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Firebird06721 posted on Oct 11, 2016 at 03:38AM
Death. A cold thing. A mysterious thing. A feared thing. For many the fear is its uncertainty, to others it's the power, and yet for others the fear is death's finality. So as one's heart stops, so does one's time on Earth. Those souls who embrace Death? They pass on. But this story is not of those souls. This story belongs to those who, for whatever their reasons, fought Death. These individuals, with their departure from Earth, came to a place called the Middle Passage- a place between life and death. They become known as Reclaimants, and compete for Death's favor and the ultimate prize of Reclamation in an annual competition known as the Tournament of Souls.

EXTRA INFO- Reclaimants: Those who become Reclaimants chose to resist their death, for whatever their purpose. In doing so the forfeit the right to pass on. They either are crowned champion of the Tournament of Souls, and gain Reclamation, or their soul simply ceases to exist.

EXTRA INFO- The Tournament of Souls: With the start of each new year the Reclaimants are challenged to prove there worth to Death himself*, a task not for the faint of heart. Death finds great entertainment in "testing" the Reclaimants, putting them through trials of strength, wit, and endless suffering. Trials are unpredictable, as to keep things fresh and exciting. Reclaimants are tormented, facing unrivaled pain, coming face to face with their worst fears, and being pitted against each other all for the promise of their greatest desire. Reclamation.

EXTRA INFO- Reclamation: The restoration of one's life. Only Death can grant this, and it is only rewarded to the winner of the annual Tournament of Souls.

EXTRA INFO- Death: Death is the master of ceremonies at the Tournament Of Souls, the reclamants are puddy in his hands. The source of all evil, Death can inflict unholy pain with a snap of his fingers, and has the power to stop a beating heart with a single touch. He is responsible for the passage of all souls to the afterlife. Death is as old as time itself, and can not age nor die.

((I know usually with a story line with a central character like this, the creator takes on the role, however this is my first forum and I would love a partner in crime to help me out with this. If you would be interested in playing Death, please PM your profile to me and I will choose a Death asap. (I'm likely to jump on the first one I see, just so your aware- this club is full of creative, talented people) I will post the profile to the forum after I've accepted you.))
*Note while Death is referred to as a he you can choose to make Death a female


1. Keep in mind, only one person can win the tournament, unless the reclamants beat Death in some way (this is not likely), and that being said as horrible as it is EXPECT YOUR CHARACTERS TO DIE. I recommend making lots of them and killing them off periodically throughout the roleplay. And don't get attached *evil laugh*.

2. This is mainly for whoever writes for Death, but for others too. Do not kill of someone's character without contacting them first. If someone refuses to kill a character simply because they are being OP, contact me. I don't expect this type of drama, and I would prefer not to have to address any such issues.

3. Be a respectful role player, I'm sure you know the drill. (Don't be OP, don't control others characters, etc)

4. Cursing is allowed, as is violence, and romance if you see a place for it, however I don't see a place for sex in this roleplay so please keep your smut to yourself please and thank you.

5. If you disappear for two weeks without prior notice, your character will be written out of the roleplay so if you intend to be absent for a long time, please let me know first. Please don't leave and kill my first roleplay *tear*.

Don't forget have fun!!! I'm sorry to lay down so many rules, it's just my experience that roleplays with lots of death require lots of ground rules. I love you though!





Time Since Death (no more than a year since tournaments are annual):

Cause of Death:

Reason For Becoming A Reclamant:






((I don't expect these to be detailed))


Death- [OPEN]

Time- Hades_Shadow


-Brayden Lock- grey_skies
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Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((Well here's my long awaited (at least for me) first forum, hope you guys like!))
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((Oo, I would love to see a Time I that would be really interesting))
Больше года mcterra said…
((I want to join this baaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddllllllyyyyyyy!!!))
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((Yay!! I'm so happy you like!!! Please go ahead and post characters (mine will be up soon) and if you'd like to be Death pm me!!))
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Name: Time

Age: Innumerable

Weapons: Twin Sickles that can form a full Scythe

Powers: Time Manipulation, Corrosion, Memory recollection.

