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Humans have suddenly returned, and this has sparked a great demand for them across the cities.

A few generations ago, Humans were common, inhabiting all over the lands, living alongside DemiHumans, however, for no reason known to anyone, the Humans begun to disappear, without trace.

today, Humans were only myths, legends of the past, unable to be proven true nor false, only their tales remained.

Humans were stronger than Demihumans, more capable of growth, for an example in this world there are tiers of weapons, tier 1 through to 6. Demihumans are unable to wield tier 5+ weapons, and cannot wield tier 6 spells or Armour.

think of this world like a videogame, that's the sort of 'laws of genetics and physics' it follows.

anyway, Since the return of a small amount of Humans, it became clear to them that the Demihumans had now become reigning power, and Humans were caught and sold around, since they're the only things able to use Tier 5+ items.

Well Human... Why have you suddenly returned?

[===][More Info][===]

I'll explain the Tier System.

[Tier 7: ???]
Tier 7 items and spells are unknown mysteries in the world, there are almost none of these in existence (this includes guns and future technology) although the items in this Tier aren't all Godlike and destructive, some items can just have an unknown purpose or origin, this Tier is essentially a Tier for anything people cannot explain. even with Magic.

[Tier 6: The Godlike Tier]
Any spells or weapons in this Tier are near impossible to obtain, and extremely dangerous, able to destroy entire cities or slay dragons with ease, only the most skilled, strongest or smartest warriors are able to maintain and control these spells and weapons. The armour in this Tier are also near-indestructible, and are almost, all blessed by Gods or Demons, increasing the user's own natural abilities. Demihumans are not able to use anything in this category, hence why the sudden return of the Humans have the more rich and powerful Demihumans scrambling to buy or capture any Humans they can.

[Tier 5: The King Tier]
Weapons and Spells within Tier 5 are immensely hard to acquire, and incredibly expensive, the weapons in this category are gifted between Demihumans to show either respect or power, though technically useless they still hold immense value, as if given to Humans, they could use these to destroy entire castles. Spells and Armour however only Kings and their closest subordinates would be able to 'legally' obtain.

[Tier 4: The Knight Tier]
Great works of art, the weapons and spells in this Tier are the top-acquirable for many Demihumans, difficult to obtain for standard explorers but common for captains of guard or armies. these weapons can make a big difference on the Battlefield, and the Spells can cause great miracles, or dangerous destructions. the Armour can mean the difference between Life or Death.

[Tier 3: The Advent Tier]
The most commonly used kind of Weaponry for local authorities, guards or top-rated adventurers, the Weapons in this tier aren't as impressive as the ones above it, but for Demihumans this is the top-of-the-line stuff for anyone not rich enough to own 2 homes. the Armour and Weapons in this tier are standard swords and the like, but the Spells here are unique and much stronger than their Tier 2 ones.

[Tier 2: The Common Tier]
This tier of Weapons and Spells are, as the name suggests, the most commonly used items. Adventurers and civilians use these items as they are affordable and useful. Spells in particular. Tier 2 Spells are the most commonly used spells, for cooking, travelling, moving objects, or even used in sporting events, Tier 2 spells don't require any sort of catalyst, not much concentration nor any race or genetic requirements.

[Tier 1: The broken Tier]
This tier is used by blacksmiths to break down and strengthen Tier 2 items into Tier 3, or Tier 3 to Tier 4. if an item falls into Tier 1 by breaking, rusting or losing all it's power, it becomes more valuable than a Tier 2, as it can be used to strengthen any Tier to the next Tier (except 5 to 6, or 6 any higher).


The link Map can show you much.

the Grand Plains, Palmas Desert and Tearsong valley are separate countries, currently at peace, but there are smaller cities that don't follow the capitals reign.

Grimrosh, Rosenvale, Palmavale, Kellus and Bladecrest don't follow their capitals, instead they are separate cities, still not conquered by their respective land capitals.

speaking of which, Runecrest is the capital of Grand Plains.
Crystalnest is the capital of Tearsong Valley
and Anvirgosh is the capital of Palmas Desert.


You can make a Human character, or a Demihuman. or both.






Equipment: (here you put what Tier of equipment you've got (if any))




Welcome back... Humans


Vik Kiring / 22 / Dragon-bull / Explorer
Myral Rahm / 25 / Ram / Farmer

E.V.E. / ?? / ?? / Wanderer


Gull / ?? / Human / ??
Libra (German) / ?? / Human / ??

 Humans have suddenly returned, and this has sparked a great demand for them across the cities. A f
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Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Vik Kiring

Age: 22

Race: Demihuman (Dragon-bull)

Hometown: Grand Plains: Nerventhuill

Equipment: Vik has Tier 2 Armour, underneath her clothing there she wears full-body tier 2 Steel armour, her sword however is a Tier 3 Heirloom in her family, she never parts with it.

