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BanetteGhosneir posted on Sep 11, 2016 at 02:04PM
You awake, sunglare in your eyes from the open curtains across the room, the blank white roof overhead greeting you with a headache, as you sit up, the room is decorated with items of varying familiarness to you, some items of which feel fond... but you remember nothing?....
What's going on?


Congrats, you're awake, you're one of the 'residents' of this mansion, but you don't remember anything... your name, who you are, where you are, nothing.
On the bedside table, there's a note:

"Good Morning [First Name Here]

I hope you're doing ok, please come down to the living room for breakfast as soon as you're awake, and don't worry, I'll come wake you if you sleep in after 11.

See you soon [Last Name Here]

What now?


Well, if you've read this far, that means you'd be slightly interested i guess.

Welcome to another Amnesiac roleplay, decorate your characters room with stuff that essentially might explain a little about them, and then try to figure out who everyone else and and all their pasts.

OH!, some info on the Mansion.

The whole Mansion, from the very back garden wall, all the way to the front gates, cannot be scaled, nor escaped. the fridge automatically restocks overnight (somehow), and if you were to actually go outside and take a closer look at the 'sky', you'd see it's fake... just WHAT is going on, have fun finding out.


'Calm' is also an Amnesiac, but Calm knows a little more about everyone else, than he does about himself. Calm will explain more once the RP starts.

[===][Character Sheet][===]

[Name] | [ (This would be what your character knows their name as after/IF they read the note)

[Items] | [ (This would be some of the objects or furniture in your character's room)

[Gender] | [ (Fairly obvious)

[Extra] | [ (This would be literally anything else, things like maybe accents, unknown walking habits, anything)




'Calm' - Banetteghosnier - F2 MSTR BedR

 Ты awake, sunglare in your eyes from the open curtains across the room, the blank white roof overhea
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Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
[Name] | [ 'Calm'

[Items] | [ Calm sleeps in the Master Bedroom on Floor 2, his room is decorated with various paintings of trees, forests and jungles, sitting on a lone desk in the corner, is a Guitar, a set of Headphones and a Charger for said Headphones.

Calm's Bedroom smells of paint and strangely of Grass, and the most noticeable painting in his room is framed in a golden trim, it is this link

His bedroom's carpet and walls have an almost blueish white painting tinge, and his window's curtains are brown. besides his Bed and the various tables with paintings, there are no other furniture in his room.

[Gender] | [ Male

[Extra] | [ Calm's hair, depending apon the angle of light on him, changes colour, mostly his hair is from top to bottom, blue to brown (like his pic), and it changes to one of the following: Black to Red, Brown to Green and White to Black.

Calm's eye colour follows the same pattern.
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 [[b]Name[/b]] | [ 'Calm' [[b]Items[/b]] | [ Calm sleeps in the Master Bedroom on Floor 2, his room