Views on the Tournament: it's good entertainment, but he dislikes the principle of giving them a chance of turning back time.

Mythos: Has been known by the titles Kronos, Saturn, Father Time, he is the guardian of the Hall of Time. Considered to be the Brother of Death, he is known for new beginning where death is considered an end. Every three days he ages a year. At the first toll of midnight of New Year's Eve, he passes away, and is reborn from the dust at the final toll, ushering in the new year. When death has selected his victor, Time is the one who starts their clock again.
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 Name: Time Age: Innumerable Weapons: Twin Sickles that can form a full Scythe Powers: Time M
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((Love it))
Больше года grey_skies said…
Name: Brayden Lock

Age: 18

Time Since Death: 2 months

Cause of Death: Her father shot her and her mother while he was drunk

Reason for Becoming a Reclamant: Avenging herself and her mother

Likes: Nature, getting revenge

Dislikes: Defeat, criticism

Skills: Strategic, high pain tolerance

Fears: Guns, being out of control

((lol this is my first RP and its not very good so you dont have to use it but here it is))
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((Looks good to me, feel free to post multiple characters since like I said earlier))
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
Name: Elle James

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Time Since Death: 10 months

Cause of Death: Drive-by shooting

Reason for Becoming a Reclamant: Get back to earth so she can care for her daughter

Likes: Competition, children, learning, teaching

Dislikes: Losing, failure, being told what to do

Skills: Learns quickly, athletic, used to teach biology

Fears: Darkness, tight spaces

Other: Before her death she was a single mother to her 1-year-old daughter Lindsay
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( can't wait to see this take off, and who takes the mantle of Death ))
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((Neither can I, I'm pretty stoked!!))
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( has anyone showed interest in being death? ))
grey_skies commented…
(( I dont think so, I'm pretty excited to see what happens once someone does though!!)) Больше года
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((Not yet, but I just put in up less than two days ago, so I'm not nervous yet.))
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( sounds good, bumping this so people can see and join it! ))
Больше года grey_skies said…
((I really like this forum so another attempt at a character lets go))

Name: Dixon Anchorage

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Time since Death: 7 months

Cause of Death: Lung cancer

Reason for Becoming a Reclamant: A second chance to make up with his twin brother

Likes: Family, being with people

Dislikes: Fighting, angry people

Skills: Fast runner, logical thinker

Fears: Heights, hurting family

Others: Has a twin brother named Devin. Devin and Dixon stopped talking after their parents died in a car crash when Dixon was driving; Devin hasn't forgiven Dixon. While Dixon was in hospital for cancer, Devin never visited him, Dixon wishes that he could have made up with Devin.

((so, as mentioned in dislikes, Dixon doesnt enjoy fighting, so i pretty much expect Dixon to die, but i thought hed be a fun character to throw in))
Больше года 666demon said…
Name: Kasey Crash

Age: 19

Time Since Death: 3 months

Cause of Death: School shooting

Reason For Becoming A Reclamant: "Passing on is fuckin' boring man! You're just gone if you do. At least I can check in on my family even if they can't see me."

Likes: Rock, pizza, tattoos, freedom

Dislikes: Bullies, hypocrites, authority, chains.

Skills: Lock picking, fast runner,

Fears: Hydrophobia,

-He doesn't give a shit if you're the Grim Reaper himself or Father Time, He'll tell you exactly what he thinks about you.

