, and the more dynamic the plot. Even if they are flawless in appearance, characters may have personality flaws

Be Original Yes this rp is influenced by other works. But that doesn't give you an excuse to take directly from other works. Loosely based means loosely based, so I don't want to see any creepypasta characters being used. If you're creating something not quite human you can base it off of something cryptzoological (i.e. shadow people, mothman, etc) or come up with something of your own creation as long as it fits with the same theme. There are no vampires, demons, angels, werewolves or anything in that vein.

No sex on public forums. If your characters have a good chemistry and you want to do a mature scene please be discrete and do it in private via PM (Private Messages. We're all mature adults here, we don't have to flaunt our genitals. This is not an erotica rp.

Profiles are welcome but not necessary If you need a profile format to work with let me know.

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I honestly have no idea why no one has joined this! It is planned out nicely, and looks really interesting to roleplay! People must have no sense of imagination if they havent joined. I will join.
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big smile
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I definitely don't want to miss out on this!!! I feel the character wheels turning already!
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It was undoubtedly hot, sweltering would have come to mind as a befitting term to describe this day of unfiltered cloudless sunshine in the city of St. Paul's, Florida, a small town whose existence would be doubted by outsiders. It was so incredibly, unnaturally hot that the rubber soles of tennis shoes would stick to the asphalt as they melted, spit hurled from the lips of pedestrians would evaporate into a mist before even hitting the ground, and the bowls left for stray cats and dogs seem to steam as if on the verge of boiling outside the bleach white two story houses that were stacked together each one a clone of the next down to the last blade of grass in each lawn. It's red-faced inhabitants, accustomed to the summer weather, remained indifferent to the glaring ruthless sun and continued about their day casually and just as miserable as they always were regardless of climate or temperature, or they simply hid in air-conditioned cars and McMansions as they did all year long. Nothing special, nothing new... Not to them at least and that's how they would prefer it being that the majority of St. Paul's people were neither hostile nor friendly but rather indifferent with a disdain towards changes.

But there was change, subtle... Small. Sitting in a diner, not red-faced by the sun's rays, but brown by birth and very different. She was more alive, that was for sure. Alive with a feeling of anxiety as she sat at her little rounded table in the center of the crowded diner, rolling a pen across the scratched surface of the yellow table as she contemplated the drink she would order. A soda would make her gassy, a milkshake too unprofessional, but it was too hot for coffee. Coffee was the default drink for interviews, however. But Octavia found coffee disgusting and people who enjoyed its taste were probably insane, in her opinion. Or masochists.

Her mind was going of track again. She looked back over to the stack of fliers on her table. Help wanted! they screamed. A large question mark blotted the center of the page and below it read, "believers, sleuths, parapsychologists, psychics, and traversers of the paranormal and unknown please apply. " It went on to a brief summary of what it takes to be a paranormal investigator and contact info for her and her partner

Octavia looked up at the glass door and squinted at the black and white mass of fur that lie collapsed on the sidewalk, a large pink tongue hanging from the side of the husky's jaws. They wouldn't let him in. She needed to get him certified as a service dog. She sighed heavily leaned her head on her hand. She had worn makeup and everything, even wore jeans that were in one piece and a shirt that had sleeves. But what if no one showed up... She received a few a calls but what if they were bad jokes without a punchline. Just a random needless act of cruelty. She imagined a group if friends snickering on the other side of the phone. She really wouldn't blame them though... Who would take these ridiculous fliers seriously? Especially in a town like this...