7th generation head of a line of Explorers, Vik had the title of 'Family Head' thrusted onto her when she was 9, struggling to learn the sword at the time but a natural at adventuring, she grew up without her father as he had died, her mother had retired to teach the next generation the art of adventuring. and what luck.

fast forward to today, and Vik found and brought back one the most amazing 'myths' ever. a Demihuman with no animal parts... so in other words: a Human.

frozen in ice, Vik brought the Human back to town, the awe struck faces of the civilians, as their eyes law apon one of the most debated legends of their land, once Vik brought the Human back, reports from all over the Grand Plains came up of more Humans being found, and so Vik brought the Human to the King in the capital.

the King had ordered mages to begin thawing out the Human, and ordered all other cities to send the Humans to the capital.

"today marked a new age, whether this was good, or if this would destroy them, it now depends apon how the Humans react... and how we treat them."
~Vik Kiring, 28th of the 4th (Apra), 182 A.C

 [b]Name:[/b] Vik Kiring [b]Age:[/b] 22 [b]Race:[/b] Demihuman (Dragon-bull) [b]Hometown:[/b]
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: 'Gull'

Age: ??

Race: Human

Hometown: ??

Tier 7 G.U.L.L. Firearm. (.50 BMG)
Tier 7 G.U.L.L. Exoskeletal Frame.

A human, one of the many that suddenly returned, she was found atop the hills, unconscious, Demihumans had found her and brought her back to their hometown, they quickly assisted the Human, not out of love, but curiosity on what she was.

once they found out she was a Human, a report was sent to the capital, and a reply came back, ordering she be sent immediately to the Capital, and so she was placed in a Cage, and sent towards the Capital with an armed escort.

Apon arrival, she was placed infront of the King, with various other Humans, surrounding the Humans were other Demihumans (the ones that found and brought the Humans). after the Demihumans had talked to eachother, the Humans were allowed to Wander.

she knows no spells.

she has no memory of herself, her name, her home. so she took the name 'Gull', after her weapon and armour.

her weapon was confiscated.
 [b]Name:[/b] 'Gull' [b]Age:[/b] ?? [b]Race:[/b] Human [b]Hometown:[/b] ?? [b]Equipment:[/
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Libra (But the Demihumans call her 'German')

Age: ??

Race: Human

Hometown: ??

Tier 7 'Ader' Sword.
Tier 6 'Boost Boots'
Tier 6 'Tactical Headset'


This human was found wandering the High Hills near Goodland.

usually the High Hills were festering with monsters, trolls and other creatures, but recently the hills have been quiet. some demihumans went up to explore, finding this human mid-combat with a Troll...

the troll was quickly and easily slain.

the Demihumans feared for their lives, but the human was not attacking them. they decided to investigate the human.

the human did not speak their language, but the Demihumans were able to get basic requests across, asking the human to follow them. once they had reported they found a human, she was then lead to the capital.

no one has been able to take her weapon from her.

she speaks German. a long lost language to demihumans... perhaps another human could understand her?
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 [b]Name:[/b] Libra (But the Demihumans call her 'German') [b]Age:[/b] ?? [b]Race:[/b] Human
Больше года BanetteGhosneir said…
Name: Myral Rahm

Age: 25

Race: Demihuman (Ram)

Hometown: Grand Plains: Goodlands

Equipment: None.

a Demihuman farmer from the Goodlands, one of the few that climbed the hill to find 'German'

the sight of the fight was frightening, the troll stood no chance. truly humans were great...
what caused them to disappear? and why are they returning?

she has no equipment, but she does know many Tier 4, all the Tier 2 and 3 spells, and a single Tier 5 spell.
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 [b]Name:[/b] Myral Rahm [b]Age:[/b] 25 [b]Race:[/b] Demihuman (Ram) [b]Hometown:[/b] [b]Gran
Больше года -Universe_COLA- said…
Name: Ē.V.E

Age: ??

Race: Demihuman

She is known to be sighted the most in Tearsong Valley, often while traveling between the Maidenpyre and the Keyspirit Forest and The Forest of the Lost just as well as The Mirrage Forest and The Hedgewoods. She is usually associated with a sweet voice that sings from deep within the trees after a monstrous roar rings through the air near these locations at nightfall.

Tier 2 Cladded Moon Silk Dress
Tier ??? Thrall of Adamah's Carnage -- (The big fella with the crimson eyes and the million dollar grin xD ((The Thrall of Carnage is a very unusual piece of equipment, the largest reason being that it is able to activated and freed at will continuously. Not only that, but it is a magic induced weapon of sorts, except that it is able to live separate from its host. What is this strange creature?)

"...Imba wimbo
Wa upepo...
.....Wakati unajiwa na

Imba...wimbo wa upepo
Wakati ndoto tamu....

Lala mpaka usiku uisheni
Upepo wa usiku
Wimbo wanko na...

...Wimbo wangu inaendelea milele"

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 [b]Name:[/b] Ē.V.E [b]Age:[/b] ?? [b]Race:[/b] Demihuman [b]Hometown:[/b] She is known to