-The chains are not literal chains. It's their symbolism; a sign of captivity, restricting one of their rights.
 Name: Kasey Crash Age: 19 Time Since Death: 3 months Cause of Death: School shooting Reas
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Hmmmm, intriguing... ))
Больше года 666demon said…
(Thoughts, Hades?)
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( like it, just wondering how my version of Time will interact with him. ))
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Больше года 666demon said…
(The's probably going to be lots of ' "Son of a bitch!' 's from Kasey)
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( bump ))
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((I approved a death profile from Mcterra, he will post it on here soon, so excited to start thanks y'all!!))
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Mcterra always does a good job, can't wait! ))
Больше года 666demon said…
(I can't wait to start. I have a shit ton of characters if Kasey dies. )
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( that's good to know! I think my updates aren't working ... ))
Больше года 666demon said…
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( ok they are working again ))
Больше года mcterra said…
Name: Death

Age: Innumerable

Weapons: His legendary Scythe

Powers: He governs life and death. He can take and give life on a whim. He can summon legions of death people, can bring back the dead, interact with ghosts and spirits, summon a person's worst fears, induce pain, can create hallucinations and illusions, can use mind control and can shapeshift. And obviously, he has the famous Death Touch ability.

Views on the Tournament: Its HIS tournament. The highest source of entertainment hes had since the creation of the world. He cherishes the tournament dearly and doesn't only see it as a way to ward off the endless boredom of immortality but also as a way to punish the fools who dared defy him. He takes immense pleasure in playing with the Reclaimants and in torturing the weak ones who fall during the tournament.

Mythos: Thanatos, Shinigami,The Grim Reaper, Mors, Azrael, Anubis he has had many names. He is the personification of death. He governs life and death on Earth and in all other worlds. He often disagrees with his brother Time because of the tournaments existence buyt he doesn't care.

He lives in his own seperate realm known as the Abyssal, where death governs everything. It is in the Abyssal, that the Middle Passage exists on its own plane. As mentioned in every mythology, he weilds a scythe.

He has a human appearance (Pic) which he takes on when interacting with the Reclaimants because his true form is one that humans, even dead, can't look upon.
 Name: Death Age: Innumerable Weapons: His legendary Scythe Powers: He governs life and death
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((Yay, thanks mcterra!! Alright everyone at long last we can get started!! Hooray!!!!!))
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
(( Do I talk first or you talk first? I talk first? ))
Firebird06721 commented…
LOL that's great, actually great! I can talk first Больше года
Firebird06721 commented…
Actually nvm either Ты или Mcterra should probably go first Больше года
Больше года 666demon said…
(Holy shit it's happening!)
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((YES FINALLY!!! In the mean time I'm putting up a last minute character))

Name: Chloe Zepler

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Time Since Death: 4 months

Cause of Death: murdered by her boyfriend

Reason for Becoming a Reclamant: Her death was made to look like a suicide. She wants to see her boyfriend be stopped, and make sure her family knows she wouldn't leave them

Likes: riddles, winning, sports

Dislikes: betrayal, people getting in her way

Skills: clever, logical thinker, athletic, adaptable, quick reflexes

Fears: heights, fire, endlessness
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Time looks upon the mass of the dead. Some of these poor souls would try to enter and win the tournament. He would get to know them very well. They would suffer, they would amass excruciating pain, and only some ever got to be escorted by time himself back to the land of the living. He sat and waited for death. He tried every year to talk to death to convince him out of the tournament, and he was determined this year.
Больше года mcterra said…
Death walked into the Sanctuary Point. The place where souls appeared after dying before proceeding to the Middle Passage. The Sanctuary Point was actually one of his numerous throne rooms that existed in the Abyssal. It was the one that was closest to the human realm.

He walked like he always did. Elegantly, his steps lithe and regal. He gave off a feeling of royalty. He was DEATH afterall. He was royalty at its very finest. He had his usual cocky grin plastered on his face.

He came to inspect the new souls that would be arriving for the Tournament. He looked around. None of them had arrived yet. He looked up at the hourglass that hung from the cieling. They better not be late, if not he would have to go fetch them himself.

Death did a double take when he saw Time. Death groaned. He foresaw another hour or so of Time trying to convince him to cancel the Tournament. Death rolled his eyes and faked a smile.

