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Firebird06721 posted on Oct 11, 2016 at 03:38AM
Death. A cold thing. A mysterious thing. A feared thing. For many the fear is its uncertainty, to others it's the power, and yet for others the fear is death's finality. So as one's heart stops, so does one's time on Earth. Those souls who embrace Death? They pass on. But this story is not of those souls. This story belongs to those who, for whatever their reasons, fought Death. These individuals, with their departure from Earth, came to a place called the Middle Passage- a place between life and death. They become known as Reclaimants, and compete for Death's favor and the ultimate prize of Reclamation in an annual competition known as the Tournament of Souls.

EXTRA INFO- Reclaimants: Those who become Reclaimants chose to resist their death, for whatever their purpose. In doing so the forfeit the right to pass on. They either are crowned champion of the Tournament of Souls, and gain Reclamation, or their soul simply ceases to exist.

EXTRA INFO- The Tournament of Souls: With the start of each new year the Reclaimants are challenged to prove there worth to Death himself*, a task not for the faint of heart. Death finds great entertainment in "testing" the Reclaimants, putting them through trials of strength, wit, and endless suffering. Trials are unpredictable, as to keep things fresh and exciting. Reclaimants are tormented, facing unrivaled pain, coming face to face with their worst fears, and being pitted against each other all for the promise of their greatest desire. Reclamation.

EXTRA INFO- Reclamation: The restoration of one's life. Only Death can grant this, and it is only rewarded to the winner of the annual Tournament of Souls.

EXTRA INFO- Death: Death is the master of ceremonies at the Tournament Of Souls, the reclamants are puddy in his hands. The source of all evil, Death can inflict unholy pain with a snap of his fingers, and has the power to stop a beating heart with a single touch. He is responsible for the passage of all souls to the afterlife. Death is as old as time itself, and can not age nor die.

((I know usually with a story line with a central character like this, the creator takes on the role, however this is my first forum and I would love a partner in crime to help me out with this. If you would be interested in playing Death, please PM your profile to me and I will choose a Death asap. (I'm likely to jump on the first one I see, just so your aware- this club is full of creative, talented people) I will post the profile to the forum after I've accepted you.))
*Note while Death is referred to as a he you can choose to make Death a female


1. Keep in mind, only one person can win the tournament, unless the reclamants beat Death in some way (this is not likely), and that being said as horrible as it is EXPECT YOUR CHARACTERS TO DIE. I recommend making lots of them and killing them off periodically throughout the roleplay. And don't get attached *evil laugh*.

2. This is mainly for whoever writes for Death, but for others too. Do not kill of someone's character without contacting them first. If someone refuses to kill a character simply because they are being OP, contact me. I don't expect this type of drama, and I would prefer not to have to address any such issues.

3. Be a respectful role player, I'm sure you know the drill. (Don't be OP, don't control others characters, etc)

4. Cursing is allowed, as is violence, and romance if you see a place for it, however I don't see a place for sex in this roleplay so please keep your smut to yourself please and thank you.

5. If you disappear for two weeks without prior notice, your character will be written out of the roleplay so if you intend to be absent for a long time, please let me know first. Please don't leave and kill my first roleplay *tear*.

Don't forget have fun!!! I'm sorry to lay down so many rules, it's just my experience that roleplays with lots of death require lots of ground rules. I love you though!





Time Since Death (no more than a year since tournaments are annual):

Cause of Death:

Reason For Becoming A Reclamant:






((I don't expect these to be detailed))


Death- [OPEN]

Time- Hades_Shadow


-Brayden Lock- grey_skies
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