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Dreams are, by definition, "A succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occurs involuntarily during certain stages of sleep". These successions are extremely diverse, ranging from the normal, like peaceful strolls through a field of flowers, to abnormal, like navigating the toppings of an oversized Pizza in search of the holy salt shaker. But despite their diverse nature, all of these successions can be divided into two distinct categories, depending on what's responsible for them;

Dreams, the harmless successions that peacefully exist within the mind and are caused by Dream Espers*, and Nightmares, the demonic successions that corrupt their vessels that are caused by Nightmare Espers*.

These successions, both Dreams and Nightmares, exist in an alternate reality. When beings from this realm sleep, their subconscious temporarily drifts between our own reality, the "Outercast"*, and the alternate reality, the "Dreamcast"*. This drifting area inbetween the two realities, known as "Innertia"*, is where our two realities mix together to create the successions humans recognize as Dreams. But what humans don't recognize, is the danger one faces when drifting in Innertia.

While drifting, your subconscious is completely unprotected and able to be freely tampered with by Dream and Nightmare Espers alike. While Dream Espers are harmless and even helpful at times, Nightmare Esperss and very dangerous. Nightmare Espers feed off of Humans, and use the subconscious of drifting humans to make their way into the physical world, and due to their nature, cannot be stopped by human weaponry, leaving them to run free and devour all of mankind....

That's where Dreamers like you come in.

Some especially gifted humans can freely move between the Outercast, Innertia, and Dreamcast while fully conscious. These humans, known as Dreamers, are recruited by the Dream King* to eliminate Nightmare Espers that trespass into the Outercast. They have power that can manifest at any time, in any reality, that allows them to combat the Nightmare Espers. And luckily, they aren't alone. Dream Companions*, Dream Espers born from the minds of their Dreamers, accompany them on their missions so that together, we can keep both the Dreamcast and the Outercast safe from harm.

Now you know the story, Dreamer. Will you join us?


Dreamcast: The reality where Dream and Nightmare Espers reside. It functions as the "Earth" of the Dream Espers, where they all live peacefully. On a seperate "Earth" exists the Nightmares.

Outercast: The reality we live in. Needs no further explanation.

Innertia: The "melting pot" of the two realities, where the Dreamcast and Outercast mix together. When humans sleep, their subconscious drifts into Innertia, and when they make contact with a Dream or Nightmare Esper, the successions known as Dreams and Nightmares are created.

Espers: Espers are the inhabitants of Dreamcast, and are either good, Dream Espers or bad, Nightmare Espers.

Dream King: The ruler of the Dream Espers and the strongest Esper in Dreamcast aside from the Nightmare King. A new King is crowned when the old one passes away, and due to their long life spans, Kings are crowned roughly 100,000 years apart from each other. The current Dream King, Lorei, is a woman who stubbornly refuses to be called Queen, though nobody knows why. She is very smart and very kind, but has a bit of a temper too.

Nightmare King: The ruler of the Nightmare Espers and the strongest Esper in Dreamcast aside from the Dream King. Unlike how the Dream King is crowned, the Nightmare King is crowned by killing all other Nightmares after the title in a gruesome battle. The next King is the one who kills the previous King, so the title changes hands a bit more often that the Dream King title does. The current Nightmare King, Nero, is an arrogant and evil man who is a notorious sucker for pretty women. He is ruthless in battle despite his perverted nature, and is just as cunning as Lorei.

The Zera Seal: A seal created by "The Creator" that seperates The Dream, Nightmare, and Human worlds. This seal prevents Dream Espers and Nightmare Espers from directly fighting each other. Legend has it that it has another purpose, but nobody knows if that's true, or what that purpose is.

The Creator: A mysterious being who was responsible both for the creation and the seperation of the three races. Their wherabouts are unknown.


-No OP powers, no controlling other characters without permission, and no "I win lolz" BS.

-Sexual themes and Profanity are allowed to an extent, but not constantly.

-No one line posts unless you have no other possible way to extend it beyond that. If all else fails, put random letters under your post and there ya go.

-Try to use decent enough grammar to where you are easily understood. No need for unnecessary confusion.

-Notify the others in the RP before taking an extended absence, so nobody goofs up and interracts with you while you aren't there.

-Keep outside Drama outside the RP.

-Be friendly, be creative, and above all else, have fun!








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