"Oh brother..." He said "...I didn't expect to see thee so soon ."
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 Death walked into the Sanctuary Point. The place where souls appeared after dying before proceeding t
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Time looked at Death, sympathy in his eyes. "Younger Brother, I am striving to be punctual, after all time is money" he said before putting on a grave face, "you've looked better"
Больше года mcterra said…
Death grimaced slightly at his brother's little joke. If at all it was meant to be one. He strode to his throne, mounting the stairs and stood by it but didn't sit.

"Oh thee noticed. That doesn't hoyday me so much. You've at each moment hadst a keen eye ." He said as he placed a hand on the throne's armrest. "As thee forsooth knoweth, the Tournament of Souls beginneth the present day. " A wide smile flashed on his face as he mentioned his best creation.

"I've been working hard organizing mine event. Its been taking lots of mine time, and energy which is surprising since I possess both unlimited time and unlimited energy. "

He then sat down on the throne and crossed his legs, his usual grin returning "The souls shalt soon arrive ." He glancede over at Time "I knoweth thou art as anxious about this as I am brother. " He winked.
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Больше года Firebird06721 said…
Elle had started on her way early. This day was the day she'd awaited for the past 10 months. The longest 10 months of her existence. Was she frightened for what the future held? More than she had ever been for anything. What she was about to do was pure insanity, but for her Lindsay no task was too great.

Chloe tried to focus her mind as the Sanctuary Point came into view. Her heart had never beat faster in her chest, and yet truly, it wasn't beating at all. Soon it would be. She wasn't sure what she was about to face, but she knew it would be nightmarish. But whatever Death asked of her, she would do it.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
"I'm more concerned than anxious." He stated, looking at his brother on his dismal throne. "And I'm the one giving you the time, so you're welcome ... But I must insist you do not go on with this tournament. It must end"
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Больше года grey_skies said…
Brayden found herself wandering down a seemingly endless hallway. She hadn't been dead for that long, just shy of two months, but she was ready to face Death. She wanted to impress Death so much that he had no choice but to give her her life back. Then, oh then, she could finally avenge herself and her mother. She couldn't show her father the pain he had caused her. She didn't care what it took, she would work her watch to become Death's favorite, so then, she can get back to her old life.

Dixon wasn't ready for the tournament yet. He's had awhile to prepare himself, but he didn't want to see Death just yet. Sure, he wanted to see his twin, mayhe even make up with him. Hell, Devin didn't even come to the hospital to see him while he was dying. But Dixon had time to get over that, and he did. Dixon just hoped Death wouldn't be too harsh and somehow Dixon could get back to see his brother, but he knew that was far-fetched.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
"Hear me out brother, I understand how you feel about this, but it breaks every ethical boundary, and in the end it breaks laws of nature, justice and life. it is cruel, inhumane, and cold. it must end"
Больше года 666demon said…
Kasey had came early after he had checked on his family and a few of his friends that didn't die because some motherfucker that should have belonged in a fucking asylum had somehow gotten a -get this- sub-machine gun for his 'birthday'. How and why the fuck would you give a kid that kind of a gun? Get him like a sweater or something.
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
((TRIPLE 6!!!!!! You're back!! Yay!!! *tackle hugs*))
Больше года mcterra said…
Death rolled his eyes over and over and over again as his brother rambled on and on. Death had lost count of all the times his brother had unsucessfully tried to convince him to put an end to the Tournament.

Death looked at Time, his smile immediately replaced by an utterly bored look. He placed his chin on his hand and gazed at his brother, visibly mocking him.

"thee knoweth, brother lest I very much getting sick and not restful of all this. forsooth like pestering me with thy little talks hath becometh a habit of yours. thee heareth me out... brother! "

He leaned back on the throne, crossing his legs "thee don't understandeth how I feeleth about this. wherefore? Simply because thou art not me... thou art not Death. I don't wanteth to start giving thee long speeches about mine motives, mine intentions blah blah blah" He waved his hand from side to side as he said that "thee forsooth has't all the time in the world to hark but I don't wanteth to. thee knoweth me, I receiveth easily twid'ling mine thumbs by such. So I leaveth all the horrific talking to thee. As for all that ethical boundary and laws of nature alas, thee should knoweth that WE art the lawmakers. WE art nature. Justice simply doesn't exist and we govern life. We has't the right to toy with t as much as we like. if 't be true thee don't wanteth to brother, then I doth. And eke, death hath at each moment been a cold thing, t shouldn't hoyday thee"

He then sensed souls approaching the throne room.

"Now if 't be true thee would pr Time ." He said, a wide excited smile spreading on his face "mine guests has't arrived ."
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Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
"Death hasn't always been cold" he said still with authority in his voice, "you used to be warm, Bright, kind even. But look at yourself, if death is cold it is because you made people change their thoughts on death, you made them fear you when there are other ways to approach death." He turned around, pretty upset from the conversation. "Start without me this year, I need to set some things in order,"
Больше года mcterra said…
Death rolled his eyes one final time and didn't even bother to watch his brother walk away. Yes he had been warm. Yes he had been bright. Yes he had been kind.

But that was then. A very long time ago. As the centuries had gone by, he had seen and done things that had changed. And honestly, he regretted nothing.
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Time headed toward his domain, a giant white building called the Halls of Time. He was the only one who could leave and enter unless he intentionally brought someone along. Once he entered inside, there were thousands of souls who had accepted death and lived well enough to be promoted to a "Minute Men" they helped time manage the sand dials of life. They would Start them nine months before they were born, but never knew how much sand was inside. That was Death's Job. Time also watched and shaped the destinies of the livings souls. He was fascinated by humans, as much as they were with Time.
Больше года Firebird06721 said…
Chloe soon stood in a grand hallway. It twisted and turned forming a labyrinthine pathway to her salvation or her doom. Following it's winding curves, she began to hear voices, and then footsteps. Someone had just departed. Chloe looked down to her feet, and the around to her surroundings. She knew where her all too mortal feet where planted. The threshold of the Sanctuary Point, for a single step and she should look in the face of Death. She commanded her body to appear still, collected, calculative, and a deadly calm settles in her mind as she suppressed her spinning nerves. A single exhale, one final expulsion of breath and she stepped into the entryway, filling it with her strong, confident form.

Her eyes, swirling spheres of brown and green, met the eyes of Death. Though stomach lurched painfully, her face did not betray her. Her eyes remained set with deadly focus, even her average build appearing menacing. Though she desperately wanted to avert her eyes, perhaps even cower, she kept her gaze on him, presenting to him a confident killer.
Больше года mcterra said…
Death's smile widened as the first soul appeared. His eyes gleamed with pure pleasure and excitement as he felt his numerous hearts racing. He was feeling anxious and he could barely stay on his throne. He felt that way each time the Tournament was about to begin. Like a child before a Christmas tree with gifts piled under it. He had to stop himself from skipping from his seat and leaping for joy.

He was able to contain himself and he looked at the girl. Her entire life immediately flashed in his eyes in the matter of a split second. He instantly knew everything about her.

She was Chloe Zepler. 18 year-old girl. She had died 4 months ago, murdered in cold blood by her own boyfriend, who made it look like a suicide. Quite an interesting specimen the boy was. Death couldn't wait to have his soul. She liked riddles, victory and sports and disliked betrayal and people getting in her way. She was a clever girl, a logical thinker blessed with an athletic body with impressive adaptability and reflexes. Death liked her already. She would be really fun to play with. He couldn't wait to exploit her fear of heights and fire.

Death uncrossed his legs and crossed them once again the other way. He shot a sly smile at Chloe. "Welcome lass. I am extremely glad to has't thee hither. Well, thee wilt gain no credit for arriving first sadly." He winked "But concluded, be it I hold your welcome dear to the Sanctuary Point. This is whither thy journey wilt beginneth. What standeth at the end of the road is uncertain. t may beest a second chance, a new life or t may beest a direct road towards the afterlife. " He said opening his arms wide, adding a dramatic effect to his speech "t all depends on thee Chloe, and how thee manage to best the other contenders inorder to maketh t to the top. " He lowered his arms and held out his left hand to her. He had rings on each finger with strange and ancient markings and runes engraved on them "Now, while waiting for the others, beest a darling and cometh bend the knee and kiss mine rings. As a sign of respect and as a way to entertain me. "

He said it in a laid-back manner but it was clearly an order. Death was enjoying the whole thing.
Больше года grey_skies said…
Brayden soon found herself in the presence of Death. He sat on his throne cross-legged, speaking with another soul. Brayden couldn't help but size up her competition, she didn't look like much. A smile crept across Brayden's face as she stepped closer so Death could see she was there. Her pulse quickened at the sight of him, her mind raced with what the tournament would entail. She turned her gaze to the other girl, already plotting how to kill her for good. Brayden smiled again at Death, hoping he would realize how excited she was to begin

Dixon, after being lost for what seemed like hours, found himself in a large room, the same room as Death. Two other souls lingered in Deaths presence. He eyed them both warily. How could he kill these people? How could he hurt them? They were lost souls too, just trying to get back to their old lives. Dixon locked eyes with Death. and Dixon tried to stop himself from shuddering, although ultimately he failed. Dixon took a few steps forward so he was in line with the other souls, and he avoided eye contact with the others and Death.
Больше года mcterra said…
Death's eyes left from Chloe to the new soul who had just joined them. He felt the familiar feeling of excitement rush through him. More souls were coming. That meant the Tournament would soon begin. He didn't say anything at first as he observed the newcomer, searching her very being for every information about her.

18-year old Brayden Lock had been killed by her drunkard of a father just 2 months before that. Quite a painful death, both physically and emotionally. She was a nature lover, who had a penchant for vengeance and a sour dislike for defeat and criticism. The girl had a strategic mind and high pain tolerance. Death smiled widely. She was going to need that tolerance because there sure was going to be a lot of excruciating pain along the way. She feared guns...too bad she'd been killed by one.

"Oh hither cometh another guest ." Death said, his face lighting up with glee "The more the merrier."

Death watched Brayden as she watched Chloe. He could feel her animosity and it pleased him. She knew what she there for. Death loved contenders like that.

"Now we..."

He hadn't even started speaking when another soul walked in. A male this time. Death watched the boy, reading his thoughts like from an open book. There was desire to kill, a certain amount of bloodlust but he felt hesitation too. Death grimaced. He disliked cowards.

The boy, Dixon Anchorage had the saddest story so far. A 21-year old lung cancer patient who had been defeated by his illness. A man who had lost his parents and who had lost his brother too who blamed him for their parents' demise. Death sensed lots of pain and suffering in the man's life which had all been followed by a pathetic and lonely death. Death would've felt some "compassion" for the man if it weren't for the fact that Death was unable to feel any such thing and also that the boy was such a sissy. He was totally the opposite of what Death enjoyed seeing in a mortal. He loved his family and being with people, he disliked fighting and was scared of heights. His only positive attribute being that he was a logical thinker because the fact that he was a fast runner only meant he was good at fleeing. He wasn't going to run away from the Tournament though. He couldn't.

As Death watched him, his expression turned sour. He made no effort to hide his disdain for the boy, who was struggling to avoid eye contact.

Death sighed and rolled his eyes, directing his attention towards Brayden, whom he deemed more interesting. His smile returned.

"Well, welcome to the newcomers. I madeth a little speech earlier. One which I hadst addressed beforehand. Unfortunately, I misprise repeating myself and I in earnest don't feeleth like speaking all those words ov'r and ov'r again. So if 't be true thee very much art interesting in hearing t, then thee should asketh Chloe to repeat t to thee. the lady is lucky the lady cameth first and the lady wast the only one who hadst the priviledge of hearing t from mine that from which we speak."

He held out his other hand, which was covered in rings too. "Now step forward and kiss mine rings. I love when knaves and wenches kiss mine rings." He said as he looked down at them, his usual proud smile on his lips.

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